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Are you looking for a great experience where you can do something good at the same time? Then you should participate in a social project. Volunteering in South America broadens your horizons and gives you the opportunity to see the world from a different perspective. Through your work you support people, animals or the environment and help local organizations with their daily work. You get in close contact with people and nature. And for what you give, you will get back at least as much gratitude. It’s a great experience that will make you feel very accomplished!

Our Projects


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Volunteering in Central and South America

Are you looking for a great experience where you can do something good at the same time? Then you should participate in a social project. Volunteering in South America broadens your horizons and gives you the opportunity to see the world from a different perspective. Through your work you support people, animals or the environment and help local organizations with their daily work. You get in close contact with people and nature. And for what you give, you will get back at least as much gratitude. It’s a great experience that will make you feel very accomplished.

As rich as our countries in South and Central America are in culture and natural beauty, unfortunately a large part of the population is poor and protecting the environment, the unique wildlife and the development of education children is so important. Don’t wait any longer and get involved where your help is really needed.

We work with locally based organizations, often also based in a European country or the USA, from which they receive financial and structural support. We have personally visited all the organizations in our program and checked their standards for non-profit status.

In our volunteer program, you can choose from a wide range of projects and tasks. The type of projects varies depending on the country and location. We will be happy to advise you personally on which project is best suited to your ideas and wishes.

Our projects


With your help, you support children on their way to a better future. Welcome them with open arms, become their confidant, encourage their educational development and provide them with a variety of leisure activities.


Help children learn through play and organize exciting activities in their free time

Help children do their homework and teach them important aspects that are useful for everyday life.

Supervise children after school with their homework and organize their free time.



Teach children and teenagers the curriculum in a loving way and organize different workshops in Cusco, Peru.

Teach English at a school in Guatemala and organize sports and art activities for the children.

Help children and youth in a poor neighborhood of Cartagena access education.

Assist teachers in tutoring at a school near the beach in Costa Rica and get involved in the children’s recreational activities.

Setz dich für die Kinder im Waisenhaus von San Cristóbal de las Casas ein und unterstütze das Bildungsprogramm in verschiedenen Fächern.

You help at schools that give children and young people from the poorest backgrounds a chance at education. Support the teachers and take over the creative lesson planning in English, sports and your favorite subjects.


Help support the development of young people. Create a place of trust, design creative leisure activities, teach them useful everyday things and make many new friends.

Youth Development

Give courage, hope and confidence to the children living on the streets of Mexico’s second largest metropolis.

Help children in an indigenous community in Guatemala learn and organize their free time.

Give girls in a foster home security and care and ensure their positive development.

Support children and young people in their education and development and help them to shape their future in a positive way.



Be a part of saving the endangered sea turtles. In the middle of paradise, you'll help raise them, accompany the eggs as they hatch, and release the babies back into the sea.


Protect turtles on Latin America’s coasts, accompany the eggs as they hatch, and release the babies back into the sea.



Assist in a sanctuary for monkeys and other injured wildlife on Costa Rica’s gorgeous coast.

Offer homeless wildlife a new perspective and advocate for the conservation of the macaw in Costa Rica’s rainforest.

Help injured street dogs on a Mexican Caribbean island get back on their feet.

Advocate for the conservation of Peru’s native wildlife, care for alpacas, pumas, parrots and condors.

Work at a rescue center for injured wildlife in the deep jungles of Guatemala.

Care for monkeys, dogs, cats or various wild animals in need of help at sanctuaries or animal shelters and become part of a big loving family.
Protecting the environment and the ecosystem is crucial for the preservation of our planet. Make a contribution and get involved in our environment projects.


Protect corals and the unique underwater world off Mexico’s Caribbean coast while completing your dive training.

Help preserve Costa Rica’s tropical rainforest and learn about the region’s unique flora and fauna through research projects.

Help an entire community live sustainably and promote environmental education for children.

Work for the protection of the rare sea turtles and the survival of the flora and fauna in one of Costa Rica’s most famous national parks.

Get involved in the reforestation of the Amazon rainforest and the protection of nature and immerse yourself in the culture of the indigenous Peruvians.


Latin America – a continent full of contrasts. Dream beaches and mountains, deepest jungles and quaking metropolises, fascinating advanced cultures and modern, contemporary innovations and ways of thinking. However, as rich and diverse as the countries of Central and South America are in terms of culture and extraordinary landscapes, poverty has unfortunately remained high in many parts of the countries up to the present day. Far too often, financial worries determine everyday life, and it is not uncommon that there is not enough money for daily living and sufficient care for the families. But it is no use burying one’s head in the sand. Help is really needed here. And you can be a part of it.

You want to get involved and have the urge to help? Then Latin America is the right place for you. Many Americans and Europeans who have a passion for Latin America are establishing non-profit organizations here, some based in their home countries as well as financial support from Western countries, to break through poverty and help those affected and their families. There are numerous fascinating institutions and projects that have already been able to bring about important changes and have helped numerous people on their way to a better life. However, these organizations depend on your help and that of many international volunteers to implement the projects.

Your help is needed

You can actively contribute to the success of the charitable organizations and projects. Support with your knowledge and curiosity, your creative ideas and entrepreneurship, your manual skills and your motivation to help others. As a volunteer, you will complement the staff of the organizations and projects and bring a breath of fresh air to the team. Help children, young people and entire communities on their way to a better future. With your social work you can make a decisive contribution to improving the world step by step. Your hard work will pay off, and you will carry the grateful smiles of the locals in your heart forever.

Develop yourself and gain valuable experience

Participating in a volunteer program will enhance your personal and professional development at the same time. Not only will it change the lives of those involved, but it will also have a positive impact on your own. Meet travelers from all over the world and make friends with interesting like-minded people. Take responsibility and become a person of respect and trust for children and young people.

Different cultures meet here. This creates intercultural learning opportunities for everyone involved – both the children, their families, the community and volunteers from all over the world. You will increase your intercultural competence and quickly become more confident in dealing with new situations. In addition, participating in our projects in Latin America will also help you develop your language skills. You will be in close contact with locals and people from poor backgrounds who have no knowledge of English, thus improving your Spanish in a playful way. You will communicate a lot in English with the other volunteers and travelers you meet. If you approach the work in the project with an open mind and curiosity about the world, this will be an enriching experience for you.


We love Latin America, have traveled the countries of this beautiful continent extensively ourselves, were born there or still live there today. That’s why we know our way around the place, know what is needed for an unforgettable Work & Travel adventure and have a wide network of partners at our disposal. We stand behind each of our projects with full confidence and are continuously expanding our offer.

We do not purchase programs from local travel agencies. Every project that we offer to our participants we have selected, visited, and checked ourselves using our quality standards. We are in constant close contact with the local project leaders. This is the only way we can always keep an overview, guarantee a smooth process and react flexibly and at short notice.

We are convinced that there are numerous great social projects in Latin America where help is urgently needed. To this end, our founder Sophia spends half of the year traveling through the countries of Latin America, looking for new exciting volunteer projects where our participants can actively contribute to the positive development of local animals and people while getting to know the country, people and culture.

Before offering a project, we make sure on site that it is non-profit, which means that the work of our participants is not about the profit of the employer, but about a good cause on site. We make sure that everyone involved in the project is doing well and that the working environment is respectful, fair and safe. Working conditions also play a key role for us. Local employees are paid and treated fairly according to Latin American standards. The program fee goes towards the volunteers’ room and board and, in some cases, a mandatory donation to the organization.

In addition, of course, the working conditions for our participants are reviewed. Especially important to us is a respectful working atmosphere, the cleanliness and safe location of the projects and accommodations, and regulated working hours with sufficient free time.

We are a small agency that deliberately arranges only a certain number of places. We like to stand out from the crowd of other providers because of our personal consultation, our individual support and our high quality jobs.


Intensive consultation: Before booking your trip, our experienced staff will advise you intensively and you will learn everything about our diverse offer. This way we make sure that the program is the right one for you.

Constant availability: You can contact us at any time by email, phone or WhatsApp if you have any questions. We are looking forward to meeting you personally and are ready to help you with words and deeds.

Comprehensive preparation documents: Our preparation package, which we will send you after booking, contains everything you need for your trip. Among other things, you will receive a packing list, the most important health information, a budget plan developed through experience, our favorite travel routes and many insider tips about the program locations.

Flight quote: If you wish, we will take care of booking your flights together with the travel agency we trust. Here, you don’t have to worry about anything – if you want, we’ll even handle your online check-in.

Insurances: Also if you wish, we will take care of booking a travel cancellation and travel health insurance for you.

Certificate: In order to keep your entitlement to child benefits, we can officially certify your participation in the program upon request. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time.

Travel time: If you wish, we will not only take care of your placement in a suitable program, but also of the planning and organization of your travel time and give you important advice.


Arrival: In each of our destination countries, we have an English-speaking contact person who will personally meet you at the airport and take you to your hostel, where you will be accommodated during the introduction days.

Introduction meeting: At the beginning of your adventure, our contact person will explain and show you everything important during the introduction days. You will get a first impression of your new home and can ask any questions. If a transfer is required to your program location, you will book the bus together on this day.

Accommodation: In all our programs, your accommodation is included in the program price. Details about accommodation can be found on the respective project page.

Spanish course: If you wish, we can organize a Spanish course for you. This is not included in the program price.

Support: Our contact person in the destination country, as well as the staff in Germany, are always available for you, so that you always feel safe and in good hands. There is a contact person from WanderWorld in each country. Since the projects are spread throughout the country, it cannot be guaranteed that this person will be at the program location.

Sim card: In order to be reachable on site and to be able to use your cell phone as usual, you will receive a prepaid sim card from us for the respective travel country. You can recharge it at any time when you have used up your initial data volume.

Our WanderWorld T-Shirt: We at WanderWorld Travel see ourselves as a family. With our T-shirt, we want to connect all our participants and create cool photos.


Certificate and attestation: After successful participation in our program, you will of course receive a certificate with all the information you need. This will look great in future job applications. If you want to take your participation into account in your studies, for example, we will of course be happy to issue you with a suitable certificate. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Do I need to know Spanish?

Depending on the level of your existing Spanish knowledge, we recommend that you take a language course at the beginning of your program to acquire some basic knowledge or to refresh your knowledge.

In general, basic knowledge is sufficient for our projects, and you can learn Spanish on the spot without any previous knowledge. However, these basic skills are very important to complete your project successfully and to enjoy your trip to the fullest. This is especially important in volunteer work, because in many projects you will work with children or people who unfortunately do not have the academic opportunities to learn English or other languages. Therefore, communication is mainly in Spanish. However, in most projects there is also at least one person as well as the other volunteers with whom you can also communicate in English. With a little curiosity, you will learn the language quickly.

Language schools:

We have carefully selected our partner language schools in each location and checked them against our standards. We work with smaller language schools that are not concerned with masses of students, but rather focus on personalized attention and quick learning. They are usually very family-oriented institutions. In addition to classes, the schools offer extracurricular activities where you will quickly connect with your fellow students as well as the Latin American culture. Go salsa dancing with the other volunteers or take a cooking class and learn how to prepare local specialties.

All of our language schools are centrally located within walking distance of your accommodation.

Language courses:

You have the choice of either taking an intensive 2-week language course at the beginning of your trip, before you start your project, or taking the course parallel to your project.

The 2-week course consists of 20 lessons per week in a small group of international students. If you want to do the course alongside your volunteer work in the project, there will be 10 lessons per week.

Before starting the language course, your Spanish skills will be tested so that you can be placed in one of the following levels:


You are able to carry out communications in everyday situations, cultural aspects or in the context of immediate needs in simple language. This level is required for most programs. You reach it after a 20-hour course.


You understand frequently used, everyday expressions as well as personally relevant topics, such as basic information about yourself and your family, shopping, sightseeing, or work.

You understand the gist of a text on familiar topics related to work, study, or leisure in standard language. You also have the ability to independently deal with situations or problems when traveling in Spanish-speaking countries. You can also express your wishes and experiences as well as brief opinions.


You are able to communicate easily and naturally with native speakers and interact with spontaneity. You can write clear and detailed texts on different topics and defend an opinion with arguments. You also understand the core of complex texts on concrete and abstract topics.