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Do you have a big heart for animals? Many needy four-legged friends need your support! In our shelter on the paradisiacal Caribbean island of Holbox in Mexico, dogs, cats and other injured or sick animals living on the streets of Mexico are taken in and cared for. Here they become part of a big family and get love and attention until they find a loving home.The animals do not have a home, so they are happy about the love and attention of the volunteers. You will help the staff with the care of the animals, the maintenance of the shelter and of course with the daily walks on the dream beaches of Holbox. In your free time you can explore the island – delicious food, hip beach parties and relaxation under palm trees included. Holbox is a very special place and its beauty can hardly be surpassed.


Type of program

Program location

Working hours

Program start


Minimum age








Animal Care

Isla Holbox, Mexico

6 hours per day, 5 days per week

Every 1st Saturday of the month

1-6 months

18 years

Basic knowledge of Spanish desirable

Animal lover and helpful

Shared room in hostel

not included, cooking facilities available

English speaking contact person in the country

Mobile internet with sim card from WanderWorld Travel

From 1.270,00 €


Type of program: Animal Care

Program location: Isla Holbox, Mexico

Working hours: 6h per day, 5 days per week

Program start: Every 1st Saturday of the month

Duration: 1-6 months

Minimum age: 18 years

Language: Basic knowledge of Spanish desirable

Requirements: Fond of animals and willing to help

Accommodation: shared room in hostel

Meals: not included, cooking facilities available

Support: English speaking contact person in the country

Internet: Mobile internet with sim card from WanderWorld Travel

Price: from 1.270,00 €

Streetart in einer Straße in Holbox Mexiko
Tierarzt kümmert sich um Hund in Holbox Mexiko


Our animal shelter on the Caribbean island of Holbox in Mexico, is a unique organization that cares for animals in need from all over the region. The project is a true affair of the heart. The founder is a Mexican entrepreneur who spent her entire fortune to start the organization 10 years ago because she loves animals and wanted to create a place to do some good. She bought land where the animals could live and be cared for and built a veterinary clinic. To this day, the project is financed through her savings. Every day she fights for the well-being of the four-legged friends and passes this passion on to the volunteers.

Every day, the shelter welcomes dogs, cats and other animals from emergency situations that are in need of care because they had accidents, were abandoned or abandoned. After each rescue, the necessary treatment begins by the veterinarians who work in the shelter’s own clinic. From now on, for many of the animals, the shelter is the first loving home they have ever had! Here they get lots of love, attention and become part of a big family. They are cared for, walked and groomed on a daily basis. A dream animal life on a dream island! In addition, the shelter team also organizes educational events to educate the community and surrounding areas on how to better treat our environment and animals, and travels throughout the surrounding communities to provide free counseling and treatment for animals in need. This is the only way to make a lasting improvement in the lives of the animals, as well as the residents.

Once a dog, cat, bird, raccoon, etc. is healed, the phase of adoption or reintegration into the natural habitat begins. But this road is long and needs your support! The shelter lives on donations and the help of volunteers.

Animal Shelter with dogs in Mexico
Welpe spielt mit Stofftier in Mexiko


The tasks at the shelter are very diverse. Every day is different and the team relies on the help of volunteers. The main task is to take care of the dogs and the other animals in the shelter. This includes the one or other walk around the island, where the four-legged friends are also allowed to swim in the clear Caribbean water from time to time. Also tourists of the island like to borrow the dogs to go for a walk with them – here it is important that they are given all the important information and instructions in advance. In addition, the animals are fed, brushed, bathed and groomed. The needs of the animals are different and require a lot of empathy. Of course, the shelter must also be maintained. The facility, the cages, the feeding stations – everything has to be cleaned. This is also part of the job and is fun when you are part of a team.

In the long term, the animals are to be adopted. Therefore, the shelter always needs help with the maintenance of the network, the website or the Instagram account. This is where you come in: make sure that the adoption process is ideal for both parties and explain to the interested parties what it means to adopt a dog or a cat. Your knowledge of German and English could also be an advantage here! Along with the adoption goes the collection of donations and the organization of sponsoring and fundraising activities, through which the shelter is mainly financed.

The animals show their gratitude in an incomparable way. Here you help where help is really needed. You grow beyond yourself, expand your horizons and get a lot in return. Working at Holbox is something for everyone who wants to make the world a better place and help animals in need. The shelter looks forward to your support.

Animal Shelter in Mexiko mit verschiedenen Hunden
Hunde mit ihren Namen hängen an der Wand in Einrichtung in Mexiko

Isla Holbox

Isla Holbox, on the north coast of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, is a paradise on earth. Holbox is the place that almost every Yucatán travelogue raves about. Endless white sand beaches, many rare bird species, undiscovered places and crystal clear water await you here. Holbox is paradise-like beautiful, that much is certain. This island is still a real insider tip and far from being as touristy as other parts of the area. There are no hotel bunkers, no cars, no paved roads. Holbox is authentic! And a meeting point for backpackers from all over the world. You will quickly make new friends with whom you can explore the island.

After work you can not only relax, but also go out to eat, go from bar to bar and have beach parties. On your days off, you can bike to secluded beaches and watch flamingos, lie in a hammock and forget about time.

From Cancún International Airport you can reach the island by bus and ferry in about 2 hours.

rote Fahrräder am Zaun in Mexiko
verlassener Strand in Holbox Mexiko


You don’t need any special prerequisites for the program, just motivation, enthusiasm and love for animals. You should have a desire to work with animals and the motivation to make a lasting difference in the lives of animals. Also, openness to new cultures is especially important to us. Living in a foreign country always requires a certain willingness to adapt, which will be very rewarding for your development.


The national language in Mexico is Spanish. To be able to communicate well in the project, a basic knowledge of Spanish is recommended. The vets and staff in the project sometimes have little knowledge of English, but are very considerate and happy to help you learn Spanish. We will gladly organize a language course for you before the start of the program or parallel to the project.


Außenbereich Hostel Holbox Mexiko
Eingangsbereich Hostel Holbox Mexiko

During your time at the Animal Shelter you will live in a shared room in a hostel on the island. Here you will quickly make new friends. In the hostel you can withdraw, but come into contact with people from all over the world. In the morning you will get breakfast and there is a kitchen available in the hostel, which you are welcome to use. If you don’t feel like going to one of the many good restaurants on the island, you can cook well and cheaply yourself.

Hostel Holbox Mexiko Gemeinschaftsbereich
Unterkunft in Holbox Mexiko Mehrbettzimmer
Gruppe Reisender sitzt am Strand und redet in Mexiko
red bicycles standing against fence in Mexico


Bianca is Mexican herself and originally from Cancún. She has traveled a lot and lived in many different places in Mexico. Currently she lives in the dream destination Playa del Carmen. Bianca has already worked in tourism during her studies in Central Mexico, so she knows the country and the people very well and can answer all your questions. She has also worked on cruise ships for several years and has traveled around the world and therefore knows people from all over the world. Despite the many other impressions, Bianca loves her country and the culture of Latin America very much and is happy to show you around her home country. For Bianca, the diversity of countries makes Latin America an exciting travel destination and she especially likes the culture and history of the peoples.

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Shared room:

  • 1st month in starter package: 1.270,00 €
  • Extension month: 630,00 €
  • As 2nd or 3rd program: 1.040,00 €


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Experience Report

Rebecca in the jungle


“I love Latin America, but especially Mexico, because it gives me a certain feeling of home. The people, the food, the environment, it all made my stay so unique and I took a lot away from this trip.”

Joschka vor Palmen


“The most important thing for you as a new participant is to be open to other perspectives and cultures. Get involved and you will have the adventure and time of your life. I want to use this experience report to motivate everyone to get involved in an individual adventure.”