Field report

My tip is to stay relaxed and let it come to you. No expectations, just let it happen. It will be much better than you think. See the sea every day and do what you want, free from your heart.
July 2022
Participant in front of aquarium
Vanessa worked for a month as a volunteer in the Turtle Protection Project in Bajos de Chila, Mexico. During her volunteer work in the project, the beautiful beaches and living together with the other participants made her stay unforgettable.


My preparation time

I booked the project 4 months before it started. My thoughts before I left were how this trip would change my mindset and how I would tick afterwards. I watched various YouTube videos and read blog posts. WanderWorld's Instagram profile was particularly helpful.

The first days

The first few days were interesting and I had to settle in. My first impression was that the people were very open and helpful. I got to know other volunteers straight away and spent everyday life and activities with them. I was able to get used to everything quickly because everyone was very welcoming.

A day at the Turtle Protection Project

The early shift started first. There we cleaned the turtles' nests and if there were a lot of turtles in one day, we released some turtles. All the staff were nice and always answered all my questions. Afterwards we had free time, which we mostly spent on the beach. Then in the afternoon there was the turtle release with the tourists and in the evening the night shift, where we patrolled the beach and kept an eye out for the turtles.

My experience with culture

The helpfulness was what struck me the most. People were always there and had an open ear for me. I learned to be more open with friends. You always felt at ease. I particularly enjoyed getting to know new people. The food was also different, such as grasshoppers with lime and chili salt.

My most beautiful moments

My favorite part was spending time with the other volunteers. We all came from different places around the world, were all the same age and were therefore able to discuss a wide range of topics. We spent our free time together in the city, in restaurants, at cooking evenings, on the beach and on day trips. I enjoyed cooking dishes from home together on cooking evenings and the other way around. That's how we volunteers got to know our home countries better.

My favorite place

I found all the beaches and bays around Puerto Escondido the most beautiful. There were various delicious food stalls everywhere. A feeling of pure freedom and no responsibility around you. Just you and the sound of the sea. For me, it was special to have good weather every day. Even a little rain shower in the evening doesn't ruin it. Also feeling the salt water in your hair and the sun on your skin. What I liked most was a lagoon near the project at night, where the bio-luminescence was visible.

Security on site

I have never felt unsafe. Even in the evening in the city, I always felt safe. However, it must also be said that I was never alone, but always out and about with at least one other person, especially in touristy and busy places.

How the trip changed me

The trip showed me to be open to new things. Not to plan everything, because things always turn out differently. You appreciate the smallest things, such as freshly washed laundry. You experience life in a whole new way. Every person in the world should experience a trip like this. It is so unique to come to a foreign community and get to know the people so closely. Everyone will change on this trip.

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