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Sport Experience

Discover your new passion, learn new skills, connect with interesting people from around the world, and expand your horizons in the process. Whether it’s diving in Colombia or surfing in Mexico– we’ve picked out the most exciting activities in our dream countries for you, opening up a whole new world and making your work and travel dream the best time of your life.

Work in a Surf Shop, join surf tours, and learn to surf along the way at the hippest surf spot in Costa Rica. Or get a diving certification of your choice in paradise-like settings in Colombia and become part of a great team.

Be bold and grow beyond yourself. Become part of a great team and surround yourself with like-minded travelers, impressive athletes, creative minds and an atmosphere full of fun and new experiences. And the work? It will take care of itself.

Get your diving certificate of choice in a heavenly setting and become part of a great team.


From 2.510,00 €

Get your diving certificate of choice in a heavenly setting and become part of a great team.


From 1.590,00 €

Fancy the best surfing conditions and a relaxed vibe? Then you should work at our surf camp in Costa Rica!


From €1.220,00

Want to learn how to surf and discover Latin America at the same time? Costa Rica offers the perfect conditions for vitamin sea and sun!


from 850,00 €

Discover a new passion, learn new skills, connect with interesting people from around the world, and expand your own horizons in the process.

Whether it’s diving in Colombia or surfing in Costa Rica, our Sport Experience programs will open up a whole new world to you and make your work and travel dream the best time of your life.

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Are you ready for the real adventure? We’d love to get to know you better and work with you to create your ideal program. Places on our Sport Experience programs are limited, so you’ll first need to fill out an application form, which we’ll forward to the relevant program. This can be done easily online. But don’t worry – with enough motivation and interest, every one of our participants has been accepted into the program so far. About 2-4 weeks after we receive the application, we will send you the confirmation.


Do I need Spanish knowledge?

Depending on the level of your existing Spanish knowledge, we recommend that you take a language course at the beginning of your program to acquire some basic knowledge or to refresh your knowledge.

Usually, basic knowledge is sufficient for our lifestyle programs, which you can learn on the spot without any previous knowledge. However, these basic skills are very important to complete your project successfully and to enjoy your trip to the fullest, as you will also come into contact with locals who hardly speak English.

You can find more about the requirements on the individual program pages.

Language Courses:

In some of our lifestyle programs it is possible to take a language course parallel to the program. The courses then take place with one of our language teachers in the form of private lessons in the morning, before, or in the afternoon, after working in the program. In this case, the course includes 5 lessons per week. An accompanying course is available for the Diving, Cooking and Surfing program.

For our Sailing program, it is recommended that you attend an intensive 2-week language course in a major city at the beginning of your trip before starting the program. The 2-week course consists of 20 lessons per week, which take place in a small group of international participants.

Language Schools:

We have carefully selected our partner language schools in each location and checked them against our standards. We work with smaller language schools that are not concerned with masses of students, but rather focus on personalized attention and quick learning effects. They are usually very family-oriented institutions. In addition to classes, the schools offer extracurricular activities where you will quickly connect with your fellow students as well as the Latin American culture. Take a salsa lesson with other volunteers or take a cooking class and learn how to prepare local specialties.

All our language schools are centrally located and within walking distance of your accommodation.

You can find out more about our language courses and language schools here.


Intensive consultation: Before booking your trip, our experienced staff will advise you intensively and you will learn everything about our diverse offer. So we make sure that we put together the right program for everyone.

You can contact us at any time by email, phone or WhatsApp if you have any questions. We are happy to meet you in person and are ready to help you with advice and support.

Comprehensive preparation documents: Our preparation package, which we will send to you after booking, contains everything you need for your trip. Among other things, you will receive a packing list, the most important health information, a budget plan developed through experience, our favorite travel routes and many insider tips about the program locations.

Online Meeting before departure: Since it is our special concern that you are well prepared, full of anticipation and with a safe feeling in the plane, 2 weeks before departure, an online meeting with your fellow travelers takes place. Here we explain important facts about your program, information about safety on site, tips for entering the country and much more. Of course, there will be enough time for your questions.

Travel time: As the name suggests, Work and Travel is not only about working, but also about traveling and discovering the country. Upon request, we will not only take care of your placement in a suitable program, but also take on the planning and organization of your travel time and give you important advice.

Flight offer: If you wish, we take on the booking of your flights together with the travel agency of our confidence. You do not have to worry about anything – if you want, we even take care of your online check-in.

Insurances: On request, we take care of the booking of a travel cancellation and travel health insurance for you.

Certification: In order to keep the right to child benefit, we can officially certify your participation in the program on request. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time.


Arrival: In each of our destination countries, we have a German-speaking contact person who will personally meet you at the airport and take you to your hostel, where you will be accommodated during the introduction days.

Introduction meeting: At the beginning of your Work and Travel adventure you will get a first impression of your new home and you can ask all your questions during the introduction days.

Spanish course: If you want, we can organize a Spanish course for you at the beginning of your trip. Perfect if you are a Spanish beginner or want to refresh your school knowledge.

Support: Both our local contact and the staff in Germany are available 24/7 so that you always feel well taken care of and safe.

Excursions: If several of our participants are in one place at the same time, optional excursions and activities can be planned with other participants.

Our WanderWorld T-Shirt: We at WanderWorld Travel see ourselves as a family. With our T-shirt we want to connect all our participants and create cool photos.


Certificate and attestation: After successful participation in our program, you will of course receive a certificate with all the information you need. This will look great in future job applications. If you want to take your participation into account in your university studies, for example, we will be happy to issue you with a suitable certificate. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.