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Surfcamp Costa Rica

Do you want to learn how to surf?


You need vitamin sea and sun? Learning to surf is your absolute dream? And you want to get to know Latin America? Costa Rica offers the perfect country to make your dream come true.

At the surf camp in Costa Rica, you will not only learn to surf like a pro, but also get to know many other young people and an incredibly beautiful country. From early morning until late at night, you can ride the waves of the Pacific and really work out and enjoy the sunset in the evening.

The professional instructors show you the skills in the surf course, how you can improve quickly and soon you will be standing your first wave!

Reasons for the surf camp in Costa Rica


The country in Central America has become famous and popular for this water sport, as Costa Rica is one of the countries with the best wave conditions in the world!

Wherever you go, you’ll find great surf spots and consistent waves. The wild beaches on the Pacific Ocean offer views of clear water, tropical rainforests and gorgeous sunsets. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, depending on the tide, the beaches offer waves for everyone. However, as a complete beginner, you should not just paddle around, but learn the first steps with the help of professional instructors.

The surf camp in Costa Rica offers you the perfect opportunity to learn everything about surfing and make your first experiences on the board. At the surf course, you will learn the best approach in theory and practice so that you will be standing your waves in no time. At the surf camp, you have the advantage that your equipment is taken care of, you receive daily surf lessons and can continue to practice with your board during the rest of the time. In addition, you will meet other young travellers and adventure seekers during the surf course and can spend the evenings with them.

Another advantage of the surf camp in Costa Rica is that you can participate all year round. Although there is a dry and rainy season, you can surf all year round without any problems and the waves are constant.

If you choose our Spanish & Surf programme in Santa Teresa, you can take Spanish lessons in addition to your surf course.

Frau auf Surfboard

Surf camp in Costa Rica and then?

Make your experience abroad perfect after your surf camp with a work & travel programme or volunteer project. With us, you have numerous opportunities and programmes to get involved in a local project.

Would you like to take part in a surf camp in Costa Rica? Then register now for a wanderlust consultation and we will answer all your questions.

ravel Programm oder Freiwilligenprojekt perfekt. Mit uns hast du zahlreiche Möglichkeiten und Programme, um dich vor Ort in einem Projekt zu engagieren. 

Du möchtest am Surfcamp in Costa Rica teilnehmen? Dann melde dich jetzt zu einer Fernwehsprechstunde an und wir beantworten alle deine Fragen.  

Our Surf Camps in Costa Rica

Fröhliche Leute am Strand mit Surfboards

Surfcamp in Tamarindo

Probably the most famous surf spot in Costa Rica: Tamarindo! The beach town is located in the north of the country on the Pacific coast. There you will find unique beach, point and reef breaks. Words that will be familiar to you after your first surf course.

The renowned surf school in the centre of the city offers a 1-week programme. At this surf camp, you will receive five days of lessons and can then continue practising with your board. One lesson is 2 hours with a certified English-speaking instructor who will tailor the activities to your individual skills and fitness level.

The first lesson starts with a theoretical introduction on the beach, teaching the basics, safety precautions and movements on the board. After that, it’s off into the water!

During the surf course, you will be supervised by your instructor the whole time you are in the water. You will receive direct feedback and tips to help you become more confident with each wave. On top of that, the school even offers video analysis so you can see your progress for yourself.

The lively town is located in the north of the Nicoya Peninsula and is Costa Rica’s absolute paradise for surfers and those who want to become one! The unspoilt Pacific coast offers beautiful beaches and coasts with sandy beaches surrounded by trees and nature.

Not only does the best surf camp await you there, but also many opportunities for diving, snorkelling and swimming. Tamarindo is not only popular for surf courses, but also for its lively nightlife, numerous shops, cosy restaurants and bars, and the variety of hotels and hostels that attract tourists to this beach town. There are also national parks and many other beaches in the vicinity that are worth a day trip.

After admiring the beautiful sunset and washing the salt out of your hair, you can end your evening in the charming restaurants and bars. And when the lights come up in the clubs and Latin music plays, no one wants to go home.

Surfboards am Strand
Strand mit Palmen

You will stay at the surf camp together with the other participants of the surf course and guests in a shared room with 8 bunk beds directly in the hotel of the surf school. The accommodation is located directly on the beach, in the centre of Tamarindo and everything is within walking distance.

The rooms are modernly furnished, with bathrooms and cosy lounge areas. A fresh daily breakfast is included with your stay at the surf camp. For the rest of your meals, you can either use the communal kitchen or go to one of the many restaurants in Tamarindo.

Mehrbettzimmer in der Unterkunft in Costa Rica
Gemeinschaftsbereich in der Unterkunft in Costa Rica

Services and prices


  • 1. Week: 850,00 €
  • Any extra Week: 790,00 €


Find out more about our services here.

Spanish & Surf in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica


Learning Spanish and surfing on the dream beach of Santa Teresa is the perfect combination for your stay in Costa Rica! This unique 1-week surf camp gives you the opportunity not only to learn water sports, but also to improve your Spanish skills at the same time, and you don’t have to choose between the two.

But not only the combined programme, but also the paradisiacal place Santa Teresa will make your surf course unforgettable. The beaches with particularly fine sand and blue water offer waves for surfing and good beach breaks all day long. This is why the best surf camps in Costa Rica are located there. You will be taught by professional instructors during your Spanish and surf lessons, and the surf camp also offers a wide range of additional activities, such as yoga, hikes in the jungle, or a tour to a waterfall. The camp is idyllically located in the jungle, not far from the centre of the village and the beach, and provides you with two delicious meals a day.

In the mornings, you will receive Spanish group lessons from licensed and accredited teachers. From Monday to Friday, you will have 90 minutes of class per day together with the other students. The teachers pay attention to the individual abilities of the students. A language test is taken at the beginning to determine your level so that your learning goals can be optimally achieved. After a lunch break, the surfing continues later.

Your surf course includes 4 hours of surf lessons per week including board rental. At the beginning, you will be introduced to the basics and also be informed about the local conditions of the beach and the waves before you go into the sea. Afterwards, the instructor accompanies you in the water and helps you to quickly achieve success with the right surfing technique.

Strand mit Palmen

The small surfer village in the south of the Nicoya Peninsula is particularly popular among young backpackers, hippies and expats and has an incomparably cool charm. Surfing is, of course, the main activity of all tourists and inhabitants there. The place is smaller than Tamarindo, but has just as much to offer in terms of cafés, restaurants, shops and leisure activities.

The breathtaking beaches are surrounded by jungle and offer many opportunities to enjoy your free time in nature besides the surf camp. Although the roads in Santa Teresa are not (yet) asphalted, but rather gravel roads, the relaxed vibe and the optimal surf conditions have turned out to be a tourist magnet. There you have the opportunity to meet young travellers from all over the world in a surf course and spend a relaxed time on the beach.

Surfer im Wasser
Surfer im Wasser

The surf camp is located in the jungle, about 600 m from the main road of the village and 1 km from the beach. The camp is surrounded by nature and invites you to explore and relax. At the surf camp, you share a dormitory with bunk beds and shared bathroom facilities, and there are nice outdoor areas such as a large pool and a chill-out area with hammocks.

Breakfast and lunch are included from Monday to Friday, and brunch is served at weekends. So you can start your daily surf course invigorated and enjoy the evening in the centre of Santa Teresa.

Sustainability and environmental protection are very important to Jungle Surfcamp. Therefore, a careful handling of plastic, rubbish and resources is desired in order not to harm nature. The camp’s food is organic and from local farms and fishermen. Mainly vegetarian meals are served, but meat and fish are occasionally included.

Pool aus Vogelperspektive

Services and prices


  • The package Spanish & Surf in Santa Teresa is only available for 2 weeks (not shorter, not longer): € 1640,00


Find out more about our services here.

Your daily routine during the surf camp in Costa Rica


Depending on the climate, swell and tides, the perfect time for surf lessons varies daily. Lessons can take place at different times of the day and may also be held at different beaches in the region. When conditions are good, surf lessons mainly take place in the afternoon to enjoy the evening atmosphere in the water and prefer to spend the midday heat in the shade.

The mornings are either at your own disposal or you can opt for the accompanying Spanish lessons. Before or after the surf course, you should definitely go into the water on your own to improve your newly learned skills and become even more confident on the board. Because in order to achieve success quickly, the key to surfing is: Practice, practice, practice.

In the evening, of course, you have to celebrate the beautiful sunset, preferably with a cool drink, and you can spend the night chilling with the others at the surf camp or move on to the bars. But one thing is clear: there is plenty of free time at the surf camp to explore the cool places, meet new people and relax on the beach.

Vogelperspektive auf Welle mit Surfern

My free time during the surf course in Costa Rica

Girl with Surfboard on the beach

What makes your free time at the surf camp unique is that you have the sea right on your doorstep. During the day, you will probably spend every free minute on the beach and enjoy the breathtaking nature of Costa Rica.

Excursions to national parks, waterfalls, boat trips, snorkelling tours and much more are possible at our surf camp locations. In Costa Rica you will find tropical rainforest and exotic wildlife, which you should definitely get to know during your stay.

The tourist towns of Tamarindo and Santa Teresa also offer a culinary variety of international restaurants and cafés, with something for every taste. You can also enjoy exciting activities such as yoga classes, quad tours, horse riding, salsa evenings and much more.

A surf course in Costa Rica sounds just like your idea?

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