Field report

Eric's underwater adventure in Colombia

Life in Latin America is characterized by a vibrant culture that is reflected in music, dance, festivals and a strong sense of community. I experienced a warm and welcoming atmosphere where social and family ties are highly valued.

February 2024 - April 2024
Erik underwater in a diving suit

Eric started his journey with WanderWorld Travel through Central America to South America and reached Colombia in February, where he took part in the diving school project. There he not only had the opportunity to improve his diving skills, but also to experience breathtaking underwater adventures. He was also particularly fascinated by the culture in Colombia, where he always felt welcome and learned a lot about the local music and dancing. The encounters with the local people and their passion for diving left a lasting impression and enriched his trip in a special way.


My preparation time

I wanted to travel to Latin America to improve my Spanish and get to know the Latin American culture. As I had already traveled through Central America before my project with WanderWorld Travel, my preparation time was correspondingly short. The biggest challenge was getting all the vaccinations in time ;) I also found it very exciting to find out about the different cultures in Latin America before the trip. It also helped to go through the contents of my rucksack again at the end using the WanderWorld checklist to make sure that nothing was missing.

The first days

I arrived in Cartagena, Colombia, on February 2, 2024. At the hostel, I immediately met my buddy Jonathan, who was doing the same project as me. My first impression of the people was positive, although there are a lot of pickpockets in Cartagena. But I was determined not to let this tarnish my image of Cartagena. The introductory day went smoothly. Jan picked us up at the hostel and we went on a tour of the city together.

After two nights in the hostel, we went to the project in Taganga. On the first day, the boss introduced us to the team and our work area (daily tasks, etc.). We stayed in the hostel next to the diving school. It was very spacious and very well equipped. I particularly liked the roof terrace. Everyone gave us a warm welcome, which made it very easy for us to settle into the environment.

A day at the diving school project

My tasks in the project were very varied. I did everything from advising customers to loading tanks or making changes to the website. I particularly enjoyed learning how the website works and how to make changes accordingly. I was able to learn a bit about how to use WordPress and Canva.
The cooperation with the employees was outstanding. Everyone was super-friendly and soon became my friends. I felt excellently looked after.

My free time in Taganga

I spent most of my free time with Jonathan, the other WanderWorld Travel volunteer. I also spent a lot of my free time with my colleagues at the diving school. We played soccer together, went on excursions or to clubs. For example, we once went to Minca with the whole diving school and hiked to a waterfall together.
I particularly remember the day when I went to the carnival in Barranquilla with Jonathan. I had never been to an event like that before. It was very impressive.

My experience with culture

I was particularly fascinated one evening when I was invited to a small party. A lot of friends from the diving school and their friends were sitting in a circle and playing music. Everyone was cheerful and this cheerfulness quickly became very infectious.
In general, I felt very welcome. I learned from the local people how to play an instrument that looks like a cheese grater (guacharaca). What surprised me most about the culture was that there is so much dancing in Latin America. I also learned a lot about this during my time in Taganga. Of course, I also learned a lot about diving from the people.

My favorite place

I was particularly fascinated by Isla Aguja in Tayrona National Park. The diving school's boat went there almost every day. I was particularly fascinated by the breathtaking underwater world, which is second to none. I was carefree underwater and could simply marvel at the incredibly beautiful underwater world.

My accommodation

I slept in the hostel that belongs to the diving school. I felt very comfortable there. I slept in a dorm room with other guests and with Jonathan. The hostel is very modern. The room had an integrated bathroom, a work area and a balcony. At home, I have never shared my room with five other people; but it works amazingly well.

Why I love Latin America

I can definitely recommend Colombia as a country to visit. The country can be recommended for its impressive landscapes, rich culture and warm hospitality. Colombia offers everything from the Andes and the Caribbean coast to lively cities like Bogotá and Medellín. And unique cultural experiences, such as the Barranquilla Carnival.

Security on site

On site, I always felt safe in most places. I spent most of the time with the group, but I also traveled alone. I didn't pay attention to any particular things in everyday life. Perhaps I took my cell phone out less on the street than usual.

How the trip changed me

Through my encounters with different cultures, traditions and ways of life in Latin America, I have gained a deeper understanding of the diversity of humanity. I realized how strongly a sense of community and cohesion characterize life in many Latin American countries and how important these values are for personal well-being. I have learned to appreciate the moment more and enjoy the small pleasures of life, inspired by the positive and joyful attitude of many people in the region. I have developed more empathy and understanding for different lifestyles and learned to be more flexible and adaptable when faced with new and unexpected situations.

My tips for future participants

I would definitely recommend Latin America to others. The people here are more open, happier and, above all, warmer than people in Europe. If I had to describe Latin America in three words, they would be: diverse, lively and warm. From the Andes and the Amazon rainforest to the vibrant cities and the different ethnic groups and traditions, the region offers an impressive range of experiences and landscapes. Life in Latin America is characterized by a vibrant culture that is reflected in music, dance, festivals and a strong sense of community. This includes the carnival, which I was able to attend in Barranquilla. I experienced a warm and welcoming atmosphere in which social and family ties are highly valued.

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