Field report

Joie de vivre and culture up close: Mateusz's inspiring journey through Colombia

Latin America is unlike anything I've known before - the mentality of the people and the landscapes are simply unique.

January 2024

After completing his studies, Mateuzs traveled with us to Colombia for a month to take part in the Hostel Experience. He got to know the mentality of the people in Latin America and above all fell in love with Colombia's breathtaking nature. He had many new experiences on site, met interesting people and was able to experience the hostel atmosphere first-hand.


My preparation time

I wanted to reward myself after finishing my studies, escape the German winter and discover a new continent. As I had already learned some Spanish, my goal was to deepen my knowledge in a Spanish-speaking country. I booked my trip about three months in advance and was particularly looking forward to getting to know the local culture and people during the preparation period. WanderWorld supported me with useful information and tips, which gave me a sense of security before embarking on my adventure.

The first days

After two days in Cartagena, where I was impressed by the lively atmosphere and colorful streets, I made my way to Minca. The drive through the picturesque mountains was breathtaking. In Minca, I met Juan, an adventurous local from Bogotá, Santiago, a dance teacher from Argentina who lost his heart in Denmark, and Alex, a Russian with a passion for adventure. Together we began our work on the project. The first few days were full of new impressions and challenges, but also full of laughter and shared experiences. Despite a brief incident of stomach discomfort, I enjoyed every minute with these inspiring people and am grateful for the valuable experiences we shared.

A day in the Hostel Experience project

My daily routine in the project mainly consisted of working at reception. There I showed the guests where they could sleep and explained to them what activities they could do in the area. I was also responsible for preparing the breakfast juices. I was particularly pleased to see the enthusiasm of the guests when they arrived. Working with my Colombian colleagues was exciting and inspiring. I felt well looked after and integrated into the team.

My free time in Colombia

In my free time, I spent most of my time with my fellow volunteers, some hostel guests and a few colleagues. I found the trip to Cerro Kennedy particularly fascinating, where we experienced a breathtaking sunrise on the military base at the top. Besides Cerro Kennedy, we also enjoyed trips to Tayrona National Park, where we explored the beautiful beaches and admired the spectacular nature. It was an unforgettable adventure to hike through the jungle for the first time and discover the diverse landscape of Colombia.

My favorite place

One place that really blew me away was the Tayrona National Park. The wild beauty of the untouched beaches and the dense jungle left me speechless. I felt a real connection to nature there that will stay with me forever. The secluded bays and the opportunity to camp in the middle of nature were particularly impressive. The park was a contrast to my urban lifestyle at home and made me appreciate the simplicity and beauty of nature in a new way.

Why I love Latin America

A stay in Latin America is an unforgettable experience. I was particularly impressed by the tranquillity and joie de vivre of the people in Colombia and the locals' favorite word "tranquilo" reflects this relaxed atmosphere. It's refreshing to see how nobody there is stressed and how they can enjoy life to the full. Latin America is unlike anything I've seen before - the mentality of the people and the landscapes are simply unique.

Security on site

Safety on site was not a big issue for me. Overall, I felt pretty comfortable, especially because I was often out and about with the group. We went on excursions together and explored the area, which made the experience even better. In everyday life, I paid particular attention to being respectful towards the locals and adapting to local customs and circumstances.

My tips for future participants

  1. Be open to new things and enjoy the peace and quiet.
  2. Try to acquire some basic Spanish skills.
  3. Respect the local culture and way of life and be inspired by the people's zest for life.


My tip for future participants would be to be open to new experiences and to engage with the local culture and life. Respect and openness towards the people and their culture open doors and create positive experiences. It is also worth exercising a certain amount of caution, especially in tourist areas, but overall Colombia is a wonderful country with warm people and incredible nature.

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