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about us

Life is like a big puzzle. Every moment, every new experience and every new person we meet shapes us, makes us the person we are today and paves the way to the person we want to be. And that’s exactly how we view travel.

Carefully selected and adapted to each personal story, individual wishes and needs, we put together the individual building blocks of a trip. This is how many experiences are created, each one feeling “different”, and in the end adding up to something great.

The key to the magic of an unforgettable trip is to embrace the magic of the unexpected. To be brave. Being open-minded. To think outside the box and expand your own horizons. Dare to take the step into adventure and grow beyond yourself.

Our passion for wanderlust, for the extraordinary and discovering new paths, inspires us every day. It is exactly this curiosity and passion that distinguishes and connects us. We want to discover the world, but above all we want to share our passion and make the dreams of many people come true. Life is a journey and the journey is the destination. That’s why we want to go our own ways, far away from the mainstream—and we’ll take you there! To distant cultures, untouched nature and adventure. All this, we are convinced, can only be found when traveling.

Latin America is our passion. That’s what unites us as the WanderWorld Travel team—we were born there, live there or have lived there, know and love the countries and call them our (second) home. We have been sharing this passion since 2018 and have already supported over 500 participants on their very personal journey since then.

Our Team

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sophia fink

Founder & participant support, program selection

Sophia is the founder of WanderWorld Travel. She advises our participants on their program selection and takes care of them before and during the trip. She knows the programs from her own experience and selects them herself.

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Manuel Espinoza


Manuel is Co-Founder of WanderWorld Travel. As a Mexican, he is our expert for this country and responsible for our network of programs in Mexico. He also takes care of the organization of internships abroad.

Lisa Stettner am Strand

Lisa Stettner

On-site support for participants

Lisa takes care of our participants before departure, in the program and during the travel time. She also takes care of the social media area and is a supervisor in Costa Rica.

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Carlota Morales

Project coordination

Carlota is in constant contact with our programs in the travel countries. She coordinates the project places and takes care of our network in Latin America.

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Sebastian Delp

Travel preparation

Basti takes care of the travel registration and travel preparation of our participants. He accepts inquiries and program bookings and answers questions.

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Alejandro Rodriguez

Coordinator & supervisor in Guatemala

WanderWorld Mitarbeiter lächelt

Carlos Schrader

Coordinator & supervisor in Peru

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José Baena

Coordinator & supervisor in Colombia

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Jan Huber

Coordinator & supervisor in Colombia

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Ann-Christin Fries

Coordinator & supervisor in Mexico

How it all began

WanderWorld Travel is a unique organization and proof that great opportunities come from good ideas and colorful dreams. Over the past few years, a lot of effort, passion and heart and soul have gone into building WanderWorld Travel.

It all started for our founder Sophia on her personal travels through Latin America during her law studies. She got to know the diverse countries, the fascinating cultures and many exciting people and fell in love with the beautiful continent. A love that had to be shared. But Sophia quickly realized that only a few young travelers and backpackers embark on the adventure of Latin America and there was no organization that organizes the perfect and individual work & travel experience for young people. In Germany, she realized that she was the only one among her peers who had traveled through Latin America. Instead, you hear from every corner about expensive trips and monotonous work in Australia. Work & Travel in South and Central America – why is this still an insider tip, if the conditions and requirements there are ideal? And why is there so little support for the organization of such a trip so far? It was precisely with these questions in mind that the creation of WanderWorld Travel began.

Inspired by her own travels, with many creative ideas in mind, Sophia contacted her good friend Manuel. Manuel is Mexican and was born and raised in Guadalajara. He attended a German school there and then also studied law. He has been living and working in Germany for many years. Through his origin, his profession and his passion for Latin America, he has built up many contacts and a large network, which is still a great support for WanderWorld Travel.

Manuel was immediately enthusiastic about the idea of an organization to support young people in their personal Work & Travel adventure and immediately asked for his help. Both of them personally went on a search for suitable exciting jobs and great social projects that rely on the help of volunteers. So far, all WanderWorld Travel partners have been personally visited on site by our team and checked for quality and standards.

Already since February 2018, participants can travel to Latin America with WanderWorld Travel and make their dream of an individual Work & Travel adventure come true. Since then, not only the range of programs and the WanderWorld Travel team has been growing continuously, but also the number of happy young travelers who – just like the founders – have fallen in love with the diversity and uniqueness of Latin America.

What makes us unique

The WanderWorld Travel team is dynamic, motivated and wholeheartedly behind the idea of making young travelers’ work & travel dreams come true. We are experienced world travelers and backpackers ourselves and have lost our hearts to Latin America. We were born there, have lived there, or still live there. Therefore, we know exactly what young people dream of and what should not be missing in an unforgettable Work & Travel trip. On our travels through the countries of Latin America we have already mastered all challenges, discovered the most beautiful places and collected insider tips for you. That’s why we can always help you with words and deeds, know exactly in which places it is safe for our participants and which areas they should better avoid.

For years, we have been organizing Work & Travel trips to Latin America with great pleasure. Our offer, our team, and our number of participants are constantly growing. What sets us apart is our close personal contact with our participants and in many cases their families. We are proud of the fact that we first get to know our participants extensively, talk to them a lot and advise them intensively. Only in this way can we find the ideal mix of programs for everyone and put together the best trip for our participants personally. Because our offer is diverse and wide-ranging—just like the wishes and dreams of our participants. This is the most important basis for us in organizing our trips.

And flexibility does not end at departure. If goals and plans change in the course of the trip, we are always ready to adapt the itinerary to our participants’ ideas and make them a new offer. We always listen to our participants and do everything possible until the end of their trip to make their personal dream of a Work & Travel adventure in Latin America come true.

Sustainability has played a major role at WanderWorld Travel since its inception. We love traveling, want to preserve the wonders of this earth for future generations, and want to do our part to ensure that curious travelers can continue to discover the world. This starts with our workflows and marketing strategies. We don’t print catalogs and only send significant documents by mail when urgently requested. In addition, our focus is on long-term travel, minimalist backpacking, and not only fulfilling a dream for our participants, but also giving back to countries along the way and working to make positive changes. In this way, we provide our participants with a unique experience surrounded by new cultures, exciting workplaces, and paradisiacal nature—while keeping our environmental footprint as small as possible. Our programs support non-profit organizations, social projects and fair working conditions. The selection of our offered programs is based on strict criteria and quality standards. Even when planning the itineraries of our participants, we offer personally developed routes and recommendations based on these very principles.