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Volunteering in Guatemala

Experience Central America differently


Costa Rica, Panama or Guatemala – the countries of Central America are becoming more and more attractive destinations for backpackers. As a tourist, however, you often only get to know your vacation destination superficially. If you want to dive deeper into the culture of your destination, volunteering in Central America offers you the opportunity to get to know the country and its people. At the same time, your work will support important aid projects in Guatemala. The Latin American country is our absolute insider tip and offers you a special variety: Besides beautiful Pacific beaches, volcanoes and rainforests, you can also follow the traces of the past and explore ancient Mayan sites in Guatemala.

Have you just finished school or university and are in desperate need of a change of scenery? Then WanderWorld Travel is the right place for you. With us you book the complete package: Our experienced coordinators plan your dream trip to Guatemala together with you, give you all kinds of tips and are available to answer any questions you may have.

Destination Antigua

Visit our favorite city in Guatemala


In our absolute favorite destination in Guatemala, you have the choice between two aid projects: You can either volunteer at a school or get involved with an eco farm. Both aid projects are located in Antigua near the capital Guatemala City. In your free time there is a lot to discover, because Antigua is a beautiful city – and at the same time the safest place in the country – with a variety of excursion destinations.

Take a trip with other participants to the volcano Acatenango, Lake Atitlán, the dream beach of El Paredon or visit the nature reserve Semuc Champey together.

The most beautiful city in Guatemala is just waiting to be discovered!

Straße mit Häusern und Vulkan im Hintergrund

Humanitarian aid

Accompany social projects in Guatemala

Bunt gekleidete Kinder schauen von einem Balkon auf Guatemala Stadt

Guatemala, like many other nations in Latin America, is severely affected by unemployment and poverty. Since many families live at the subsistence level, their offspring often lack access to education. In addition, especially in large families, the children also have to work to feed the family. Since there is a lack of state support, aid projects in Guatemala are an important pillar of the social system.

Get involved with different children and youth organizations in Guatemala during your stay abroad. In Antigua you have the opportunity to help out at a school. There, the children are not only taught, but also receive a full meal, school materials and attention every day. The local volunteers make a valuable contribution to the education of the children to give them a better start in life.

Educational support for children and adolescents in Guatemala is not only important in everyday school life: In a small humanitarian project near Antigua, you will look after more than 30 children and adolescents after school. You will support the afternoon program and organize various leisure activities. At the same time, these projects offer you the unique opportunity to improve your Spanish skills – find out more about the various aid projects in Guatemala right now!

Our social projects in Guatemala

The right project for your volunteer work in Guatemala

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Aid projects in Guatemala

Stand up for the protection of animals and the environment


Since Guatemala has to deal with many humanitarian crises, environmental protection and sustainability have so far played a subordinate role. Existing resources are exploited and nature is used for agriculture. This results in an increasing reduction of the habitat for many animals and the extinction of species. With your volunteer service in Latin America, you can help to protect endangered species and make the population aware of the need for environmental protection.

In a turtle sanctuary in El Hawaii, a paradisiacal coastal town in Guatemala, you will assist in the breeding and release of the endangered leatherback turtle. In addition, you can contribute to animal conservation through research, organization and marketing of the project. The animals of the jungle also urgently need help: The rescue center for wild animals in Petén ensures that endangered animal species in Guatemala are protected. Wild animals find refuge in the rescue center. At the same time, the sanctuary is a place of encounter, as locals and tourists can learn more about Guatemala’s wildlife on guided tours. The project managers on site are happy about animal-loving volunteers like you who actively support the work in the center.

Our aid projects in Guatemala

The right project for your volunteer work in Guatemala

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One Year Program

Do your voluntary social year in Guatemala


A classic FSJ is too boring for you and you finally want to explore the world? Then our One Year Program in Guatemala is the right thing for you. For a whole year you can get involved in different local social projects: You have the possibility to accompany the same organization for 12 months or to divide your time between the different projects. During this time you will not only get to know foreign cultures and exotic places – at the same time you will have the unique chance to improve your language skills. You are still unsure whether a FSJ in Guatemala is the right thing for you? No problem, just use our wanderlust consultation to learn more about volunteering in Guatemala!

If you decide to do a FSJ in Guatemala, you will come home after one year with a suitcase full of new experiences and unforgettable impressions. You will have experienced a country with a different way of life and culture and you will appreciate the privileges of our western world. You will have experienced gratitude from the local people and fly back with the feeling that you have supported a good cause with your volunteer work in Guatemala.

Support aid projects in Guatemala with WanderWorld Travel


No matter which project you choose, with your volunteer work in Guatemala you make a valuable contribution on the way to a modern society in Latin America. Get involved with local children’s and youth aid or support projects for animal and environmental protection throughout Guatemala.

At the same time, this stay is a unique opportunity for you to improve your Spanish skills and get to know other volunteers.

Guatemala is our absolute insider tip – in our experience the country is totally underestimated, although there is so much to discover there.

Go for it and book the adventure of a lifetime with WanderWorld Travel!

Acatenango Vulkan in Guatemala


on volunteering in Guatemala

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“What I liked most about the project was that I was able to help the children and quickly realized that I had a direct impact on their lives and education.”

Laura supported the Teaching Project in Antigua, Guatemala as a volunteer for five weeks. She experienced an unforgettable time with the children at school and learned a lot about the Guatemalan way of life and culture. She shares her impressions with us in this experience report.

Erfahrung zur Reise in Guatemala und die Arbeit mit Kindern
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“My love for Latin America starts with the bright colors that accompany you everywhere you go. Antigua is such a colorful and vibrant city that it automatically puts you in a good mood. The culture here is just unique and anyone who has been lucky enough to be here will understand what I’m talking about.”

During her trip through Guatemala, Liv supported the Wildlife Shelter in Petén and worked at the Eco-Farm in Antigua. In this report, she describes how she was able to help the animals at the wildlife shelter and farm, and how she spent her free time.

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