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There were so many great and unique moments with so many people. Whether it was trips to the beach or the endless party nights with my work colleague from the hostel. I met so many people with whom I felt an instant connection.


Our participant Tabitha lived for two months in Lima. She spent an unforgettable time there, living and working in the Hostel and discovered the beautiful country and its impressive culture along the way. She now tells us personally what made her trip so special for her and why you should also embark on the Work & Travel adventure in Latin America.


My preparation time

Anticipation really is the greatest joy! I really enjoyed the time before my departure, imagined my stay in Peru and did a lot of research.

Of course, I was totally excited and eager for my adventure. That's why I spent a lot of time researching the country of Peru, the culture and the city of Lima, where I was to travel, and had already written a wish list of sights and places I really wanted to discover. I also brushed up on my Spanish from school and practiced my vocabulary diligently. So the preparation time flew by.

The first days

The first few days in Peru were so exciting and thrilling. There were so many new things waiting for me to discover and I was fascinated by the country and the city of Lima right from the start. My contact person Charly from WanderWorld Travel and I got on well straight away, as he is very open and friendly. I immediately felt at home in the hostel where my introductory event took place.

My first day was already a complete success. First, I explored the area on my own, walked to the beach and took in my first impressions of the city. In the evening, I got to know other travelers who were also living in Peru for longer. In the days that followed, I was shown my new workplace at the hostel and explained my tasks. I started with the breakfast shift. It took a good week and then I was up to speed. Of course, I was always able to ask my colleagues questions if anything was unclear and there were no communication problems.

A day in the Hostel Experience project

In the two months I spent at the hostel, I got to know two different jobs and therefore had two different daily routines. I learned a lot and still had enough free time to discover the country and get to know other people.

In the first month, getting up early was the order of the day for the breakfast shift, but you soon get used to it. Breakfast was served from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. and I started preparing shortly before that. After that, I tidied up quickly and looked after the hostel beds until lunchtime. From then on, I had free time and was able to discover the impressive city of Lima.

In my second month at the hostel, my daily routine changed because I was allowed to work at the hostel bar. I had free time during the day and only started working in the evening. There's a lot to do at the bar, everything is prepared and replenished before the cocktails are served. The shift actually lasted until 10 p.m. - but with the lively atmosphere in the hostel, I was happy to work a little longer. The time just flies by.

My free time in Lima

In my free time, I was almost always out and about. I explored the streets of Miraflores, met up with new friends in the park, savored the city's fantastic restaurant and bar scene and always went on excursions. At sunset, I liked to go jogging by the sea and enjoy the view. The evening is best spent partying with the hotel guests or on the rooftop above the rooftops of Lima. An unforgettable time.

I also often came into contact with Peruvian culture. I will never forget the friendliness and warmth of the people. I had very enriching conversations, made great contacts and simply got to know cool people.

My most beautiful moments

I absolutely can't pinpoint one moment, because there were so many great and unique moments with so many people. Whether it was a simple beach trip right at the beginning of my trip or the endless party nights with my work colleague from the hostel. I met so many people that I immediately felt connected to, even though I had only known them for a short time. But also sights like El Parque de las Aguas in Lima at night inspired me and I can't get them out of my head.

There was a highlight right at the beginning, when I went on a tour of Lima with my contact Charly and we ended up in the middle of a street parade. Numerous people in beautiful costumes danced across the street. It was only by chance that I was able to experience this magical moment. The list of my best moments is endless!

My favorite place

Huaca Pucllana - in the middle of the city stands a part of Peru's history, accessible to everyone and absolutely impressive. I am very interested in the country's fascinating history and love to take a closer look at places like this. I can recommend a visit to anyone.

How the trip changed me

I became confident in using foreign languages very quickly, which surprised me in a positive way. I spoke English and Spanish all day and my skills quickly improved.

For me, it was above all the people who won me over. The friendly locals, but also the backpackers from all over the world.

I feel much freer now after the trip. The many conversations with like-minded travelers about their goals and their love of discovering the world have enriched and motivated me a lot. I felt understood and accepted, and that boosted my self-confidence.

My tips for future participants

Don't be shy, because the people in Latin America are very open and welcoming, and it's very easy to make friends. I would recommend a trip like this to anyone who, like me, is really keen on new experiences. There is so much to discover, so have the courage and start your adventure. I wouldn't want to miss my experiences.

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