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Volunteering in Colombia

Off to the adventure!


While about ten years ago hardly any tourists strayed into Colombia, the country is now one of the travel destinations with the strongest growth in tourism worldwide. Have you caught the travel bug and want to get to know South America in a very special way? Then a volunteer service in Colombia for several months is just the right thing for you! Get to know the country and its people from a completely different perspective, improve your language skills and at the same time make a valuable contribution to local volunteer work. With the all-round package from WanderWorld Travel, nothing can go wrong: Our team members have years of experience in various destinations and have personally visited our projects. They plan your adventure together with you and have the best tips for your time in Colombia – see for yourself!

When planning your trip, it is no problem to combine several projects. Just take advantage of our no-obligation wanderlust consultation to learn more about planning your trip to South America.

Support social projects in Colombia

Currently, WanderWorld Travel offers you the choice between two different aid projects in Colombia


The teaching project involves volunteering at a school in Cartagena. The local organization has set itself the task of promoting education, culture and health for children and young people. With your support you will have the unique opportunity to help where help is really needed: Many Colombian children come from poor backgrounds and do not always have access to education. With your work in the teaching project, you will enable the poorest of the country to find a safe haven and create a perspective full of opportunities for them.

Of course, during your stay in Colombia you will have plenty of time to explore Colombia. The coastal city in the west of the country offers many recreational opportunities and excursion destinations. Explore the Caribbean beaches of Santa Marta and Taganga, the Tayrona National Park, the island of San Andres and many other hotspots together with other volunteers.

Kolumbianerin transportiert Obstkorb auf dem Kopf

Children and social work for the voluntary service in Colombia

Kinder mit Corona-Masken sitzen auf Plastikstühlen

To ensure that children and young people don’t end up on the wrong track, social projects in Colombia are extremely important. Together with like-minded people in the Youth Development-Project in Barranquilla or Cartagena, you will ensure that the youngest take their fate into their own hands: Whether it’s language lessons, homework help or creative workshops, the organization prepares the poorest children and young people for the future as best it can. The project works in neighborhoods that are particularly affected by poverty, and you will immediately notice what you can achieve with your help.

Despite limited resources, you will experience the open-heartedness, hospitality and joie de vivre of the inhabitants and you can get to know the exciting culture of Colombia up close in the lively cities.

Curious about it?

Here you can learn more about our two aid projects in Colombia

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Button für das Teaching Programm Kolumbien

Why aid projects in Colombia of all places?


There are various reasons for a stay abroad after school, training or graduation from university. For many people, this is the only opportunity to take time out before entering the working world. In contrast to the classic work and travel, your volunteer work gives you the chance to really make a difference.

You are not convinced yet?

In this case, we have collected the most powerful arguments for you:

Lifelong friendships

You will make sometimes lifelong friendships with locals and other volunteers from all over the world.

Joie de vivre and culture

You will get to know the joy of life and culture of the Colombians.

Your support counts

You have the opportunity to help where help is really needed.


You experience a lot of gratitude from the children and young people.


You will improve your language skills and learn a lot about yourself.

By the way: If you want to combine volunteering with a work and travel project in Colombia, check out our programs for work and travel in Colombia.

Volunteering in Colombia with WanderWorld Travel

Colombia is huge and traveling around the country you can experience real diversity: From dream beaches to rainforests to mountain landscapes, coffee plantations and big cities, everything is here. Colombia offers a cool mix of modern metropolises and unique nature. Especially the culture and the people make Colombia unique. Because there is always a lot of laughing, celebrating and dancing.

So why not combine a dream vacation with volunteer work in Colombia.

After all, this opportunity does not come along so often in life – what are you waiting for?

Kolumbiens Fahne vor zwei bunten Häusern


on volunteering in Colombia

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“Being open to other perspectives and cultures is the most important thing for you as a new participant. Get involved and you will have the time of your life. I want to use this experience report to motivate everyone to get involved in an individual adventure.”

Joschka supported the Youth Development Project on Tierra Bomba in Colombia and went on to help at the Animal Shelter on Holbox Island in Mexico. During his four-month journey through Latin America, he gained a lot of new knowledge, friends and unforgettable experiences.

Erfahrung zur Reise in Kolumbien
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“After my 2-month travel period, I wanted to visit my project and the people there again. Meeting the children again was so nice. They all welcomed me with open arms.”

Kathrin spent an unforgettable time at Tierra Bomba, volunteering at the Youth Development Project for four months. She took the children into her heart and found her second home on the other side of the world.

Erfahrung zur Reise in Kolumbien

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