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A trip like this shows you how good challenges are for individual development and how important it is to leave your comfort zone to discover the world out there. An experience like this gives you a wealth of wonderful memories and great acquaintances that no one can take away from you.
December 2022 - January 2023
Our participant Lorena in Mexico
In this experience report, Lorena raves about her stay in Costa Rica and Mexico. She took part in the Hostel Experience in both countries and got to know the country and its people really well. In addition to the work experience in the hostel, she also learned a lot about herself and enjoyed the breathtaking nature in particular. A special trip that she would not want to miss in her life.


My preparation time

For as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of living on the beach. Where the sea is turquoise blue, the coast is adorned with endless palm trees and I can drink coconuts where they grow. To make this dream a reality, I registered with WanderWorld around six months before the planned start of the trip and looked at numerous blog entries and travel vlogs, not only to get a feel for life as a backpacker, but also to find out more about my destination countries of Costa Rica and Mexico in advance. Of course, I also gave some thought to the upcoming new phase of my life and the challenges that come with it. Even if you naturally have respect for such an experience, for me the anticipation always overshadowed any minor concerns. I was incredibly happy to take this step and leave my familiar surroundings to grow beyond myself.

The first days

The first few days were overwhelming. Not only overwhelming in the sense that I found myself in a completely foreign country and a new culture and language, but above all because I honestly didn't know which emotions I should feel first. On the one hand, I was incredibly fascinated by the wonderful landscape and the openness of the people, but on the other hand I felt overwhelmed and homesick, as I missed my loved ones at home despite the many people around me. However, this feeling is completely normal and I found that almost every traveler felt the same way. Such a flood of new and unfamiliar things may be uncomfortable at first, but this is the best breeding ground for extreme personal growth and a strengthening of self-confidence.

A day in the Hostel Experience project

You are never alone in a hostel and, in my opinion, there is hardly a better place to make new friends and broaden your horizons. You meet so many different people from so many different places and cultures. Talking to these people enriches you in unimaginable ways and I met so many inspiring and special people during my trip. Whether it was short conversations or weeks of contact that turned into friendships, each of these encounters shaped me a little and made my trip what it was in the end. An unforgettable time that I will always remember as a wonderful experience.

My favorite place

I was particularly fascinated by many places on my trip. One of them is a beach about 6 km from my hostel in Puerto Viejo, Punta Uva. The beach is one of the most beautiful in the country and rightly so. It really is the epitome of a Caribbean dream. Turquoise water, a long beach bank surrounded by palm trees and the lush Costa Rican jungle behind it. I have spent countless hours here with friends, reading, drinking coconuts and having little picnics. Another favorite place was the beautiful yoga studio that I discovered and visited regularly. It was only about 15 minutes away from me by bike and was located on a small hill in the jungle. I remember how fascinated I was every time I entered this place. One side faced the sea, the other the rainforest. Apart from the many inspiring personalities I met there, I have hardly ever felt so connected to my own body, mind and nature in any other place.

How the trip changed me

The trip has also changed me personally. I have become much more self-confident and now trust more that I can do everything. I've also become much more relaxed and can deal better with unplanned things happening or things not working out the way I imagined. You always have to prove to yourself how limitless the possibilities are that are open to you and how important it is to learn new things and constantly develop yourself further.

My tips for future participants

I can only wholeheartedly advise anyone who is thinking of taking such a trip to do so. This experience is so incredibly valuable and enriches you in every way. In your everyday life, you often forget what you are actually capable of and what strengths lie dormant within you. A trip like this makes you realize how good challenges are for your individual development and how important it is to leave your comfort zone to discover the world out there. An experience like this gives you a wealth of wonderful memories and great acquaintances that no one can take away from you.

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