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My Testimonial

  • Tell us about your time in Latin America

  • We've come up with 14 exciting questions to help you create your own personal travelogue. It's a great reminder for yourself and serves as inspiration for future participants and prospects.

  • In order to publish your experiences on our website, we ask you to answer at least 7 of these questions. To make the report meaningful, please make sure to answer the questions as detailed as possible. As a little help we have created sub-questions for each question, which you can include in your answer.

  • You can type the answers into this form and upload your favorite pictures at the end. Then all you have to do is click "submit" and we can upload your testimonial to our blog. Of course, we will send you the finished report before publishing it to get your okay. As a thank you we will send you a voucher.
    • What made you decide to go to Latin America?
    • How far in advance did you book your trip?
    • What was particularly exciting during your preparation time?
    • What thoughts were going through your mind before the trip?
    • How did WanderWorld prepare you for the trip?
    • How did you feel?
    • Wie war dein erster Eindruck vom Land?
    • Was hast du beim Einführungstag erlebt?
    • Wie verliefen die ersten Tage im Projekt?
    • Hast du direkt andere Volunteers kennenlernen können?
    • Wie lange hat es gedauert, bis du dich eingelebt hast?
      • What tasks did you have in the project?
      • What did you particularly enjoy doing?
      • What new things did you learn?
      • How was the cooperation with the
      • employees in the project?
      • Did you feel well looked after?
        • Who did you spend your free time with?
        • What were the trip destinations in the area?
        • Which trip did you like the most and why?
        • Did you have a special adventure?
        • Was there anything that you did for the first time?
          • Did you have any specific experiences with local people that particularly fascinated you?
          • Did you feel welcomed?
          • What surprised you most about the culture?
          • What could you learn from the local people?
            • Which moment is particularly memorable to you and why?
            • With whom have you experienced it?
            • Where did you experience it?
            • How did you feel in that situation?
            • What did you get to experience there?
            • What made this place so special?
            • What feeling did it evoke in you?
            • How is this place different from your home?
              • Describe your room / your house?
              • Did you feel comfortable there?
              • Who did you live with?
              • What was different from back home?
                • What made your stay in Latin America so special?
                • What makes this continent different from what you knew before? (Mentality of the people; landscape etc.)
                • What three words would you use to describe Latin America and why?
                • Which country would you definitely like to visit here in the future and why?
                  • To what extent were you able to broaden your horizons?
                  • Did you have any special insights?
                  • Have you been able to develop a new outlook on life?
                  • What situations have had a particular impact on you?
                  • How exactly have you been able to grow?
                  • Is there anything you are proud of?
                    • Why would you recommend a study abroad program in Latin America?
                    • What would you advise future participants to do?
                    • Do you have any special tips or advice?
                    • Can you recommend WanderWorld to others and if so, why?
                      • What interests should one have?
                      • Which character traits are important and why?
                      • What important experiences were you able to gain personally?
                        • How did you feel on site?
                        • Did you often travel alone or did you spend time in a group?
                        • Were there any special things you paid attention to in your daily life?
                        • Can you give any advice to future participants on how they should act?
                          • What value did you add to the project itself?
                          • Why exactly was your work so important?
                          • Were you able to inspire the people around you? If so, how?
                          • What were they able to learn from you?
                          • We are happy to add your souvenir photos to your testimonial. Please upload your 15 favorite photos for us to add to your testimonial.
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