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Would you like to support Peruvian children and offer them a loving home? Do you want to do something good and help others? Volunteer at the Youth Development Project for neglected children and support them on their way through life. The goal of the organization is to create a shelter and new home for children who have been abandoned, neglected or abused and have left their parents’ home for this reason. In their new home they should feel protected, loved, happy and safe. The home houses between approximately 20 children between the ages of three and eighteen. Bring your heart and your willingness to help and put a smile on the children’s faces.


Type of program

Program location

Working time

Program start


Minimum age








Relief and development project for children and young people

Arequipa, Peru

4 hours a day (14:30 – 18:30), 5 days a week

Every 1st Saturday of the month

1-6 months

18 years

Spanish (basic knowledge)

Fond of children and helpful

Single room

Not included

English-speaking contact person via WhatsApp

Mobile Internet with SIM card from WanderWorld Travel

From 1.350,00 €


Type of program: Relief and development project for children and young people

Program location: Arequipa, Peru

Working hours: 4 hours a day (14:30 – 18:30), 5 days a week

Program start: Every 1st Saturday of the month

Duration: 1-6 months

Minimum age: 18 years

Language: Spanish (basic knowledge)

Requirements: fond of children and willing to help

Accommodation: Single room

Meals: Not included

Support: English-speaking contact person via WhatsApp

Internet: Mobile internet with sim card from WanderWorld Travel

Price: from 1.350,00 €

peruvian youth playing with children
Volunteers play with Peruvian child


In Peru, poverty, poor housing conditions and domestic violence unfortunately play a major role and shape the lives of many children and young people who grow up in the most difficult conditions. For a variety of reasons, parents are unable to provide the necessary food and attention for their children. This is exactly where our partner organization in Arequipa comes in.

The goal is to create a new home for the children who had to leave their parents’ home due to neglect or bad treatment. In their new home, the kids should feel loved, protected and cared for, so that they can come to terms with their difficult past and start a new, free and self-determined life. Here the happiness and joy of life of the children shall be brought back to life – and you can become a part of this great project.

Approx. 20 children live in small apartments from the age of three to eighteen in the organization’s house. You will quickly settle in, form close enriching bonds with the children and make deep friendships.

The organization thrives on donations and the help of volunteers, as the Peruvian government can only provide minimal funding to support such facilities. Your commitment is greatly appreciated, and you will help where help is urgently needed.

Volunteers bake with Peruvian children
Peruvian children and teenagers


The main task in the organization is to create a loving, safe and positive atmosphere. To do this, you take responsibility for the residents. You always have an open ear for the concerns and fears, become a trusted and respected person.

Since the children also go to school, you will mainly support them with their homework and help with any problems that arise. And after work comes fun and games! Organize activities for the children and play with them. You can also organize trips to the surrounding area, for example to the swimming pool or the museum. This is where your creativity and dedication are needed. The little ones are looking forward to discovering new things and experiencing exciting things with you.

Your creativity and commitment are in demand! You can come up with your own topics for workshops or presentations and put them into practice. You can also organize joint activities such as drawing, painting, cooking and baking.

You can also take a look behind the scenes of the organization and learn how the NGO is run. Here you can assist with administrative tasks.

The children are very loving and friendly, and working with them is an infinitely rewarding experience. You will learn a lot about the social situation in Peru, but also about yourself and gain experiences that you will never forget.

Volunteer paints with Peruvian child
Volunteers do handicrafts with Peruvian children
Volunteer learns with Peruvian child


You always wanted to live in a pretty colonial city? Then you should not miss the “white city” of Arequipa in the south of the country, because it is in our eyes the most beautiful of Peru and much less touristy and therefore more authentic than the popular Andean city of Cusco. Surrounded by volcanoes, the houses built of sillar rock shine in the sun – an unforgettable sight. The buildings built in Latin American baroque style are super preserved and the main square is one of the most beautiful in Peru. Despite the 1 million inhabitants of Arequipa, the city center is like a village, where you can reach everything on foot. It is teeming with great restaurants, hip cafes and bars where young people from all over the world meet.

Arequipa is the city with the most hours of sunshine in Peru. Forget the gray everyday life and enjoy the sun in the hammock. But don’t forget the warm clothes – because at night it gets quite cold.

In the surroundings of Arequipa there are exciting excursion destinations. Arequipa is the gateway to the Colca Valley, a canyon system twice as deep as the Grand Canyon. Here you can do excellent hikes and visit hot springs. You can climb the surrounding volcanoes if you are in good shape – an unforgettable view is guaranteed.

The children’s house is located between the towns of Sabandia and Jose Luis Bustamante and is about 45 minutes by bus from the center of Arequipa. Every day, the volunteers will travel together by bus from the accommodation to the project.


You should enjoy working with children and young people and be motivated to make a lasting difference in their lives. Initial experience in childcare is also an advantage. Reliability and a sense of responsibility are very important here. You should be creative and imaginative, open-minded and communicative in order to build a good relationship with your colleagues, the locals and of course the kids.
It is important that you already have some knowledge of Spanish to be able to talk to the kids and help them with their homework in Spanish.
To participate in the project, a letter of recommendation from e.g. a teacher or employer is required. In addition, before participating, a video call will be arranged with the people in charge of the project to get to know you better.


The national language in Peru is Spanish. The organization would like your knowledge of Spanish to be sufficient to communicate with the children. If you do not have any knowledge, a language course at the beginning of the trip would be obligatory. If you have basic knowledge but would like to improve it, you are welcome to book a course parallel to the project.


You will stay in a single room in the center of Arequipa. It has a private bathroom and a shared kitchen. The office of the organization is located in the same building. From there you will travel together to the project every day. The public bus ride from the house to the children’s facility takes about 50 minutes and costs the equivalent of 0.25 cents per ride. The travel costs are to be paid by the participant. All things of daily life, you can reach in a few 100 meters on foot. The apartment is located in a safe area, you can move around freely.

Bed in hostel in Arequipa Peru
Roof terrace of hostel in Arequipa Peru


Carlos is German-Peruvian and grew up in Lima in a German family. He still lives there today and thus speaks both Spanish and German. He has never been in Germany for more than three months, but he knows the customs and traditions first hand. He also knows his home country Peru and the culture and can’t wait to show you everything. Carlos describes himself as a fun-loving, helpful and humorous person who will always help you with words and deeds. He is our local insider who will give you lots of tips and information about Peru and the rest of Latin America. Carlos will take care of you during the introductory meeting in Lima. For questions of any kind during your stay in Latin America, an English-speaking contact person is available via WhatsApp in the same time zone.

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Single room:

  • 1st month in starting package: 1.350,00 €
  • Extension month: 520,00 €
  • As 2nd or 3rd project: 1.120,00 €

Attention: Separate from the program price a donation of 230,00 US Dollar has to be paid to the organization upon arrival in Arequipa, which will be used for the benefit of the children!


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