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Do you have a heart for children and want to support them on their way through life? Have you always wanted to work with children and young people? In our Youth Development Project in Costa Rica you can take the opportunity to help children and teenagers from poorer backgrounds, have fun with them, design creative projects and teach them according to your own abilities. The mission of the team is to provide the children with free classes and recreational activities with lots of love, so that they can live out their skills and creativity. Bring your motivation, your heart and your social commitment to help the children get out of poverty. Through your work as a volunteer you can make an important contribution in the lives of the children. This experience will not only enrich the project, but also you and you will learn a lot about yourself.


Type of program

Program location

Working time

Program start


Minimum age









Relief and development project for children and youth

Sámara, Costa Rica

approx. 30 h per week

Every 1st Saturday of the month

1 month

18 years

Spanish (basic knowledge)

Application via video call

In a village, beach within walking distance

Private room in homestay

Partly included

English speaking contact person on site

Mobile internet with SIM card from WanderWorld Travel

From 1.390,00 €


Type of program: Relief and development project for children and young people

Program location: Sámara, Costa Rica

Working hours: approx. 30 h per week

Program start: Every 1st Saturday of the month

Duration: 1 month

Minimum age: 18 years

Language: Spanish (basic knowledge)

Requirements: Application via video call

Location: In a village, beach within walking distance

Accommodation: Private room in homestay

Meals: Partially included

Support: English speaking contact person via WhatsApp

Internet: Mobile internet with SIM card from WanderWorld Travel

Price: from 1.390,00 €

Freiwillige und Kinder spielen Gitarre und singen in Costa Rica
Kinder spielen mit buntem Tuch in Costa Rica


The mission of the children’s aid project in the rural area of Sámara is to offer free programs to local children and young people so that they can develop in the areas of creativity, language development, critical thinking and independence. The team is particularly concerned with combating the prevailing inequality caused by a lack of education and social disparities in the countryside. The project staff are convinced that education is a fundamental human right and therefore want to facilitate access to it for as many children as possible. The public school to which the children have access has a very low level of education. The additional lessons that the organization offers the children are intended to strengthen their lifelong skills so that they can later learn good professions and find a way out of poverty.

Together with the volunteers, the team addresses the problem that the children often go to school for only 3 to 4 hours a day and would have to spend the rest of the day without proper supervision. This is because many parents go to work full time so they can earn enough money to support their families. The program takes advantage of this free time by offering the children numerous opportunities to develop their skills and creativity. It is equally important that the children have fun there and can let off steam. In order to be able to support these children and young people and teach them free of charge, the help of volunteers is urgently needed.

The organization also advocates for the local communities. They want to teach the young people that social commitment and environmental protection are important and hope that the students will carry this awareness into the communities and into the next generation.

Freiwillige und Kinder klatschen ein in Costa Rica


As a volunteer in this project you can not only see the skills of the children and young people grow, but also your own. The diverse work will be a great enrichment for you and while you teach the children something, you will learn a lot about yourself.

The children and teenagers are between 5 and 12 years old. You can help in different areas of care. It depends on your wishes, interests and strengths.

Contribute your creativity. You have the great opportunity to support the after-school art classes. There, for example, you can come up with art projects, suggest a lesson plan, and make community games with the kids. Help them with their crafts and painting and inspire the kids with your creativity and artistic streak.

Support the English classes. Here you can work hand in hand with the English teachers. Gain valuable experience and improve your own English skills in no time. Among other things, you’ll help develop lesson plans and concepts, liven up classes with games and warm-up activities, and assist individual children with their assignments. Learning English is incredibly important for the professional development of children and young people, so you have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on their lives.

Help with marketing. The project also needs the support of volunteers in marketing to raise funds and inform the local community. You can help update the website, write newsletters and post on social media. You can also show off your photography skills by taking pictures and videos for the aid project.

Get a taste of the world of NGOs. Learn the ins and outs of a small educational non-profit in Costa Rica. The project is funded by donations and therefore has to constantly look for new fundraisers and funding opportunities. You can work closely with the team and brainstorm new ideas and opportunities.

Freiwillige und Kinder schauen sich Kunst an in Costa Rica
Kinder basteln mit Papier und Wolle in Costa Rica


The school is located directly on the beautiful beach Playa Sámara on the Nicoya Peninsula. The Pacific coast of Costa Rica is characterized by natural dream beaches with clear sea water. You can explore the breathtaking biodiversity of the sea and the surrounding forests. You will be taught in two different locations, one directly at Playa Sámara and the other in the small village of El Torito, 2 km away. Volunteers can commute between the locations by bicycle. The area around Sámara is very rural, yet many tourists are drawn to the beautiful beach. Therefore, in the center of the small town you can find many very tasty restaurants and bars and meet people from all over the world. In your free time you can learn to surf, explore the rainforest or stroll along the market stalls and stores and stock up on beachwear, handmade jewelry and souvenirs. Sámara is perfect for quiet surf and beach time as well as long nights in the bars. You can not only relax on the beach, but also explore the nearby national parks and reserves.

Kokosnüsse,Costa Rica
Strand, Costa Rica


If you already have practical experience with children and young people, this is an advantage, but not necessary. What you should bring along, however, is motivation and a heart for children. A loving attitude, willingness to help and a sense of responsibility are important. If you feel like having fun with the children and supporting them, you will love the work.

The project would like to briefly meet each person individually before the volunteers arrive. So, once you have decided on one of the tasks, there will be a short interview via video call with the organization. We also advise you to contact us at least 3 months in advance, because the application and organization takes time.

Außenbereich des Hostels in Costa Rica
Surflehrer legt Leach


The national language in Costa Rica is Spanish. You need to have a basic knowledge of Spanish to participate in the project, as it will be helpful in dealing with the children and teaching. If you don’t have any knowledge yet, we recommend you to attend a language course at the beginning of the trip, which we will gladly organize for you. We cooperate with an excellent language school in Samara, where you can attend a language course before the program starts. Your language skills will also improve on the spot. For this program, however, it is important that you can speak English, as the team members communicate with each other in English.


You will be accommodated in a homestay with a loving local family. You will have your own room or share it with another volunteer and use the shared bathroom. The family will also provide you with 2 Costa Rican meals per day: breakfast and dinner.


Lisa is German and emigrated to Costa Rica with her Costa Rican husband. Before that, she has visited the country a few times and therefore already knows very well about the culture, traditions and local conditions. After falling in love with the country and its people, she decided to live where others go for vacation. She speaks fluent Spanish as well as German and English. Lisa will be happy to welcome you in San José with her warm and funny nature and is eager to introduce you to her beautiful chosen home. As your contact person in the country, she will answer all your questions and you can always approach her if you need help.

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Single room:

  • 1st month in start package: 1.600,00€
  • Extension month: 1.010,00 €
  • As 2nd or 3rd program: 1.370,00 €

Shared room:

  • 1st month in start package: 1.590,00 €
  • Extension month: 870,00 €
  • As 2nd or 3rd program: 1.360,00 €


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