Hostel Experience

In the same way diverse Our hostels are as diverse as the country itself. Depending on which location you choose, you can expect hostels right on the Beach or in the middle of an adventurous Colonial city. They all share a love of detail and a cheerful atmosphere. On our travels through Mexico, we have become particularly fond of some places where it is worth staying for a longer period of time:

The Riviera Maya is the most famous vacation region in Mexico and offers brilliant white Sandy beaches and sun all day. On the wild coast Oaxacas adventure seekers will get their money's worth. The old colonial town San Cristobal de las Casas is perfect for getting to know the real Mexico in a relaxed atmosphere.

Quick Facts

Type of program
Hostel Experience
Program location
Riviera Maya, colonial towns, coastal villages
, Mexico
Working hours
4-7 hours per day, 5-6 days per week
Program start
Every 1st Saturday of the month
Minimum age
18 years
No knowledge
friendly, cosmopolitan
Village, Small town, Close to the beach
Multi-bed room
Partially included
German-speaking contact person via WhatsApp
Mobile Internet with SIM card from WanderWorld Travel
Multi-bed room
Base price 1st program: 910,00 €
Extension month: 190,00 €

Project description

Mexico's hostels all have a special character. Mexicans love bright colors and love to decorate. Accordingly, the hostels are designed with great attention to detail. The walls are painted by young artists from all over the world who stay in one of the hostels for a longer period of time.

There are different types of hostels depending on the location. In Puerto Escondido, the hostels are often located directly on the beach, where you will find cabañas built on the sand. In the towns and cities, the hostels are usually very centrally located. They are generally very green, with beautiful courtyards and an outdoor area with sofas and hammocks.

The hostels in Mexico are excellently equipped. They have a kitchen where you can cook together. This not only saves money, but is also very sociable. Some even have a pool and a bar where the odd party takes place.

In almost every hostel there is a programme for the guests, which is often organized by the volunteers. There are games evenings, pool parties, bar hopping, yoga classes and much more. Most hostels also offer excursions to the region in which the volunteers can take part.


In Mexico, our partner hostels are located at popular tourist destinations. The hostel is a place for young backpackers from all over the world who also like to party. That's why most hostels have their own bar.

As a volunteer, you can support the hostel in various areas. These include the bar, reception, kitchen, breakfast service, help with cleaning work and events.

At the bar, you are responsible for mixing drinks and creating a good atmosphere. You should be open-minded and enjoy approaching others. You will manage the preparation of drinks, taking orders and payments.

If you are assigned to the reception, you will take care of reservations, check-ins and check-outs. You are the figurehead of the hostel and the first face that guests see. Your job is therefore also to give guests a friendly welcome and answer any questions they may have.

If the hostel has a restaurant or breakfast service, you can also help out in these areas. It is also important to keep the communal areas clean and tidy at all times.

The hostels offer various activities and tours for guests every week, in which you can actively participate in the organization and implementation.

It can get loud at the hostel bar and the guests like to party. If you don't have a bar shift, you can mingle and get to know people from all over the world.

You will work around 30 hours per week, the allocation of tasks and shifts will be discussed with the hostel on site.

Program location


Tulum and the surrounding area are among our favorite places on the Riviera, which is why we have many fantastic hostels in our program where you can work. If you're longing for endless white beaches, crazy beach parties with international DJs and a hip vibe, you'll find your happiness in Tulum. Such a relaxed flair is rarely found anywhere else. The city is full of backpackers from all over the world and has a lively bar and restaurant scene. This is precisely why it is teeming with cool hostels and hotels that are just waiting for you. Perfect for an unforgettable work and travel adventure.

You can find more information about Tulum here.

The other hostels on the Riviera Maya are located in Playa del Carmen, Bacalar and Mérida. There are restaurants and bars both on the beach and in the villages.

Colonial cities


If you want to get to know the everyday life and culture of a small Mexican town, you should come to San Cristobal. The city is located in the highlands of the southern state of Chiapas, surrounded by a fascinating landscape and many traditional villages. There is something new to discover every day in the city and the surrounding area is also ideal for excursions of all kinds. The Mayan culture is still very much present here, as many descendants of the Maya live in the surrounding villages.

The hostels are very centrally located and beautiful. Guests come from all over the world and most stay longer than planned.

San Cristobal is the perfect place to get to know Mexican life up close. Many young people live here who will immediately integrate you into their circle of friends.

You can find more information about San Cristobal de las Casas here


Oaxaca in Mexico is a fascinating travel destination that impresses with its colorful colonial city, lively markets and diverse cuisine. The region also offers breathtaking sights such as Monte Alban and the Hierve del Agua, petrified waterfalls and turquoise pools.

After work at the hostel, there are various things to do and experience. The city itself attracts visitors with its hip cafés, yoga studios, galleries and museums. In the evening, you can linger in the illuminated squares and round off the day in the numerous bars.
Oaxaca is also known for its mezcal, which you should definitely try. This region embodies the "real Mexico" with its unique charm and vibrant culture.

You can find more information about Oaxaca here.

Coastal villages


If you love the sea and prefer things to be more relaxed than turbulent, Puerto Escondido is the right place for you.

The city is almost perfect for an unforgettable work & travel adventure. You can work downtown, where there are many hostels and hotels. From here, you can quickly reach the surrounding beaches and are surrounded by bars, restaurants and supermarkets. At the end of the long beach of Puerto Escondido is the district of La Punta with equally fantastic hostels. Although there are no paved roads here, there are nice restaurants and a brilliant surf spot for beginners and pros. Surfers, globetrotters and adventurers from all over the world meet here.

In addition to your work at the hostel, you can book lessons at the many local surf schools, learn Spanish or simply relax on the beach with cool people from all over the world. Things get turbulent at surf contest time, as the international surfing elite meet up in Puerto. Many unforgettable parties are pre-programmed.

You can find more information about Puerto Escondido here


If your heart beats to the sound of the waves, Sayulita is the perfect place for you!

Sayulita, the charming hippie surfer town on Mexico's Pacific coast, is located around 3 hours west of Guadalajara. Here, the clocks tick at a slower pace than elsewhere, and the locals appreciate the relaxed attitude to life, the sun and the waves.

The population of Sayulita consists of around 5,000 locals, but thanks to numerous hostels and restaurants, the town is a magnet for backpackers and visitors from all corners of the world who want to enjoy the picturesque ambience. Sayulita is all about surfing, as the conditions are ideal all year round, making the town one of the most popular surf spots for beginners and advanced surfers in Mexico.


You don't need any special qualifications or experience to work at the hostel. It is just important that you have a desire to learn and that you are open to a new culture, people from all over the world and a new way of life. You should be motivated, work well in a team and be willing to share your living space with other people for a period of time. In return, you can expect a unique community, a life in breathtaking nature and, above all, a lot of fun at work. It is also important that you are not too bad for the tasks in the hostel. Everyone pitches in and when things get particularly busy, it can take a little longer.


The national language in Mexico is Spanish. You do not need any knowledge of Spanish to participate in the program. The only requirement is that you can speak English or Spanish in order to communicate with the other volunteers from all over the world and the hostel staff. A Spanish course is included at the beginning of the program as the 1st project. However, your language skills will also improve on site.

Accommodation and meals

You live in a shared room with other volunteers from all over the world. The room is usually located in the hostel where you work. Sometimes there is an extra apartment for the volunteers near the hostel.

You will usually share your room with your colleagues, but in smaller hostels you may also be sharing with guests.

The room size also varies depending on the hostel, there are usually between 4 and 10 beds in your room.

You will have access to a well-equipped kitchen where you can cook together with the other volunteers. Some hostels provide one or even two meals a day for the volunteers, but we cannot guarantee this.

Contact person

In Playa del Carmen lives our contact person Doris. She is originally from Germany but found her chosen home 2 years ago along the Riviera Maya. There, she works as a tour guide and can provide you with excellent travel tips and leisure activities in Mexico. In her free time, she passionately dives and is well-versed in the underwater world. During the orientation event in Playa del Carmen, she will gladly welcome you and acquaint you with the area.

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Services and prices

Multi-bed room
Base price 1st program: 910,00 €
Extension month: 190,00 €

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