Have you just finished school or recently graduated from university and are now looking for a special challenge? We offer you Work and Travel with a twist: During your volunteer work in Mexico, you will experience white beaches, perfect waves, exciting metropolises, and one of the best cuisines in the world. While doing good on-site, you will have the unique opportunity to see the country and its people from a different perspective: You will work with the locals, experience their culture up close, and expand your horizons. Whether you want to engage in one of the children's aid projects or focus on environmental and marine conservation in Mexico – with WanderWorld Travel, you have the chance to broaden your perspective during your voluntary service in Latin America.

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Quick Facts

Our volunteer projects in Mexico

Children's aid projects

Approximately 18 percent of the Mexican population lives in extreme poverty . Children born into these needy families often face difficult starting conditions: They sometimes cannot attend school and instead have to work on the streets as vendors, car washers, or shoe shiners to earn money for their families. Children's aid projects provide these populations with access to childcare and education. Volunteers who engage in social projects in Mexico help create a place where children experience security and care. At the same time, they can freely develop, experience social interaction, and learn important life skills.

Supporting social projects in Mexico

In our teaching projectin the colonial town of San Cristóbal de las Casas, you can support children and young people in an orphanage. Together with a teacher, you can implement the educational program as a volunteer and teach the children various learning units in Spanish or mathematics, for example.

You can lend a hand with recreational activities and care in the Child Care Project in the surfer village of Sayulita. Every day, children and young people of different ages come to the facility to get help with their homework to exercise, play, be artistic and have fun. You can take care of the supervision in the project and offer workshopsin art, music, dance, sports, etc.

Support the aid organization for street children in the metropolis of Guadalajara. Accompany street workers and educators in the Youth Development Project in their daily work. The facility offers street children a safe place to learn and play. Support the teachers with teachingand take care of the recreational activitiesduring breaks.

Animal and environmental protection projects

In the fight against climate change, it is time to take action to protect the oceans and their inhabitants. The protection of coral reefs in Mexico is crucial to preserve biodiversity in marine ecosystems. Turtles also play an important role in the marine ecosystem, as they affect both plants and animal species that interact with them. In the wildlife and conservation programs, you can make a vital contribution to the preservation of biodiversity while living on the most beautiful beaches.

Get involved in animal welfare and environmental protection

Sea turtles and corals are each an important link in the chain of the marine ecosystem. To ensure that turtle eggs on land are not preyed upon by predators or animals, it is crucial to protect these creatures. At the turtle rescue center in Bajos de Chila , you will ensure that baby turtles can safely hatch in the hatchery. You will then accompany the little turtles on their journey to the sea.

If you choose the nature conservation project on the Caribbean island of Cozumel , you will help the local team restore the corals along the coasts of Mexico. During coral cleaning, you will learn all about the preservation and reproduction of corals. At the same time, you will undergo diving training. Learn more about the marine protection project and contribute to the fight against climate change through your volunteer work in Mexico!

Volunteering in Mexico

with wanderworld travel


The rich culture of Mexico makes a stay abroad in this country truly special. The Mexican culture is characterized by Latin American temperament, a rich history, and ancient traditions. During a volunteer project, you will work closely with locals and can experience the culture intensely. From our personal experience, we can assure you: Mexicans are extremely hospitable and quickly integrate strangers into their circle of friends. The Mexican welcoming culture is unique, and it is not uncommon for lifelong friendships to develop . During your volunteer work in Mexico, you can also discover the diverse landscapes: from beautiful Caribbean beaches to colonial cities, Mayan ruins, vibrant metropolises, or surfing hotspots on the Pacific coast. You will gather new impressions that will stay with you for a long time. Get ready for an indescribable adventure in Mexico!

Culture and history

The history of Mexico is a fascinating chronicle of pre-Columbian civilizations, Spanish colonization, and a long struggle for independence. Between 800 and 500 B.C., the Zapotecs settled in Oaxaca, and the Maya in the Yucatán Peninsula. Other indigenous groups built temples and cities throughout the country. The ruins from this era can still be admired today, the most famous being the Mayan pyramids of Chichén Itzá. Despite the colonization in the 15th century, the cultural influences of the Indígenas are still felt today, for example, in traditional clothing, festivals, traditions, and in Mexican cuisine. A special experience is to celebrate one of the Mexican festivals, such as the Día de Muertos on November 2, where old traditions are brought to life. Today, Mexico is the most populous Spanish-speaking country in the world, which also honors the diversity of its indigenous cultures – a total of 62 indigenous languages are recognized as official national languages.

Mexican cuisine

For all food lovers, Mexico is an absolute must! Mexico's culinary diversity is unparalleled, and since 2010, it has even been recognized as an intangible UNESCO World Heritage. What's interesting is that dishes vary by region. On your journey through Mexico, you can discover not only diverse landscapes but also different tastes, flavors, and spices. Chilaquiles, tamal, mole, pozole, tlayuda, and of course, tacos are delicious dishes that you must try. Corn is an essential ingredient in these dishes. By dining in small Mexican eateries or eating at a market, you will find not only authentic meals but also affordable prices. You'll surely take home a recipe or two.

From big city to jungle

Mexico combines pre-Hispanic, colonial and modern cultural influences, which can be admired above all in the architecture. From fcolorfuln colonial cities to modern metropolises, to the famous Mayan pyramids of Chichén Itzá, there are many impressive sights to discover. On the Karibikküsteare picturesque Sbeaches can be found, in the interior deserts to highland regions and volcanoesn, on the Pacific coast, pristine beaches with waves for surfing. In the south of the countryyou can go on jungle expeditions.expedition and hikein the mountains of Chiapas. The astonishing size ofthis land of North America makes nothing impossible. Mexico is almost 6-timesas large as Germany and connects the most diverselandscapes between the Caribbean and Pacific seas. Many routes are easily accessible by intercity bus, but some destinations require a domestic flight, therefore plan enough time for your trip. backpacking-adventure through Mexico.

Cenotes and coral reefs

The breathtaking cenotes are especially common on Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula. Cenotes are natural freshwater springs that form in limestone caves or underground river systems, offering unique spots for diving, snorkeling, and swimming. They are often of archaeological and ecological interest. Swimming through these fascinating underwater cave worlds is an unforgettable experience that is almost exclusively possible in Mexico. If you are a fan of snorkeling and diving, you will also find turquoise blue sea in the Caribbean, colorful coral reefs, and year-round perfect diving conditions. The Mesoamerican Reef extends off the Caribbean coast of Mexico towards Belize and is the second largest reef in the world. The island of Cozumel off Playa del Carmen is particularly recommended for this.


in the project

During your volunteer work in Mexico, accommodation is included in the program and typically provided in a shared room. If you prefer a single room, please ask us about available options. Meals are not included, but you will always have access to cooking facilities or you can try the local cuisine in cafés and restaurants.

For some projects, accommodation is provided directly by the local organization. You will stay in a volunteer house with other volunteers in a shared room. The house offers cozy common areas and a kitchen that invites shared cooking. This setup not only facilitates work but also allows for shared leisure time with like-minded individuals, creating a family-like atmosphere. This way, you will quickly connect with other volunteers and never feel alone.

In Guadalajara, Sayulita, or Cozumel, we arrange accommodation for you in a hostel or guesthouse. Depending on the project, you'll stay either in a dormitory with other hostel guests or in a private room. Hostels are vibrant places where you can meet people from all over the world. You'll have access to shared kitchens and common areas to socialize with other guests.

The project locations are accessible either on foot, by bicycle, or using public transportation. To travel from the orientation session in Playa del Carmen to your volunteer project, we're happy to assist you with transportation arrangements. For programs on the Pacific side of Mexico, a domestic flight is necessary. Please feel free to inquire with us about your travel options. We also offer optional travel packages where we handle all aspects of your arrival logistics.

Why volunteering in Mexico is worthwhile

Whether you're interested in social projects, animal welfare, or environmental conservation organizations, volunteering in Mexico offers you a unique opportunity to get involved and make a difference. Social inequality and lack of environmental protection are significant issues in Mexico, but through your support of a volunteer project, you can make a valuable contribution towards positive change. Be a role model for a better future and lead by example.

We at WanderWorld Travel are here to support you in finding the perfect volunteer project and assist with travel preparations and arrival. As a small travel agency, we maintain personal connections with our volunteers and provide comprehensive support throughout your time abroad. Additionally, we personally visit the projects on-site and bring years of experience living and traveling in Mexico. Our co-founder, Manuel, is Mexican and has an unparalleled knowledge of his homeland. We are passionate about sharing our expertise and creating unique travel experiences for our participants.


Where should your ADVENTURE TAKE PLACE ?
STeinformation in Valladolid
Valladolid in Mexico is a charming colonial city known for its well-preserved architecture, colorful streets and cultural diversity. With its proximity to the impressive Mayan ruins of Chichén Itzá, Valladolid is a popular destination for history buffs and travelers who want to experience the real Mexican way of life.
Sunset on the beach with palm trees and beach tower
Tulum in Mexico is a picturesque coastal town with a mix of stunning beaches, historic Mayan ruins and a laid-back boho vibe. Popular for its hippie-chic vibes and eco-conscious resorts, Tulum is a paradise for peace seekers and adventurers alike.
Beach with turquoise blue water
Puerto Escondido,
The surfers' paradise of Puerto Escondido is a mecca for sun worshipers and action sports enthusiasts. There is always something going on here. Whether it's international surf contests or beach parties, you'll never get bored. We love Puerto and have also included it in our Hostel Experience and Turtle Protection program. The city is perfect for an unforgettable time on the volunteer project of your choice.
Large church
The colorful colonial city of Oaxaca is full of life and energy and radiates Mexican authenticity. At the local market, you can sample all kinds of delicacies for which the region is known throughout the country and then wander through the colorful alleyways in the footsteps of the Maya.
Small town with a red car
San Cristóbal de las Casas,
The picturesque town of San Cristóbal de las Casas is located in the highlands of the southernmost Mexican state of Chiapas. Chiapas is home to many indigenous people, the descendants of the Mayan culture. Colorful colonial-style houses, churches and cobblestone streets characterize the cityscape.
CITY OF Guadalajara
Guadalajara is the country's second largest metropolis with a population of 6 million and is known for its excellent and rich Mexican cuisine. The well-known national drink tequila also has its origins in this region.

IN Mexico

Woman in yellow top with black backpack smiling into the camera, hair blowing in the wind

In Playa del Carmen lives our contact person Doris. Originally from Germany, she found her home on the Riviera Maya 2 years ago. Doris works there as a tour guide and can provide you with great travel tips and leisure activities in Mexico. In her free time, she loves diving and is very knowledgeable about the underwater world. During the welcome event in Playa del Carmen, she will warmly welcome you and familiarize you with the area.


Explore the unique diversity of leisure activities in Mexico. From spectacular beaches and majestic mountains to cultural treasures and adventures like sunset surfing – immerse yourself in the best that this enchanting country has to offer.




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