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Costa Rica

If you want to participate in the Hostel Experience Program in our dream country Costa Rica, you don’t have to choose between bright sunshine at the sea and the breathtaking nature! Because both are available together: Our partner hostels are located on beautiful Pacific beaches and at the same time very close to nature. On the Nicoya Peninsula on the Pacific coast you will find the most beautiful beaches of the country. Coconut trees and coastal forests frame stunning bays, and the beaches offer perfect surfing conditions. The central Pacific coast is also home to hot surfing hotspots and tropical beaches surrounded by numerous national parks. Of course, cool hostels can’t be missing in the popular vacation region!


Type of program

Program location

Working hours

Program start


Minimum age








Hostel Experience

Nicoya Peninsula, Central Pacific Ocean

4-7 hours per day, 5-6 days per week

Every 1st Saturday of the month

1-6 months

18 years

English or Spanish, Spanish course included

friendly, cosmopolitan

shared room in hostel

varies depending on the hostel

English speaking contact person in the country

Mobile internet and WiFi in the hostel

From 880,00 €


Type of program: Hostel Experience

Program location: Nicoya Peninsula, Central Pacific

Working hours: 4-7 hours per day, 5-6 days per week

Program start date: Every 1st Saturday of the month

Duration: 1-6 months

Minimum age: 18 years

Language: English and Spanish, Spanish course included

Requirements: Open-minded and friendly

Accommodation: shared room in hostel

Meals: varies depending on the hostel

Support: English speaking contact person via WhatsApp

Internet: Mobile internet with sim card from WanderWorld Travel

Price: from 880,00 €

Mann schaut auf Surfer im Meer in Costa Rica
Strand in Costa Rica


You want to combine rainforests and dream beaches? Then Costa Rica is the right place for you. Our partner hostels are all located in popular beach regions on the Pacific Ocean, where there is not only sand and sea, but also many beautiful national parks with untouched nature.

Hostels in Costa Rica are very modern and have a particularly high standard to offer. Most of them have not only shared rooms, but also single and double rooms, which are equipped like a hotel room. Young people from all over the world come to hostels, Costa Rica is very popular for example with surfers and backpackers from the USA and Europe. It is the perfect country for nature and water sports enthusiasts.

Hostels in Costa Rica are excellently equipped. Each hostel has its own kitchen and a nice common area where volunteers can mingle with hostel guests. This is perfect for cooking together in the evenings and finishing off the evening with a few drinks. Some even have a pool and a bar where occasional parties take place. Many hostels work with tour providers and you can also take part in excursions in the region. Sometimes there are special activities like yoga classes or game nights.

You will not come into contact with big cities during your hostel experience in Costa Rica. Our hostels are idyllically located in the countryside in small hip beach villages. There you will find many restaurants, bars, stores, supermarkets and tour operators. With many excursion destinations in the area, such as the numerous beaches, national parks and waterfalls, you will certainly not be bored. Hostels are often close to nature and a little quieter, but in just a few minutes you can get to the nearest supermarkets, restaurants and bars.

Surfer springen ins Wasser in Costa Rica
Strand, Costa Rica


Lisa is German and emigrated to Costa Rica with her Costa Rican husband. Before that, she has visited the country a few times and therefore already knows very well about the culture, traditions and local conditions. After falling in love with the country and its people, she decided to live where others go for vacation. She speaks fluent Spanish as well as German and English. Lisa will be happy to welcome you in San José with her warm and funny nature and is eager to introduce you to her beautiful chosen home. As your contact person in the country, she will answer all your questions and you can always approach her if you need help.

WanderWorld Mitarbeiter lächelt


For your work in a hostel you don’t need any special qualifications or experience. It is only important that you have a desire to learn and you are open to a new culture, people from all over the world and a new way of life. You should be motivated, work well in a team and be willing to share your living space with other people for a while. In return you can expect a unique community, a life in breathtaking nature and above all a lot of fun at work. Also, it is important that you are not too shy to do the tasks in a hostel. Everyone pitches in and if there is a lot going on, it can take a little longer.


The national language in Costa Rica is Spanish. You do not need to know Spanish to participate in the program. It is only required that you can speak English or Spanish to communicate with the other volunteers from all over the world and the hostel staff. A Spanish course is included at the beginning of your program. Your language skills will also improve on the spot.


You will live in a shared room with other volunteers from all over the world. The room is located in the hostel where you work.

You usually share the room with your colleagues, but in smaller hostels you may also live with guests.

The size of the room also varies depending on the hostel, usually there are between 4 and 10 beds in your room.

You will have a well-equipped kitchen at your disposal, where you can cook together with other volunteers. In some hostels there are one or even two meals per day for the volunteers, but we cannot guarantee this.


The Nicoya Peninsula on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica offers everything you could wish for in a work and travel adventure in Latin America. Nestled in tropical rainforest, you will find the most beautiful beaches in the country. The region is characterized by ecotourism, and therefore there are mostly natural bays and coastal forests to marvel at. Natural reserves extend into the ocean to protect the impressive reefs and sea turtles.

Some places on the peninsula have become real surfing hotspots because the conditions are perfect. A relaxed vibe and interesting people from all over the world make a stay on Nicoya unforgettable.

For more information about Nicoya, here.

long sandy beach with palm trees from above in Costa Rica
Kokosnüsse,Costa Rica


On the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica are the dream locations of Uvita and Manuel Antonio, to name just two. There are perfect conditions for surfing and snorkeling. Almost every beach is embedded in a national park with thick rainforests, which make the beaches incredibly beautiful and every traveler finds a spot in the shade of a palm tree. In nature you can not only admire the beauty of the plants, but also discover numerous animals and waterfalls.

A colorful crowd of locals, surfers, backpackers and hippies come to the vacation destinations here and in the high season there is a lot going on. Festivals and concerts also take place. A trip to the Cataratas Nauyaca waterfalls is definitely worthwhile.

Pool in Costa Rica


Puerto Viejo, the small town where “Pura Vida” is capitalized, is located on the Caribbean coast in Costa Rica, just next to the border with Panama, about an hour south of Puerto Limón. With its inviting Caribbean flair, adventurous surfing vibes and beautiful and diverse beaches, you will find everything to make your travel heart beat faster. You can go exploring by bike and cozy bars invite you to linger with great music. The nearby national parks “Cahuita” and “Gandoca-Manzanillo” also offer you the exciting opportunity to explore the wildlife of this fascinating country and to marvel at the interplay of rainforest and palm-fringed sandy beaches. Life here is simple, but the locals are all the happier. Let yourself be infected by this.



Shared room:

  • 1st month in starter package: 880,00 €
  • Extension month: 170,00 €
  • As 2nd or 3rd program: 650,00 €


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Unsere Teilnehmerin Lorena in Mexiko


“Such a trip makes you realize how important it is to leave your comfort zone to discover the world out there and how good challenges are for individual development. Such an experience makes you rich in great acquaintances and wonderful memories that no one can take away from you.”

Unsere Teilnehmerin Lena


“Latin America simply has an incredible atmosphere. The people here are friendly, open and happy, and on top of that there is the fascinating nature that took my breath away more than once. Costa Rica in particular is so diverse that I couldn’t get out of my amazement.”

Vivien füttert einen Tapir mit der Flasche


“I would recommend volunteering abroad in Latin America to anyone who loves the outdoors and is looking for an adventure. I made incredibly many and strong friendships that I am still in contact with.”

Lea am Strand bei Sonnenuntergang


“Since Uvita is known for whales passing by from time to time, I was hoping to see one too. Then suddenly it happened: I was sitting at the very front of the boat and out of nowhere a whale appeared right in front of us.”

Ferdinand hält eine Schlange


“At first I wondered about the saying “pura vida”, but I’ve since come to understand that it’s a way of life. It’s the attitude with which you get up in the morning, with which you greet strangers in your country and take life as it comes.”