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Your unforgettable adventure in the countryside

Are you a nature and animal lover longing to get your hands dirty under the bright sun? Then you'll find your bliss in Latin America, where there are untouched nature, fascinating landscapes, and exciting farms. There are various tasks to suit every taste and interest, making your work time the highlight of your journey. Through your work, you contribute positively to the land and the community, while immersing deeply into the fascinating culture, forming valuable friendships with locals and fellow volunteers, and enhancing your skills in agriculture or animal care.

Your options are varied: help out on a horse ranch and take over the training and care of the horses or learn all about organic farming on a sustainable vegetable farm. There is something for everyone here.


During the farm experience, you can get to know real country life and expand your skills and knowledge in the field of agriculture. There are various activities on the farm involving plants and animals. You will work closely with the locals.

Your area of responsibility could look like this

  • Food: Help grow and harvest fruit and vegetables, including cutting, watering and fertilizing the plants. You will learn all about the regional varieties.

  • Plants: Grow seedlings in the greenhouse and plant flowers, trees and co.

  • Animals: On most farms there are also four-legged residents, take care of the animals and their needs.

  • Maintenance: From time to time there are tasks such as beautifying the farm, manual work, repairs, creating paths and signs where you can use your manual skills.

  • Projects: You can take part in special projects such as recycled art, chocolate making, market sales and much more.


Our Farm Experience Programs

Why Farm Experience?


Are you fed up with school and longing to be out in nature, get your hands dirty and discover the world at the same time? Is the weather in Germany starting to get on your nerves and are you dreaming of sunshine, fresh air and unique landscapes? Why not combine your stay abroad with a farm stay! Give yourself a successful break from everyday life, spend an unforgettable time in the countryside and discover a new culture at the same time. No other continent is better suited to this than Latin America, as the exciting countries could not be more diverse. And the best thing is that the farms in Central and South America are familiar and authentic, and not overcrowded on a grand scale. As a result, you get to know the real life of the locals and are accepted as a member of the family. You will also improve your language skills, as Spanish is usually the only language spoken on the farms. 

The real country life

Even if you might not think so, Latin Americans are often far ahead of us in terms of their thinking and ideas. Even though agriculture here is often on a smaller scale, innovation is a top priority here. Especially in smaller communities, people depend on a functioning, sustainable and genuine agriculture. And it is important not to harm the environment, but to give something back to it and the communities. You will learn a lot about sustainable agriculture here in particular and develop your own skills and abilities. You may even be able to use these in Germany.

Animals, plants or both?

On a farm, you have the unique opportunity to enjoy seclusion and pristine nature. Lonely, incomparable landscapes determine your everyday life here. You have time to reflect and think about what you want to achieve in your life, where you want to go and what is important to you. At the same time, working with the locals will make you realize what really matters in life: Helpfulness, solidarity and gratitude.

There is something for everyone at our farmstays and you can pursue your personal interests and wishes. Do you have a fascination for plants and physical work? You will have the opportunity to grow and harvest your own fruit and vegetables or other plants. Or do you prefer to look after animals in need? Dogs, cats and other animals in need of help are waiting for you. If you are a real horse lover, you can finally pursue your passion on a horse ranch every day. You can help with horse care, muck out the stables or train the horses and go on rides with the guests. 

Does Farm Work suit me?

If you love being outdoors all day and have a passion for plants and animals, and if you're eager to learn more about agriculture, food cultivation, and related skills, then the Farm Experience is the perfect project for you. Whether you're on an Eco-Farm or a Permaculture-Farm, your workday will be spent in nature, where you'll learn about local flora and fauna. You'll enhance your practical skills and gain valuable work experience in agriculture, which will be beneficial in your future endeavors. The farm work involves getting your hands dirty and can be physically demanding, especially if you enjoy physical activity. However, at the end of the day, you'll take pride in your accomplishments and enjoy the satisfaction of harvesting foods you've grown yourself. If you enjoy working with animals, projects like the Horse Ranch or Cocoa Farm will also provide you with four-legged companions to care for. You should be comfortable around horses, dogs, and other animals and enjoy being in a rural environment.

What impact do I have with the Farmwork program?

During your work and travel stay in Latin America, you will make a significant contribution that goes beyond mere labor. Your commitment and interest in sustainable practices will have an inspiring effect on the local community and help to raise awareness of ecological methods. 

By contributing your knowledge and enthusiasm, you promote sustainable change.

Your empathy improves the working atmosphere and strengthens cohesion within the farm community, resulting in a more efficient and pleasant working environment. In this way, you are not only part of a work process, but also support the development of a sustainable and respectful community that goes far beyond the daily work on the farm.

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Whether you're diving in Colombia or surfing in Costa Rica - we have the most exciting activities for you.
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