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Leonie: My time in Cusco

 In Testimonial

With Wanderworld I stayed for 2 months in a great hostel in Cusco, Peru. The hostel that was chosen for me was just amazing! I contacted WanderWorld about half a year in advance and expressed my wishes and these were exactly addressed. Everything went super easy, there was always someone there to talk to. Once I arrived in Peru, I was picked up by Carlos in Lima, who gave me a brief introduction to the country & I had the time of my life with him! I decided to do hostel work because it would come in handy for job applications later on. The hostel was great, I worked at the front desk & got to introduce new arrivals & put them in their rooms. But not only that, I was allowed to do the normal work.

I felt totally comfortable and would recommend it to everyone! Peru is a breathtaking country, not at all comparable to Germany. It is optimal to travel, as I did. I would recommend it to everyone to make this experience, you learn for life and the experiences and friends you make and meet no one takes you!


From Leonie Maglie

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