You love Children and want to make a contribution to a better future? Would you like to get a taste of the everyday life of a teacher and improve your Spanish skills at the same time? Are you interested in sustainable lifestyles and open to alternative ways of living? Educational paths? Then we need your help! In Cusco and rural areas, access to schooling is very poor, and the poorest members of the population in particular have no means of providing their children with an education. Opportunity for education to make this possible. At our partner school in Lamay you can Children and young people teach, offer creative workshops, design art projects with them and have lots of fun playing and learning together. You can make a lasting difference to the children's lives, make friends and also learn a lot about yourself. Experience an unforgettable time with the kids and get to know life and Peruvian culture at first hand. In your free time, you can discover the wonderful surroundings of Lamay and the Peruvian Andes.

Quick Facts

Type of program
Educational project for children and young people
Program location
, Peru
Working hours
approx. 4 hours (14:50 - 18:30), Mon-Fri
Program start
Every 1st Saturday of the month
Minimum age
18 years
Basic knowledge
Helpful and open-hearted character
Mountains, Village, Rural
Single room, Multi-bed room
German-speaking contact person via WhatsApp
Mobile Internet with SIM card from WanderWorld Travel
Single room
Base price 1st program: 1940,00 €
Extension month: 1600,00 €
Multi-bed room
Base price 1st program: 1130,00 €
Extension month: 700,00 €

Project description

The small school in the village of Lamay, in the sacred valley of the Incas, was founded in 2015. The facility welcomes around 15 children of different ages from the surrounding communities every day. In addition to academic education, homework help and learning support, the children and young people are offered various creative workshops and meditation.

The aim of our Partner school is to offer children and young people a alternative education based on love, respect and creativity. The school wants to offer children, young people and adults the opportunity to discover new ways of living in Peru and on earth, in which respect, tolerance and creativity are the basis of life. Love are required. An environment is created in which the values that the world needs are demonstrated by example in a natural way. This means that although the facility is not an official school, it is a recognized educational institution. The children and young people continue to go to school and then come to the facility to complete academic Support but also to preserve their Creativity and extracurricular skills. It is particularly important to motivate young people for education and environmental protection and to develop themselves.

Inspired by the thousands of children who have already been cared for at the facility, a methodology has been developed based on recognizing both positive and negative feelings and teaching children and young people how to deal with them in a creative way.

At the partner organization's school, the children and young people are taught various subjects. taught and receive support with their homework. There is also plenty of time and breaks for the children to play and let off steam. Great importance is attached to Movement and creativity The children are offered all kinds of different workshops and art projects by the volunteers. There is also a daily joint Food with the children and staff is on the daily schedule. Before the kids say goodbye in the evening, everyone meets again in the so-called "circle of love" to reflect on the day.

The volunteers and employees not only give the children in the community time and Lovebut accompany them as they grow up and support them in their daily lives. The project also places great emphasis on Sustainabilityorganic farming, permaculture and meditation. The children and volunteers can learn lots of new things and express their creativity freely.

In addition to the work in the school, many programs, workshops and meetings with the staff and volunteers take place on the project site of the accommodation.


The work at the school is incredibly enriching for the volunteers and an important part of maintaining the organization. You will give a lot, but you will also get a lot back and take a lot with you for your personal development. Be inspired by a different culture and the people. Throughout the program, volunteers receive educational and emotional support, as the work is not always easy. There are several mandatory weekly meetings with the other volunteers and the coordinators to share experiences.

You are generally regarded as a teacher and a person of respect at school. You are a role model for all children and young people and should be happy to take on this role. The area in which you help depends on your wishes, interests and strengths. For example, you can provide active support in the following areas:

Art lessons - creativity and fun. There are courses for the so-called "Yanapitas" (5-8 years old) and for the "Yanapasos" (9-14 years old). The course works with an average of 6 to 10 children per day. The lessons are planned and prepared in advance and you can contribute your ideas and constantly look for new art projects. During the course, you will show the children new techniques and support them in painting, drawing and handicrafts. The aim of the lessons is for the children to express themselves creatively and have lots of fun. You will have a break while you work.

Homework supervision in the library. The children come to the library to do their homework. They can stay from 5 minutes to an hour or even longer. If the children want to use the internet to complete their tasks, there are computers here. You support them, help them with questions and supervise them.

Fun, games and workshops. The children are offered various workshops and games every day, including creative, logical and social games to promote the children's skills in these areas. This is a very valuable time for the kids, where they can let off steam in a safe environment. You can play with and supervise the children, come up with new concept ideas and accompany workshops.

There are also other areas in which you can provide support and ideally contribute your own skills and creativity.

Program location


The school is located in the center of the small village of Lamay, in the heart of the Sacred Valley, about 50 minutes from Cusco. In the beautiful valley you will find vast fields and picture-book landscapes. The majestic giants and mountains behind the valley are covered in snow and invite you to climb them. Many small, rural Andean villages lie in the valley and will enchant you with Peruvian culture. The valley was once populated by the Incas and today you can explore the exciting ruins and learn all about the culture and way of life of these peoples. There are numerous ruins in Pisac, Chinchero and Ollantaytambo. The Andean village of Pisac is also known for its colorful markets where you can buy inexpensive souvenirs. A trip to the breathtaking terraces of Moray is also definitely worthwhile!

The accommodation for the volunteers and staff is idyllically situated in the mountains, approx. 3 km from the school.


You don't need any special prerequisites for the program, just motivation, enthusiasm and creativity. You should be keen to work with children and young people and have the motivation to make a lasting difference to people's lives. Openness to new cultures is also particularly important to us. Living in a foreign country always requires a certain willingness to adapt, which will be very rewarding for your development.

The project practices a lot of meditation and spiritual ceremonies to which the volunteers are invited. You should bring curiosity and an open mind and be happy to engage in this new experience.


The national language in Peru is Spanish. It is crucial that we ensure that our participants have a solid knowledge of Spanish, especially when it comes to our children's aid projects. Many of the children in the projects speak little or no English, which is why Spanish is the main language.
To meet this need, we can organize a Spanish course at one of our renowned schools in Latin America in advance. This will not only improve the effectiveness of the work, but also foster a deeper connection with the communities.

Accommodation and meals

You will live together with other volunteers and guests from all over the world in a lovingly furnished villa. The villa is located in the mountains, approx. 3 km from the village. There you can choose between a shared room, double room or single room. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included and the accommodation offers a cozy restaurant and many communal areas. Sustainability and organic farming are very important at the villa. There is a greenhouse and a garden, which provide fresh fruit and vegetables for the restaurant.

The accommodation is not just for sleeping. It also houses a large room where regular workshops such as yoga, meditation, tai chi, dances, ceremonies, massages and reiki are offered. All villa guests can take part. In your free time and while eating together, you can get to know the villa guests and make new contacts.

The villa is in a very quiet location surrounded by greenery and you can relax in nature after work. A trip to Cusco is worthwhile at the weekend.

The daily transportation from the eco-villa to the school in Lamay takes about 25 minutes and the volunteers travel together with the staff by private transport. Transportation from the accommodation to the school is included for you.

Contact person

Carlos is German-Peruvian and grew up in Lima in a German family. He still lives there today and therefore speaks both Spanish and German. He has never been in Germany for more than three months, but he knows the customs and traditions first-hand. He also knows his home country Peru and its culture and can hardly wait to show you everything. Carlos describes himself as a fun-loving, helpful and humorous person who will always be at your side with help and advice. He is our local insider who will give you lots of tips and information about Peru and the rest of Latin America. Carlos will look after you during the introductory event in Lima. If you have any questions during your stay in Latin America, a German-speaking contact person will be available to you via WhatsApp in the same time zone.

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Services and prices

Single room
Base price 1st program: 1940,00 €
Extension month: 1600,00 €
Multi-bed room
Base price 1st program: 1130,00 €
Extension month: 700,00 €

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