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Quick Facts


Program location

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Riviera Maya, Mexico; Mexico City, Mexico, Guadalajara, Mexico

Approx. 6 hours a day / 5 days a week

Every 1st Saturday of the month

1 month to 6 months

18 years

Spanish, basic knowledge desirable

Apartment or shared apartment

Not included

Will be done by our supervisor Manuel in Mexico

Mobile internet with sim card from WanderWorld Travel

from 990 Euro

Quick Facts

Field: Architecture

Requirements: none

Work location: Riviera Maya, Guadalajara, Mexico

Working hours: about 6 hours per day, Monday to Friday

Program start: every 1st Saturday of the month

Duration: 1 month to 6 months

Age: 18 years

Language: basic knowledge of Spanish desirable

Accommodation: apartment or shared apartment

Meals: none

Supervision: Will be done by our supervisor Manuel in Mexico

Internet: Mobile Internet with Sim card from WanderWorld

Price: from 990 Euro

About Architecture

Architecture is defined as the technical, functional, design and economic planning as well as the furnishing of structures and buildings. It involves not only the construction planning itself, but also, in particular, the aesthetic and efficient design of buildings, as well as the execution and supervision of construction plans. Architecture can thus be partially classified as an engineering profession, but also includes an important component of the fine arts.

Benefits of the internship

For your future as an architect, work experience abroad is not a mandatory requirement. But again, this experience is very valuable to stand out from the crowd and your career opportunities increase in times of advancing global networking. During your internship you will gain personal, social and methodical competences as well as certain business skills. You will learn how to take responsibility and how to work in a structured and goal-oriented way. Your stress resistance and resilience will be strengthened and you will develop great organizational skills and time management, because everything has to be perfectly coordinated on the construction site. You will also gain adaptability and communication skills, which are significant business skills that can also be useful in other professional fields.


The professional field of the architect is subject to constant change. Thus, the activities are very diverse and challenging. The architect takes over an interface function as well as the entire project management. As an intern you will support in the following fields of activity:

Basic planning: You help to create the basis for the concrete planning. For this purpose, the exact ideas as well as the financial budget must first be determined. In addition, the property is inspected with the customer.

Preliminary planning: In the preliminary planning process, you assist in creating a sketchy preliminary design of the building. Within this framework, an initial cost estimate is made.

Approval planning: In this phase, you assist in the preparation of plans that include all building regulations. In addition, all documents required for the building application must be compiled. It may also be necessary to apply for subsidies and apply for a structural analysis.

Draft planning: This means that the planning concept must be developed. This phase also includes the drawing of the overall design.

Implementation planning: As mentioned above, other technical experts are also involved in the planning. Therefore, the details of the basics have to be worked out and communicated to all parties involved.

Object supervision: You support the responsible architect in the coordination of the people involved in the object supervision. A concrete time schedule is set up. After completion of the object, all construction services are accepted. This is followed by invoice verification and cost assessment before the building is finally handed over.

Site supervision: You accompany the architect and the customer during the site inspection to identify defects. If necessary, you will have to arrange for defects to be rectified.

Internship Architecture in Mexico

We cooperate with large architectural offices in Mexico City, Guadalajara and on the Riviera Maya. The firms operate throughout Latin America and some globally. They design hotels, residential units, public buildings and corporate buildings.

You do not need any previous experience for the architecture internship. For this reason, the internship is also suitable for school graduates. However, the scope of tasks is measured by the respective knowledge. Accordingly, architecture students are given more demanding tasks than participants who have not yet had any contact with the subject.

Riviera Maya

Die Riviera Maya ist Mexikos touristisches Zentrum, denn hier befinden sich die Traumstrände der Karibik. Die Infrastruktur entspricht westlichen Standards und die Region gilt als sicher. Besonders reizvoll für unsere Praktikanten sind die verschiedenen Freizeitmöglichkeiten in der Region. Neben atemberaubenden Stränden können unsere Teilnehmer alte Mayaruienen wie das Weltwunder Chichen Itza besuchen, in Cenoten schnorcheln und alte Kolonialstädte bewundern. Schnell findet man Anschluss, da sich hier viele Menschen aus aller Welt niedergelassen haben. Als mögliche Städte für dein Praktikum kommen Cancun, Playa del Carmen und Tulum in Betracht.

More information about the region can be found  here.

Praktikum Hotel Mexiko
Praktikum Hotel Mexiko


Guadalajara is probably the most typical Mexican city. This is probably due to its excellent Mexican cuisine and the national drink Tequila, which has its origin in the region. You can take an old train to the city of “Tequila”, 40 minutes away, and visit the agave plantations and distilleries. Guadalajara is the second-largest metropolis of the country with its 6 million inhabitants, located about 500 km west of the capital Mexico City. It is 2 hours away from the Pacific coast with its breathtaking beaches. The surrounding mountains also invite to excursions.

Illuminated building and fountain in Guadalajara, Mexico
Night in Guadalajara, Mexico

The national language in Mexico is Spanish. To be able to communicate with all your colleagues and partners, knowledge of Spanish is desirable, but not a prerequisite. If you do not have a basic knowledge of Spanish, it is mandatory to attend a 2-week Spanish course at the beginning of the internship.

You will live in a shared apartment or apartment. The office can be reached on foot or by bus from the accommodation.

Your contact person in Mexico

Ann-Christin is a German student from Bremen and has been living in Puebla, Mexico for over half a year. Besides the German language Ann-Christin speaks English and Spanish.
She has already traveled a lot through the country and can’t wait to show you Mexico and the Mexican culture.
Especially the Mexican openness and hospitality have contributed to the fact that Ann-Christin can call Mexico her second home. She describes herself as an organized German with a weakness for Mexican nightlife, Mexican cuisine and the beautiful nature. Helpfulness and humor are among her characteristics and she is happy to help you with all your needs.

WanderWorld Mitarbeiter lächelt

Before the trip

  • Intensive personal consultation on which project and country best suit you.
  • Comprehensive preparation documents and support in the complete planning of your trip on the following topics: Packing list, health information, budget planning, itinerary recommendations, insider tips on the program location.
  • Non-binding flight offer (airfare to be paid separately).
  • Information and assistance in taking out your travel insurance.

At destination

  • Personal pick up and transfer Cancun airport / Tulum hostel
  • First 2 hostel nights in Tulum
  • Introductory meeting in Tulum
  • Our WanderWorld T-Shirt
  • Support from your experienced German-speaking contact in Mexico
    Optional weekend excursions together with the other participants

After the trip

  • Certificate of your successful participation in the internship


1 month: €990.00 starter package

Extension month: €550.00 Euro

As 2nd or 3rd package: €790.00 Euro