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Quick Facts


Program location

Working time

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Guadalajara, Riviera Maya, Mexico; Antigua, Guatemala; Cusco, Peru

Approx. 8 hours a day / 5 days a week

Every 1st Saturday of the month

1 month to 6 months

18 years

Spanish, basic knowledge obligatory

Apartment or shared apartment

Not included

Will be taken care of by our German-speaking supervisor on site

Mobile internet with sim card from WanderWorld Travel

from €970.00

Quick Facts

Field: Marketing

Requirements: none

Work Location:

Mexico City, Guadalajara, Riviera Maya, Mexico; Antigua, Guatemala; Cusco, Peru.

Working hours: Approx. 8 hours a day / 5 days a week

Program start: Every 1st Saturday of the month

Duration: 1 month to 6 months

Age: 18 years

Language: Basic knowledge of Spanish desirable

Accommodation: Apartment or shared apartment

Board: none

Supervision: Will be provided by our German-speaking supervisor on site

Internet: Mobile Internet with Sim card from WanderWorld

Price: from 1350 Euro

About Marketing

Marketing is a central function of business management. It is particularly concerned with the needs of (potential) customers. The aim is to include their wishes and expectations in all company decisions, and in this way to achieve certain company goals. The purpose behind this is to increase sales, i.e., to sell more of a product or service. Marketing is therefore also closely linked to the analysis, planning, implementation and control of corporate activities. The so-called marketing mix, which consists of product policy, pricing policy, distribution policy and communication policy, represents an important instrument for the marketing strategy of a company.

Benefits of the internship

With an internship in marketing, you lay the foundation for your future career in marketing. It will open up a wide range of opportunities for you in various areas of marketing. In particular, you will develop your communication skills and get a feel for target group analysis. Strategic thinking is a significant part of being a marketing representative. This soft skill is beneficial in any position in a company. Your organizational skills will also be put to the test. Even if organizing was not your strong point before, you will undoubtedly have to learn this. You will also work a lot with text, images, and presentations and will have a very special eye for what the customer wants to see, read or hear.

Your tasks

There are many areas of marketing. Therefore, the tasks can also vary greatly. Starting with analytical activities, to brainstorming, conception or content creation, to event organization. All social media activities also fall under the tasks of marketing. In addition, you sometimes have to deal with large budgets to implement the activities of marketing. The choice of industries and jobs is broad. Because virtually every company needs a marketing department, from small start-ups to international corporations.

Internship Marketing Mexico

In Mexico, you will complete your internship in the marketing department of a company in various industries or in a marketing agency. You will get a deep insight into how the company works and learn about its processes. You will actively participate in marketing campaigns and of course you will be allowed to contribute creatively.

Internship Marketing Guatemala

In Antigua, for example, you can complete your internship in marketing at a children’s aid organization that provides disadvantaged children with an education. The organization has two elementary school and one secondary school, which accommodates over 500 Guatemalan children.

Assist the organization with various marketing campaigns by providing innovative ideas, writing press articles, and maintaining relationships in the area of international affairs. In general, you will be responsible for the external image of the company. This is more about the long term than immediate sales.

Marketing Internship in Peru

In Peru, you have the opportunity to do a fundraising internship with a UK charity. Promoting sustainability, education, and building a better future for Peru’s young, vulnerable children. The organization supports various local projects by providing them with skills and knowledge, so they can become self-sufficient. You will plan, develop and exercise fundraising activities. Research new potential funding opportunities and design the appropriate proposals with other team members. Launch marketing campaigns that promote fundraising activities. It is important to ensure that all practices reflect the organization’s priorities, mission, and vision. Additionally, you will be responsible for ensuring that all supporters have regular contact with the youth they support. Maintaining a network with all stakeholders and organizations is essential.

Riviera Maya, Mexiko

The Riviera Maya is Mexico’s tourist center, because the dream beaches of the Caribbean are located here. The infrastructure meets western standards and the region is considered safe. Particularly appealing for our interns are the various recreational opportunities in the region. In addition to breathtaking beaches, our participants can visit ancient Mayan monuments such as the world wonder Chichen Itza, snorkel in cenotes and admire old colonial towns. You will quickly make friends, as many people from all over the world have settled here. Possible cities for your internship are Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

More information about the region can be found here.

Praktikum Hotel Mexiko
Praktikum Hotel Mexiko

Guadalajara, Mexiko

Guadalajara is probably the most typical Mexican city. This is probably due to its excellent Mexican cuisine and the national drink Tequila, which has its origin in the region. You can take an old train to the city of “Tequila”, 40 minutes away, and visit the agave plantations and distilleries. Guadalajara is the second-largest metropolis of the country with its 6 million inhabitants, located about 500 km west of the capital Mexico City. It is 2 hours away from the Pacific coast with its breathtaking beaches. The surrounding mountains also invite to excursions.

Park in Guadalajara, Mexico
Illuminated building and fountain in Guadalajara, Mexico

Cusco, Peru

The capital of the Incas, the starting point to the magical Machu Picchu and a cozy colonial city that never sleeps. In Cusco you will definitely not get bored. Both in the city itself and in the surrounding area you have extensive leisure opportunities. If you are interested in culture and mountains, this is the right place for you. Here you will experience the true culture of the Peruvians, just sit down on Sunday on the Plaza de Armas and let yourself be captivated by the cheerfulness of the people. You will find street musicians and vendors on every corner.

On weekends it is a good idea to go to the Sacred Valley, 2 hours away, where you have countless excursion possibilities and can conquer the Andes.

The city is young and lively, and as the most touristic city in Peru with the widest cultural offer, it attracts many tourists from all over the world.

You can find more information about Cusco here.

Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua is made for a work and travel adventure and makes the heart of every backpacker beat faster. Not only the beauty of the city and the surrounding nature make the city so popular. Above all, it is the flair that prevails here. Antigua is a magnet for young people from all over the world – many, who have traveled here once, stayed right there. The owners of the countless restaurants, cafés, bars, and hostels come from all over the world, so it is accordingly international. In the bars you can hear 1,000 different languages, and you quickly made new friends all over the globe.

Besides the work in the project, Antigua offers many opportunities for colorful leisure activities. Climbing the surrounding volcanoes is an experience you will probably never forget. Equally worthwhile is a weekend trip to Lake Atitlan.

More information about Antigua can be found here.

VW Bus Antigua, Guatemala


  • Basic knowledge of Spanish, good knowledge of English.
  • Interest in economic contexts.
  • Enjoyment of creative work.


Excellent written and spoken English.
Interest in press and international affairs.
Ability and interest to write articles.
Good interpersonal and written communication skills.
Experience and good knowledge of social media.


  • Bachelor’s degree or currently enrolled student in one of the following: languages, international relations, marketing, or a related field.
  • One year of fundraising work experience is preferred but not required.
  • Excellent written and spoken English.
  • Knowledge of Spanish is desirable.
  • Detail orientation
  • Interest in acquiring communications or international development experience.
  • Strong interpersonal and written communication skills.
  • Exceptional organizational skills, flexibility, independence, cultural sensitivity.
  • Experience and good knowledge of social media.
  • Good working knowledge of MS Office.

The national language in Mexico, Peru, and Guatemala is Spanish. Since you will be working with local organizations, agencies and companies, you should have some basic knowledge of Spanish to be able to communicate. Of course, you will automatically improve your knowledge on the spot. For your internship in Peru and Guatemala advanced Spanish skills are required, in Mexico basic Spanish skills are sufficient. If you do not yet have the necessary language skills, we recommend that you take a language course at the beginning of your trip.

You will live in a room in a centrally located shared apartment or apartment together with international young people or locals.

Your contact person in Mexico

Ann-Christin is a German student from Bremen and has been living in Puebla, Mexico for over half a year. Besides the German language, Ann-Christin speaks English and Spanish.
She has already traveled a lot through the country and can’t wait to show you Mexico and the Mexican culture.
Especially, the Mexican openness and hospitality have contributed to the fact that Ann-Christin can call Mexico her second home. She describes herself as an organized German with a weakness for Mexican nightlife, Mexican cuisine and the beautiful nature. Helpfulness and humor are among her characteristics, and she is happy to help you with all your needs.

Your contact person in Peru

Carlos is German-Peruvian and grew up in Lima in a German family. He still lives there today and thus speaks both Spanish and German. He has never been in Germany for more than three months, but he knows the customs and traditions first hand. Furthermore, he also knows his home country Peru and its culture and can’t wait to show you everything. Carlos describes himself as a fun-loving, helpful and humorous person who will always help you with words and deeds. He is our local insider who will give you lots of tips and information about Peru and the rest of Latin America.

Your contact person in Guatemala

Alejandro is Guatemalan and grew up in Antigua. Therefore, he knows the city, the country and its culture like no other. He has a great passion for Germany, has visited there several times and speaks the language fluently. Alejandro always has an open ear for your wishes and is happy to bring you closer to his home country. Alejandro will pick you up at the airport and take you to the bus that will take you to your project.

WanderWorld Mitarbeiter lächelt
WanderWorld Mitarbeiter lächelt
WanderWorld employee smiles

Before the trip

  • Intensive personal consultation on which program and country best suit you.
  • Comprehensive preparation materials and assistance in fully planning your trip on the following topics: Packing list, health information, budget planning, itinerary recommendations, insider tips on the program location.
  • Non-binding flight offer (airfare to be paid separately).
  • Information and assistance in taking out your travel insurance.
  • Issue of a certificate of activity in order to retain the right to child benefits.

At destination

  • Personal pick up and transfer to Cancun airport / Tulum hostel, Guatemala City / Antigua hostel or Lima airport / Lima hostel.
  • First 2 hostel nights in Tulum / Antigua / Lima
  • Introductory meeting in Tulum / Antigua / Lima
  • Our WanderWorld T-Shirt
  • Support of your experienced English-speaking contact person on site
  • Optional weekend excursions together with the other participants

After the trip

Certificate of your successful participation in the internship


1 month: €970.00 starter package

Extension month: €550.00

As 2nd or 3rd package: €770.00