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Work and Travel in Colombia

The best time in South America


You are interested in Latin American culture, want to discover breathtaking landscapes and really enjoy life? In Colombia, you can experience the colorful, happy and warm culture up close and let yourself fall under the spell of rhythmic music, good food and beautiful nature. Colombia is our tip for an unforgettable work and travel experience. The country has not only dream beaches and rainforest to offer, but also cool colonial cities, large metropolises and lonely mountain landscapes. The joy of life of the Colombians is absolutely contagious and will make your stay abroad unforgettable. Explore your options for a Work and Travel in Colombia now – the country of warmth and good coffee is already waiting for you!

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Organize your time in Colombia with the following programs:

Have an unforgettable Hostel Experience in Colombia through Work and Travel

You want to live in the most beautiful places in Colombia and work in a cool hostel at the same time? In our partner hostels in Santa Marta, Palomino or Cartagena you will make great experiences while working and at the same time get to know the beautiful Caribbean of Colombia.

Frau im traditionellen Gewand in Santa Marta, Kolumbien

Santa Marta

Are you longing for the beach on the Caribbean coast, the perfect climate and bright sunshine all year round? Then Santa Marta is the place for you. The people are warm and as one of the oldest cities in South America, Santa Marta is an exciting place with many hidden beauties. A special highlight of the region is the Tayrona National Park with beautiful beaches and the village of Minca, which is located between coffee plantations in the middle of the jungle high above Santa Marta.

Kolumbianische Flagge in Cartagena


Welcome to the pearl of the Caribbean! Cartagena deserves this name, because the city is one of the most beautiful in South America and is not for nothing a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you are looking for a Caribbean feeling in an exciting and culturally rich city, Cartagena is the place for you. Listen to the sounds of street musicians and sample delicious street food to fully feel the unique atmosphere. But Cartagena consists not only of the charming old town, but also of a modern center, from which skyscrapers shoot up.

Palomino Strand von oben


At almost the northernmost point of South America, Palomino is located on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. A dreamlike place, far away from the crowds. Not only ideal for surfers, but for everyone who wants to relax and experience something at the same time. Here you can spend the whole day in nature, listening to the tropical birds on the beach and sipping coconuts. Or try something new and float on a tire over the Rio Palomino into the warm sea while tubing.

By the way, if you prefer to work on social or environmental projects during your stay abroad in Colombia or combine it with one of our Work and Travel programs, check out Volunteering in Colombia!

This is what makes the Hostel Experience in Colombia special:


Whether as a bartender, tour guide or at the reception: During your work and travel in a Colombian hostel you will look after travelers from all over the world, improve your language skills and make friends for life.

In the hostel you can work in different areas and get to know the everyday life. For example, you will support the reception, help with breakfast or take over bar shifts.

You will be in constant contact with other backpackers and can relax on the beach in your free time. In the evening you will either be behind the bar yourself or explore the lively nightlife of Colombia.

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Palomino Strand von oben

Work and Travel at the Diving School in Taganga

Taucher in der Karibik

How would it be to live and work in a small fishing village directly on Colombia’s Caribbean coast? In our Sport Experience Program you can make your dream come true.

In our diving school you support the store, you prepare the diving equipment and accompany dives. Besides, you will become a diving professional yourself, because you will complete two PADI diving certifications during your time in the exchange school. You will never be bored in the store. The international team is open and cordial, just like the diving students, who come from all over the world. New friendships are quickly made.

In your free time you can explore the underwater paradise of the Tayrona National Park on dives, go on excursions to surrounding beaches and visit the big city of Santa Marta, which is only a 10-minute drive away.

While working and traveling at the dive school in Colombia, you will experience a whole different world: the laid-back, Caribbean beach atmosphere is a 180-degree turn from the European hustle and bustle.

Perfect to relax for a longer period of time and switch off your head.

Why stay abroad in Colombia?

5 good reasons!


Here are 5 good reasons why staying abroad in Colombia is something special:


The crystal clear water. Whether it’s Cartagena, Taganga or Santa Marta, enjoy the beautiful Caribbean sea and long beaches. Living abroad in Colombia means you can soak up the sun every day, swim and dive, or just relax on the beach. The reward is a healthy, tanned complexion and the South American serenity that comes with it.


The Caribbean Rhythms. Dancing cumbia, vallenato and salsa you will experience the real Colombia feeling. Do you want to party until late at night? Meet new people in a relaxed way? Experience the full joy of life by surrendering to the rhythm? Then you should definitely travel to Colombia.


The warm Colombians. You will quickly get to know their friendly, open spirit during your stay abroad. They will quickly invite you to a party or joint activities. Colombia is still a little Work and Travel secret. The locals are not tired of tourists – in fact, they welcome you with open arms.


You will learn Spanish fluently. With our language course and daily practice in everyday life, you will quickly improve your Spanish so that you can soon communicate very well with the locals. This will open the door to even more intense encounters with Colombians!


You can live and travel there cheaply. If you compare a stay in South America with Western Europe, you can get by in Colombia with much less money. If you are traveling with a work and travel program, accommodation is already included. If you are not afraid to eat in local restaurants and use public transportation, Colombia is an affordable option for a longer stay abroad!

Year abroad in Colombia –

Now or never!

Do you feel the longing for contrast to the monotonous learning time after graduating from school or university? You don’t want to start a degree or a job right away, but want to see the world and go on a real adventure?

Then a year abroad in Colombia is just the right thing for you. Colombia has too much to offer for you to dismiss it with a one or two week trip. A year abroad, on the other hand, gives you time to fully immerse yourself in Colombian culture.

After the first few months, you’ll have a complete command of the Spanish language and will almost feel like a local. Get intense insights into another culture with a rich history and into the way of life of the locals.

Let the lively South American mentality rub off on you and have experiences that will stay with you forever.

Experience reports on Work and Travel in Colombia



Our participants bring home inspiring testimonials from their Work and Travel stay in Colombia.

Naomi in Cartagena vor buntem Haus
Symbol für Anführungszeichen

“I quickly lost my heart to this city. There is so much to discover in Cartagena, it is colorful, full of life, dance and characterized by art. In my free time, I spent a lot of time in the city with people from the hostel, my colleagues, or friends from the language course.”

– At Naomi’s Hostel Experience in Cartagena, she got to know and love the colorful city and people from all over the world. The joie de vivre, openness and tolerance of the Colombians made a special impression on her. For Naomi, working at the hostel was a great time with many experiences that she will never forget.

Leander vor Kunstwerken in Cartagena
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“The most special part of my stay was the great people I got to meet. They all made my trip so interesting, gave me insight into different cultures and changed my perspective on some things in life.”

Leander traveled to Colombia and Guatemala. In Colombia, he participated in the Hostel Experience in Cartagena for two months and in Guatemala, he volunteered for two months at the Teaching Project in Antigua. Both in the hostel and with the children he had unique experiences that shaped him for the rest of his life.

When working and traveling in Colombia, our participants create memories they will never forget.

Maybe you will soon write your own experience report from this wonderful country?

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