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Quick Facts


Program location

Working time

Program start


Minimum age








Antigua, Guatemala

Approx. 6 hours a day / 5 days a week

Every 1st Saturday of the month

1 month to 6 months

18 years

Spanish, advanced

Apartment or shared apartment

Not included

Provided by our supervisor Alejandro in Guatemala

Mobile internet with sim card from WanderWorld Travel

from EUR 1360.00

Quick Facts

Field: Event Management

Requirements: none

Work location: Antigua, Guatemala

Working hours:4 hours per day, Monday to Friday

Program start: every 1st Saturday of the month

Duration: 1 month to 6 months

Age: 18 years

Language: Spanish, advanced

Accommodation: apartment or shared apartment

Board: none

Supervision: Provided by our supervisor Alejandro in Guatemala

Internet: Mobile Internet with Sim Card from WanderWorld

Price: from EUR 1360. 00

About psychology

Psychology can be described as the science or study of mental processes in human beings. This can also be seen as an art; the art of assessing people, understanding and explaining various behaviors, experiences and developments, taking into account both external and internal circumstances. Psychology is an empirical science that can be classified as natural science, social science and humanities. The job description of a psychologist is very multifaceted.

Benefits of the internship

An internship in the field of psychology lets you strengthen your communication skills extremely. Moreover, it is essential to learn how to lead and direct a conversation. In the process, you will also learn how to appear confident. Even if you are unsure yourself, your customer must not notice this. Since you will have to interpret all of your customers’ behavior, you will develop your analytical skills. You will be surrounded by all kinds of people and hear all kinds of stories, which will greatly develop your knowledge of human nature. During your internship, you can also test and strengthen your own resilience.


As a psychologist, you deal with the experience and behavior of people in their different circumstances. You will explain complex issues and help to decisively improve problems that arise. You also conduct individual counseling sessions or develop workshops for target groups in need. Furthermore, you are responsible for the further development of the existing concept and independently develop new approaches.

Internship Psychology Guatemala

In Guatemala, you can complete your psychology internship with a local organization that aims to transform the future of Guatemalan youth who have few opportunities to reach their academic, personal, and professional potential. In the role of Psychology Intern, you will work closely with the Youth Development Coordinator to identify specific students in need of psychological support. You will conduct one-on-one counseling sessions with individuals as well as assist in the development of group workshops for families specializing in topics such as self-esteem, healthy relationships, and family life. Provide psychological attention to students on an ongoing basis.

Blick auf Vulkan Antigua, Guatemala


Antigua is made for a work and travel adventure and makes the heart of every backpacker beat faster. Not only the beauty of the city and the surrounding nature make the city so popular. Above all, it is the flair that prevails here. Antigua is a magnet for young people from all over the world – many, who have traveled here once, stayed right there. The owners of the countless restaurants, cafés, bars, and hostels come from all over the world, so it is correspondingly international. In the bars you can hear 1,000 different languages, and you quickly made new friends all over the globe.

Besides the work in the project, Antigua offers many opportunities for colorful leisure activities. Climbing the surrounding volcanoes is an experience you will probably never forget. Equally worthwhile is a weekend trip to Lake Atitlan.

More information about Antigua can be found here.

VW Bus Antigua, Guatemala

We are looking for adventurous individuals who are eager to learn and adaptable. In addition, you should have the following qualifications:

  • Enrolled student in psychology or related field.
  • Experience working with youth and families
  • Advanced Spanish language skills
  • Respectful, flexible and attentive to others and their needs
  • Independently generate ideas and propose and implement new activities independently and responsibly.

In this position, it is important that you already have Spanish language skills and are able to communicate with the youth and families in order to provide psychological support.

You will live in a shared apartment in the center of Antigua, together with Guatemalans or other volunteers, or in an apartment. The accommodation is only a few minutes away from your place of work.

Your contact person in Guatemala

Alejandro is Guatemalan and grew up in Antigua. Therefore, he knows the city, the country and its culture like no other. He has a great passion for Germany, has visited there several times and speaks the language fluently. Alejandro always has an open ear for your wishes and is happy to bring you closer to his home country. Alejandro will pick you up at the airport and take you to the bus that will take you to your project.

WanderWorld employee smiles

Before the trip

  • Intensive personal consultation on which project and which country best suit you.
  • Comprehensive preparation documents and support in the complete planning of your trip on the following topics: Packing list, health information, budget planning, itinerary recommendations, insider tips on the program location.
    Non-binding flight offer (airfare to be paid separately).
  • Information and assistance in taking out your travel insurance.
  • Issue of a certificate of activity in order to retain the right to child benefits.

At destination

  • Personal pick up and transfer Guatemala City Airport / Antigua Hostel
  • First 2 hostel nights in Antigua
  • Introductory meeting in Antigua
  • Our WanderWorld T-Shirt
  • 24/7 support of your experienced English-speaking contact person in Guatemala
  • Optional weekend excursions together with the other participants

After the trip

Certificate of your successful participation in the internship


1 month: EUR 1360.oo Euro in start package

Extension month: EUR  580.00

As 2nd or 3rd package: EUR 1100.00