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Celia on the trail of the Incas in Peru: A TESTIMONIAL

 In Testimonial

Even when I was young, I loved to travel. But a vacation is not the same as a longer stay abroad, where you have the chance to actually get to know the life of the locals. The decision was not difficult for me and the perfect time was already decided: A short break after graduation before the serious side of life kicks in is the best way to do this. But where to go? I had many dreams and my travel list is long – so the decision was not easy. But what was always clear to me: it should be something different. A country that most of my friends have probably not yet traveled to. After several detailed consultations, the nice and very competent ladies from WanderWorld Travel convinced me of their program and one country in particular appealed to me: I couldn’t wait to explore Peru and the history of the Incas in person!

Salzterassen in Peru

The preparation time

During the preparation period, WanderWorld Travel was always patient and helpful in answering any “nagging” questions I had, which put me at ease. No sooner said than done, a short time later I was already on the plane to the adventure. Unfortunately, there is no direct flight from Germany to Lima. But luckily I managed the change of planes well and actually landed in Lima a few exciting hours later.

lima Peru

Arrival in Lima and the beginning of my adventure

At the airport I was already expected. I was lucky and arrived in tropical temperatures and sunshine – that directly lifts the mood. J Together with my German contact person Sascia we drove to the beautiful district of Miraflores, where my first hostel was located.

Miraflores is a dream! On the first day, I arrived late in the evening and just wanted to briefly tell my parents that I landed well and get some rest. Luckily, WanderWorld had also organized a Peruvian SIM card for me directly, which I received upon arrival. I didn’t have to take care of anything myself and was directly reachable. But the next day I couldn’t miss walking along the coast and the famous Malecón and watching the many surfers. And if you get hungry in between, you absolutely have to try the Peruvian food. At the beginning I didn’t understand anything on the menu – but just be brave and try your way through – because it’s worth it! My absolute favorite are the Conchas a la Parmesana (mussels gratinated with parmesan) and best with a Pisco Sour to go with it.

Aussicht auf den Pazifik von Miraflores

For the evening, WanderWorld organized a welcome event in the form of a barbecue. There I was lucky enough to meet locals as well as like-minded people in addition to all the useful information. Here I already met Martina, my best travel partner in Peru, with whom I later experienced quite a bit.

The next day we took a guided tour with Sascia in the center of Lima as well as in Barranco. This was incredibly nice and useful to get a feel for the city and get various insider tips and learn all about the country and its people. The introductory session that followed was very comprehensive. We learned a lot about local safety, but also about the customs and traditions of the Peruvian people. This made me feel a bit at home right from the first day.

My first job in the hostel

And now it was already serious and I was allowed to start working in the hostel, in which I also stayed overnight. I helped in the bar as well as at the reception. I have rarely laughed so much and heard so many exciting stories from travelers from all over the world every day. These inspire you yourself and opened my mind in many ways.

Challenge Spanish – the two-week language course

I had learned some Spanish at school, but at the beginning I had a hard time applying my knowledge on the spot. Therefore, the Spanish course came at the right time. The first two weeks I attended a course besides work, which helped me a lot to refresh my language skills and to be able to communicate now. It is so much nicer and easier when you understand the local people. What I also found very nice was that part of the course was also in the form of events. Among other things, we were able to take a salsa course and learn a lot about Peruvian culture.

junge Leute sitzen im Gemeinschaftsbereich im Hostel

Let’s go on the adventure of travel

After 8 weeks in the hostel I wanted to do what I had only heard about before. Because I already had a lot of fun, but I also wanted to get to know other places and especially the mysticism of the Incas. Since I didn’t really know much about traveling in Latin America and it was my first time traveling alone, I asked WanderWorld Travel for help. Without hesitation, they were able to directly recommend different itineraries and specifically catered to my interests. They supported me with the flight search and had a super hostel tip for me.

Shortly after that I sat down in the next plane to Cusco. Don’t forget to pack both t-shirts and warm clothes; because it gets fresh here. But in a pinch, you can buy beautiful souvenirs at the market that are guaranteed to keep you warm.

Machu Picchu was one of the coolest things I have experienced so far. The feeling when you see the famous mountain getting closer and closer is unique. You should definitely take a guided tour so that you also understand what the Incas were thinking.

Lamas auf einer Wiese

My second favorite was definitely the Rainbow Mountain – I’ve never seen anything like it before. A mountain that actually shines in quite a few different colors. It was actually just like in the pictures. But get ready for something – because the trekking there is really not without. In between I thought I wouldn’t get there in one piece. But in the end, the will has won.

Rainbow Mountain in Peru
Männer sitzen auf Parkbänken

After the quite cold Cusco, I wanted but also in a somewhat warmer region. And especially in a region that I had never traveled: the jungle! So I set off for Iquitos. After only a short flight I arrived in the tropical climate. You have to get used to it, but I loved it. The city is small, but has its own charm. You can also party here quite well. But most of all I wanted to explore the rainforest. So I took a moto cab to the port and grabbed the nearest lancha (a type of canoe). There is so much to do and see here: from giant snakes, caimans, monkeys to turtles, it’s all there. A visit to a local community is also worthwhile. The difference between the people in the Andes and in the rainforest is impressive.

Holzhütten am Wasser
Ein Fischer nimmt Fische aus

My conclusion of the Work and Travel stay

These were just a few short excerpts from my experiences in Peru. Most importantly, I made international friendships that I plan to keep for a long time. It was definitely an unforgettable and dreamlike experience. Many thanks to the WanderWorld team!

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