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I love Latin America, but especially Mexico, because it gives me a certain feeling of home. The people, the food, the environment, it all made my stay so unique and I took a lot from this trip.

July - August 2022
Rebecca in the shower jungle

Rebecca traveled to Mexico with WanderWorld. She spent time in Holbox at the Animal Shelter and in Guadalajara at the Youth Development Project. In this report, she talks about her unforgettable time there.


My preparation time

I carefully read through the extensive information material sent to me by WanderWorld. In addition, I also made my own list so that I didn't forget the things I still had to do personally. These included some booster vaccinations that I still needed for the trip. As I made a conscious decision in advance not to get a picture of the place or the country itself, I didn't do too much research in this regard. I just found it exciting to approach things without any expectations. As a result, I was often more than pleasantly surprised.

The first days

The first few days after arriving went well, but I noticed that I needed a few days before I could really get used to my new surroundings and daily routine. In my opinion, this is completely normal and is simply part of traveling, as you are confronted with countless new impressions. I also had to get used to the new weather conditions, as I wasn't used to the altitude and the heat. However, the body can adapt very quickly. I was very pleased that I was able to get to know other people and travelers on site. To get a feel for my new surroundings, I did a lot of walking at the beginning. That way I also knew what I could do in my free time.

A day at the Animal Shelter and Youth Development Project

My first project was on the beautiful island of Holbox in Mexico. There I visited the Animal Shelter and looked after four-legged friends in need. To get to the project, I set off from my hostel every morning between 8:00 and 9:00. Once there, I first gave the animals food and water. Around 10:00 a.m., the whole team had breakfast. Then we continued with cleaning the enclosures and the grounds themselves, which had to be maintained. We then had the opportunity to play with the animals or go for a walk on the beach. This was a great experience for both us and the animals. Although we had our daily routine, new tasks were often added. In the afternoon, we were free to explore the island, spend time on the beach or visit one of the many restaurants.


For my second project, I visited a school in the big city GuadalajaraMexico. The organization has set itself the goal of giving the city's street children a perspective and thus the chance of a better life. The days there were all very different and no two were the same. I usually worked alongside the school's own teacher. Together we took care of the playful implementation and evaluation of educational tests. With the help of these, we were able to find out whether the children had mental health problems so that we could provide them with individual and sustainable support. On other days, I helped with serving meals or assisted with the teachers' lessons. The tasks were very varied and there was even a kind of flea market every now and then, which was specially designed for the children. Here they received donated food, clothes, toys and toiletries.

My free time in Guadalajara & Holbox

During my time at Holbox I spent a lot of time on the beach and exploring the island. There was always something new to discover. The island has a small and lively center with lots of restaurants and bars. There are also beautiful beach bars along the endless sandy beaches. At the hostel itself, you could always meet lots of new people and there were various activities to take part in. The evenings were particularly nice as we always watched the sunset.


In Guadalajara we went for a lot of walks or visited museums. The city has a lot to offer culturally and there are lots of things to do. There was a street not far from our hostel with a variety of restaurants, several of which we tried. As we were often out and about, I was also able to enjoy the time in our accommodation. We talked and cooked together, relaxed or kept a diary.

My experience with culture

I love Mexican culture because it is so diverse. Although I already knew one or two things, I was able to get to know many new things. The people are friendly, warm and helpful. The food is very tasty and varied, as all the different places in Mexico cook their own traditional dishes. Life seems much more colorful, there is laughter and every day is appreciated. The serenity of the people has been transferred to me and I have made many new Mexican friends.

My most beautiful moments

I had many wonderful moments, so it's really hard to choose one in particular. But I think I had the best ones on Holbox because it's just such a beautiful island. The sunsets are fantastic, just like the sea. I met some amazing people there, some of whom I'm still in contact with today and with whom I share many unforgettable experiences.

My favorite place

I was particularly fascinated by Holbox, simply because it is so beautiful there. It's a paradise and the people there are very nice. Even though the island is not overwhelmingly large, you can always find something new. Be it a more secluded restaurant with delicious food or a beautiful store with handmade things. You can find everything you need there and get to know people from all over the world.

Why I love Latin America

I love Latin America, but especially Mexico, because it gives me a certain feeling of home. The people, the food, the environment, it all made my stay so unique and I took a lot from this trip. It also made me curious about the rest of the continent and I'm sure I'll be back soon.

How the trip changed me

The trip definitely made me much more independent and self-confident because you are simply on your own. Of course, you have contacts who are always there for you, but in the end you make a lot of independent decisions and that has helped me a lot. I've also become more open in my dealings with people and no longer take many things as seriously as before. You realize how big this world is and that not every problem is a problem. I've also become more grateful for my life and everything I have.

My tips for future participants

Latin America is very diverse. Each country has its own culture with diverse traditions and customs. I would say that everyone will find the right place for themselves in Latin America, as there are so many different places and countries. I also think that a trip like this broadens your horizons and shows you how different yet diverse life can be. You gain experiences that you could never have had at home and you get to know great people who become friends in a way.

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