Life begins out of your comfort zone. So instead of the next package tour, how about a real adventure in Costa Rica for a change? This Latin American country offers stunning nature, extremely friendly locals, and a unique lifestyle. At the same time, you have the opportunity to do something meaningful: With our volunteer program in Costa Rica, we offer you the chance to make a real difference. Since a long-term stay abroad often involves a lot of organization, many are deterred from volunteering. That's why we take care of this part for you: You simply choose your destination and confidently leave the entire planning in our hands – our on-site project coordinators and supervisors will take care of the rest!

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Quick Facts

Our volunteer projects in Costa Rica

Animal welfare projects

The increasing pollution of the oceans, deforestation, growing tourism, and advancing climate change are factors necessitating the protection of nature and wildlife in Costa Rica. There are more and more incidents of wildlife injuries due to contact with civilization, and sea turtles are facing extinction. If you would like to get involved locally and are seeking a unique experience, WanderWorld Travel offers you the exceptional opportunity to take action.

Animal welfare in costa rica

For the Costa Rican government, in addition to humanitarian aid, environmental and wildlife conservation plays a central role. The population is also increasingly valuing sustainability. For this reason, there are many exciting projects addressing the country's issues that rely on your help.

In our Wildlife Sanctuary Project in Costa Rica, you have the opportunity to get up close with native animals like the Jaguar, Tapir, or Sloth. Unlike in zoos, these animals are not exhibits. Through your work in the sanctuary, you make your own personal contribution to species conservation.

Another heartfelt project of our founder Sophia is Turtle Protection in Costa Rica: In Sámara or Montezuma, you will work daily at the turtle rescue station, caring for the endangered turtles.

By helping at our sanctuaries, you will help to prevent the extinction of rare animal species and support the aid projects directly on site. You will learn about the success of our local projects with the help of our volunteers and broaden your horizons enormously. Want to help? We look forward to hearing from you! 

Nature and environmental protection projects

The majority of Costa Rica's land surface is covered with tropical rainforest, providing a home to a variety of rare animal and plant species. Despite 26% of Costa Rica's land being protected, a third of the country's land area fell victim to deforestation and pastureland in the 20th century. Large national parks and environmental conservation projects are working against deforestation. By participating in nature reserves and national parks, you are combating climate change and directly supporting local aid projects.

Nature & environmental protection in Costa Rica

In travel magazines and vacation brochures, Costa Rica is often described as a natural paradise. However, this wasn't always the case. From the mid-20th century onwards, a significant portion of the forest cover was cleared. This was done for both timber extraction and to make space for livestock farming and agriculture. At its lowest point, the forest cover dropped to just under one-fifth of the total land area. In the mid-1990s, the Costa Rican government passed legislation that heavily restricted deforestation. Landowners were also incentivized with bonuses for preserving and expanding forest cover on their properties. By 2030, the goal is to achieve a reforestation of 60 percent of the land area.

You too can support social projects in Costa Rica through your volunteer service: here's your chance to make a difference on-site—whether through your work in a rainforest reserve or by assisting a national park!

Through your support, you will experience nature conservation up close and witness the impacts of the climate crisis on Costa Rica's wildlife and environment.

Children's aid projects

In Costa Rica, many children still lack access to education. Therefore, institutions and social projects are crucial, supplementing school lessons with courses and providing recreational activities for children. Collaborating with numerous volunteers, these organizations educate the youngest residents of the country, aiming to pave the way towards a better future, including raising awareness about the importance of conservation efforts.

Social projects in Costa rica

Unfortunately, these valuable social projects in Costa Rica do not receive any government funding and therefore rely heavily on donations and volunteer work. The deforestation has a significant impact on the regional climate as well as the flora and fauna in Costa Rica. To raise awareness about these issues among the population, educational efforts have become crucial.

You can as well support social projects in Costa Rica through your volunteer service: Whether you want to teach children in our Teaching Project or are interested in adult and environmental education in Central America - all projects look forward to your participation!

Volunteering in Costa Rica

with wanderworld travel

With volunteer work in Costa Rica, you have the unique opportunity to engage in activities you might rarely encounter otherwise. Whether you're passionate about wildlife conservation, working in nature reserves, or teaching, an overseas experience combined with supporting a social project in Costa Rica will undoubtedly broaden your worldview. Additionally, during your journey to Costa Rica, you'll discover a true natural paradise between the Pacific and the Caribbean, immersing yourself in tropical rainforests and biodiversity. You can be inspired by the 'Pura Vida' lifestyle of Costa Ricans and spend your leisure time on some of the world's most beautiful beaches. See for yourself; we're happy to assist you in selecting the perfect project for your volunteer work in Costa Rica!

Pura Vida

Pura Vida! Literally translated, this means 'pure life.' However, it signifies much more than that; it's more of a way of life than just two words. Costa Ricans use this term frequently, and it has a diverse range of meanings. You can say 'Pura Vida' and mean: Hello, I'm doing well, thank you, you're welcome, everything's easy, everything is going well, life is good, no worries, no problem, goodbye. You will hear 'Pura Vida' very often during your Costa Rica stay. It also means enjoying life and appreciating the things you have, not taking everything too seriously, and focusing on the positive aspects of life. From the Ticos, we can learn joyfulness, light-heartedness, serenity, and the enjoyment of life


Costa Rica is estimated to host approximately 6% of global biodiversity and is thus a biodiversity hotspot. About 87,000 species are represented, and the Osa Peninsula in the south of the country is considered one of the most species-rich regions on our planet. Very rare exotics such as sloths, pumas, anteaters, ocelots, and agoutis are still found here. Another reason to discover this breathtaking nature. Costa Rica owes this to its numerous protected areas and national parks. The country is a leader in conservation efforts, and since 1990, various measures have been taken to stop deforestation and restore habitat for animals and plants. With success, as today, around 25% of the country's land area is protected, preserving or regenerating the unique rainforests.

The most beautiful beaches

Costa Rica boasts some of the world's most beautiful beaches! This isn't just our opinion; international travel magazines consistently rank this small country at the top. With both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, Costa Rica offers countless beaches, each more stunning than the last. What sets Costa Rican beaches apart is their natural beauty—unspoiled by massive hotel complexes that can obstruct views. Picture yourself relaxing under a palm tree, listening to the soothing sounds of the sea. Isn't that the essence of Pura Vida? These untouched beaches feature golden-brown sands, lush green palm trees, and crystal-clear blue waters, attracting various wildlife. With a bit of luck, you might spot magnificent macaws, toucans, iguanas, monkeys, or sloths nestled in the treetops.

Outdoor activities and water sports

Do you prefer spending the whole day outdoors? Do you love outdoor activities and water sports? Then Costa Rica is the perfect destination for you! This tropical country enjoys a mild climate year-round, with an average temperature of 29 degrees on the coasts, inviting you to swim in the sea every day. For your stay, you'll mainly need summer clothes and occasionally a rain jacket during the rainy season from May to November. Most of your time will be spent outdoors, and our volunteer projects in Costa Rica are very nature-oriented. Costa Rica is the ideal place for hiking in national parks, observing animals, taking boat tours, swimming, snorkeling, and of course, surfing. There are numerous excellent surf spots for beginners and professionals alike.


Depending on the project, you have various options available. In most volunteer projects, you'll live right in the midst of nature on the project site in a volunteer house. Volunteers typically stay together in dormitory-style rooms within the project's house, while local organization staff also live on the premises. The accommodations are very basic, but you'll quickly get used to it and learn how little you really need to live. In these shared accommodations, there's a family-like atmosphere, and you can share both work and leisure time with other volunteers. Depending on the program, three Costa Rican meals a day may be provided, or a communal kitchen may be available for your use. Some projects offer single rooms for an additional fee.

In the animal and environmental conservation projects, accommodations are located in the heart of nature, with the beach or rainforest right at your doorstep, allowing you to spend the entire day outdoors.

In the children's aid projects, you have the opportunity to live with a Costa Rican host family and experience the culture up close. In the host family, you will be provided with breakfast and dinner, allowing you to taste the traditional cuisine. You will stay in a private single room for privacy but will be integrated into the family's daily life.

No matter where your chosen program is located, we assist you with your arrival. Depending on the location in Costa Rica, you can reach your destination by public transportation or shuttle. We offer optional arrival packages where we take care of the organization of your arrival completely.


Why volunteering in Costa Rica makes sense

With your volunteer work in Costa Rica, you have the unique opportunity to engage in activities that you may not often encounter otherwise, providing a wonderful chance to broaden your horizons. Whether you are passionate about teaching, wildlife conservation, or working in nature reserves, an international stay combined with supporting a social project will undoubtedly broaden your perspective.

Especially nature and wildlife conservation are crucial in Costa Rica to protect rainforests and species from extinction. Local projects cannot manage this extensive workload alone and lack the necessary resources or government support to hire enough staff. This underscores the immense importance of volunteer work, as many goals could not be achieved without the helping hands of volunteers.

We at WanderWorld Travel have extensive expertise in traveling to Costa Rica and collaborating with NGOs. Part of our team lives locally and possesses excellent knowledge of the country's conditions. We personally visit our projects to ensure that volunteers' tasks meaningfully contribute to the project and support a good cause. With extensive personal contact before and during the trip, we provide individual support to our participants, thereby contributing to a positive travel experience.


Where should your ADVENTURE TAKE PLACE ?
Surfer on the beach
Costa Rica
Jacó in Costa Rica is a lively seaside resort on the Pacific coast, famous for its surf spots, vibrant beach atmosphere and inviting local cuisine. It is a popular destination for surfers, beach lovers and adventurers looking to enjoy the laid-back beach life.
Long beach with palm trees and blue sky
Costa Rica
Uvita in Costa Rica is a tropical paradise with beautiful beaches, lush nature and a relaxed atmosphere. Known for the Marino Ballena National Park, Uvita also offers great opportunities for snorkeling, whale watching and exploring the rainforests.
Beach with sunset and palm trees
Osa Peninsula,
Costa Rica
The region is one of the most biodiverse areas in the world and is home to around 2.5 % of the world's biodiversity. You can still find original primary rainforest there, as well as the tapir. Red macaw parrots, turtles, various species of monkeys, coatis, mountain pigs, wild cats and even pumas and jaguars.
STrand with palm trees and a small boat
Drake Bay,
Costa Rica
Drake is the starting point for exploring the Corcovado National Park and attracts adventurers and nature lovers from all over the world, who find breathtaking landscapes, deep jungle, secluded beaches and the country's greatest biodiversity here.
Beach at sunset with palm trees
Costa Rica
Sámara is perfect for a quiet surf and beach feeling, as well as for long nights in the bars. The nearby national parks and reserves are also great for exploring. The town is a typical "Tico" town and offers everything you need - supermarkets, a pharmacy, a bank, a medical clinic and various restaurants, stores and bars.
Turquoise sea with palm trees and surfers
Costa Rica
Tamarindo is Costa Rica's absolute paradise for surfers and anyone who wants to become one! The lively and bustling town is located in the north of the Nicoya Peninsula and is the surfing hotspot par excellence. There are also many other national parks nearby that are perfect for a day trip.



Lisa Stettner on the beach WanderWorld employee smiles

In Costa Rica, you will be supported by our contact person Lisa. She has been living in the country of Pura Vida for more than 3 years with her Costa Rican husband. After visiting the country several times and falling in love with the culture and its people, she decided to stay there for an extended period. She is highly knowledgeable about the culture and local conditions and is eager to show you her chosen homeland. Even before your departure, she will assist you in organizing your trip and will warmly welcome you at the orientation event in San José. Throughout your entire stay, you can contact her via WhatsApp for any questions or concerns. Additionally, she will gladly provide you with travel tips and recommendations for your free time.


Discover the unparalleled variety of leisure activities in Costa Rica. From breathtaking beaches to lush rainforests and even sunset surfing – experience the best that this fascinating country has to offer.




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