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You've caught the travel bug and want to explore South America in a very special way? Then volunteering in Colombia is just right for you! Discover land and people from a completely different perspective, improve your language skills, and at the same time make a valuable contribution to local social programs. Let yourself be captivated by Colombia's charm with Latin American music, dance, and exceptional zest for life. WanderWorld Travel supports you in selecting and organizing your volunteer work in Colombia, where you can support children or make a valuable contribution against climate change. A diverse country that will inspire you with its vibrant culture and way of life. Unlike traditional work and travel, with your volunteer work in Colombia, you have the chance to truly make a difference.

By the way: If you prefer to participate in a Work and Travel program in Colombia instead of volunteering, then check out our programs for Work and Travel in Colombia.

Quick Facts

Our volunteer projects in Colombia

Children's aid projects

Colombia is a country affected by poverty and social inequality. Many children live in precarious conditions, without access to adequate education and educational leisure activities. Access to education is crucial for long-term development. Our social projects play their part in driving this development forward and improving the future.

Children's aid projects in Colombia

The Teaching Project involves volunteering at a school in Cartagena. The local organization aims to promote education, culture, and health among children and teenagers. With your support, you have the unique opportunity to help where it is truly needed: Many Colombian children come from poor backgrounds and do not always have access to education. Your work in the Teaching Project provides these children with a safe haven and creates a promising future for them.

The Youth Development Project on Tierra Bomba Island focuses on the poorest population of this island. Through various academic and educational activities, young people can expand their skills and gain positive prospects for the future. The project emphasizes workshops as a complement to formal education, aimed at assisting children and teenagers in their development. These workshops include activities such as art projects, English lessons, and courses promoting women's empowerment. Additionally, every week there are surfing lessons that promise lots of fun for both volunteers and children.

To prevent children and adolescents from going astray, social projects in Colombia are incredibly important. Together with like-minded individuals, you ensure in the Child Care Project in Barranquilla that the youngest take their destiny into their own hands. In addition to supporting teachers and students in study groups, you can also organize activities outside the classroom that contribute to their overall development.

Nature and environmental protection projects

Nature conservation projects help preserve biodiversity by protecting endangered species, conserving habitats, and creating ecological corridors to facilitate animal migration. Preserving natural ecosystems also plays a crucial role in combating climate change. Therefore, it is especially important to actively support these projects.

Nature & environmental protection in Colombia

Deforestation for agricultural purposes has destroyed large parts of the rainforest in Colombia. However, thanks to passionate projects advocating for conservation, there is still hope. One such project is the Rainforest Reserve near Santa Marta. Biologists, environmental experts, and local staff are committed to reforesting the mountainous forest region, aiming to protect local wildlife from extinction.

Volunteering in Colombia

with wanderworld travel


Colombia is huge, and while traveling through the country, you can experience real diversity: from dreamy beaches to rainforests, mountain landscapes, coffee plantations, and bustling cities – Colombia has it all. Colombia offers a cool mix of modern metropolises and unique nature. Particularly, the culture and the people make Colombia unique, as there is always much laughter, celebration, and dancing. The zest for life and openness of the people will make your stay unforgettable, and you can forge new friendships for life. So why not combine a dream vacation with volunteering in Colombia?

Viva la Vida!

The cultural experience in Colombia is particularly intense. Locals are known for their zest for life, love of music, and enthusiasm for festivals and dancing. Celebrations and dancing often continue until the early morning hours. Everywhere you go, you hear the rhythms of Latin American music and watching salsa dancers will leave you amazed. It's a rhythm and way of life that lets you soak up and enjoy the colorful life. Colombians are also known for their warm hospitality and openness. During your volunteer work, you can not only get to know the local culture but actively participate in it. You can celebrate traditional festivals, try local dishes, and interact with locals to gain a deeper understanding of Colombian ways of life.

Land of a thousand rhythms

To truly celebrate the Colombian way of life, one thing is essential: music! Music and dance hold a particularly high value in this country, with countless rhythms and dances that have deep cultural roots blending Spanish, African, and pre-colonial influences. Along the Caribbean coast, where many Afro-Colombians reside, music styles are shaped by African rhythms such as Vallenato, Cumbia, and Champeta. Cali is known as the "World Capital of Salsa," where despite its non-Colombian origins, salsa is celebrated like nowhere else. If you've ever wanted to learn salsa dancing, Colombia is definitely the place to be. Whether in a dance class or at a salsa bar, you can immerse yourself in the authentic Colombian salsa and embrace the lifestyle fully.

Combine nature and city

Colombia is a land of contrasts that offers an impressive diversity of landscapes and ecosystems. Here, you don't have to choose between nature or city life; you can experience both in one place. In the beautiful "Pearl of the Caribbean," Cartagena, you can admire not only the colonial old town with its breathtaking buildings, colorful streets, and vibrant nightlife but also enjoy many beaches nearby. Similarly, the smaller city of Santa Marta is located directly on the Caribbean coast and is the perfect starting point to visit the stunning Tayrona National Park or head towards the mountains in the direction of Minca. In the metropolis of Barranquilla, you can enjoy the benefits of a lively city and have the Caribbean Sea right on your doorstep. During your free time after your volunteer project in Colombia, you also have the opportunity to explore the fascinating interior and embark on an exploration tour all the way to the Amazon rainforest. Colombia hides true natural treasures and diverse landscapes that will make your stay unforgettable.

Helping where help is needed

In Colombia, about 45 percent of children live in poverty. This is a shockingly high number that local organizations are working to address. Many children come from families who cannot afford education or who must work from a young age to support their families. These families often lack basic necessities, proper shelter, access to the internet, and have little hope for a better future. As a volunteer, you can directly contribute to improving living conditions in various communities. Whether you work in educational projects, environmental initiatives, or social programs, your efforts can have a positive impact on the lives of local people and contribute to sustainable community development. In Colombia, you can help where assistance is urgently needed and support local organizations with your work, receiving immense gratitude from the community and the children you help.


in the project

In the vibrant colonial city of Cartagena, you will live in a guesthouse or apartment alongside other volunteers and guests. At the guesthouse, you'll have a single room, yet experience a friendly atmosphere. The Colombian host is very warm, and meals are often enjoyed together. Additionally, you can opt to include meals at the guesthouse. To commute daily to your project, we recommend using popular taxi apps in Cartagena, which provide a safe means of transportation.

To fully immerse yourself in Colombian culture, we offer accommodation in a homestay in Barranquilla. You'll stay in a single room and share the common areas with the family. The homestay includes two meals per day as part of the package.


If you're an outdoor enthusiast who loves living amidst nature, then accommodation in the rainforest is perfect for you. Here, you'll stay at the project site with project staff and other volunteers in a dormitory-style room. Meals are prepared collectively by all residents. You'll spend your days immersed in nature, secluded from civilization.

Why is volunteering in Colombia worthwhile?

We at WanderWorld Travel have been exploring Colombia for many years and have a deep understanding of its social, political, and ecological situation. We are well aware of the challenges and passionately support small Colombian organizations and projects working towards a better future. There is a lack of care and educational opportunities for children and youth from poorer backgrounds, and urgent attention is needed to protect the environment to prevent devastating consequences of climate change and years of exploitation.

Of course, one person alone cannot save the world, but these projects pursue ecological and social goals over the years. Each volunteer effort contributes to the sustainability of the project, bringing us one step closer to the global goal.

As your travel agency, we support you with years of expertise in realizing your volunteer work in Colombia. For optimal trip preparation, we share all our travel tips with you and provide personal support throughout your journey. With over 6 years of experience collaborating with volunteers and NGOs, we are your perfect partner. You can confidently entrust the organization of your overseas stay to us.


Where should your ADVENTURE TAKE PLACE ?
Tierra Bomba island with a view of Cartagena
Tierra Bomba,
Tierra Bomba is a still very simple island off the coast of Colombia, known for its stunning beaches and clear waters. It is located near Cartagena and is a popular destination for tourists looking for sun, sand and a relaxed atmosphere.
Green mountains and blue sea in Taganga
Taganga is a small fishing village on the beautiful Caribbean coast of Colombia. The village has developed considerably in recent years and is now known as a paradise for relaxing and a fantastic place to learn to dive at a reasonable price. The village is located right next to one of Colombia's natural wonders and highlights - the Tayrona National Park.
Cartagena with colorful houses and flowers
Welcome to the pearl of the Caribbean! If you're looking for that Caribbean feeling in an exciting and culturally rich city, then Cartagena is the place for you. Listen to the sounds of street musicians and try delicious street food to fully experience the unique atmosphere.
Baranquilla City
Baranquilla, a city of vibrant rhythms and pulsating energy, where the sun always shines and the sea sings. Its people radiate warmth, its cuisine is delicious and its culture is vibrant and colorful. A true treasure of Colombia.
Jungle with sunset
Minca, a dreamy mountain village in Colombia, attracts visitors with its breathtaking natural scenery, lush coffee plantations and picturesque waterfalls. A retreat for nature lovers, hikers and adventurers, it also offers a relaxed atmosphere and authentic local cuisine.
Colorful houses and paintings in SantaMarta
Santa Marta,
Santa Marta, an enchanting coastal city in Colombia, delights with its Caribbean flair, historical sights and endless sandy beaches. A paradise for sun worshippers, water sports enthusiasts and culture lovers, it also offers a lively gastronomic scene and vibrant nightlife.



Man who laughs

In Cartagena, our contact person Jan is ready to assist you with advice and support. Originally from Germany, Jan has made this city his home for many years and runs his own café there. During the orientation session, he will gladly show you his beloved Cartagena and explain Colombian history and culture. You'll also receive insider tips on the coolest places and the best transportation options. Additionally, WanderWorld Travel is available in the same time zone via WhatsApp to answer your questions promptly.


Immerse yourself in the diversity of Colombia, from picturesque coastlines to lush green rainforests. Enjoy surfing adventures at dusk and discover the beauty and diverse leisure activities of this impressive country.


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