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Work and Travel in Costa Rica

Your journey into the green dreamland


Idyllic rainforest and dreamlike beaches as far as the eye can see – that’s what you’ll find in Costa Rica! Discover the land of “Pura Vida” and immerse yourself in the tropical nature full of waterfalls, volcanoes, exotic animal species and national parks. This little paradise on earth is perfect for all outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers who want to experience an unforgettable work and travel adventure. But in the green dreamland you can get to know not only the breathtaking nature, but also the warm-hearted Ticos and their culture. If you want to visit the country with the most diverse wildlife in Latin America for a longer period of time, then a work and travel in Costa Rica is the perfect option!

If you would rather participate in an environmental or social project in Costa Rica instead of Work and Travel, check out our volunteer programs in Costa Rica.

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This is what your time in Costa Rica could look like:

The Hostel Experience

Teilnehmerin am Stand

At the Hostel Experience in Costa Rica we will find you the perfect hostel for your work and travel adventure. There are many different locations in the country with cool partner hostels.

Your day will consist of checking in and out travelers from all over the world, organizing excursions, helping in the kitchen and assisting with maintenance and cleaning.

You’ll always be working with people in a vacation vibe, and in your free time you can enjoy the sunshine on the beach, ride the waves on a surfboard, or explore the incredible nature of Costa Rica.

In the relaxed, family atmosphere at Hostel Experience, you’ll make friendships that often last beyond your work and travel time.

You want to discuss all your questions with us and find the right Work and Travel program for you?

The surf camp in Tamarindo

A highlight among the work and travel programs is the surf school in Tamarindo.

Here you will improve your surfing skills – or learn surfing from scratch – while your daily work consists of taking care of the customers together with the team in the surf store. In addition, you will support the hotel of the surf camp at the reception and gain exciting work experience.

After you have reached a good level in surfing, you can even become a surf instructor yourself.

If you want to combine sports and work in the paradisiacal surroundings of Costa Rica, then the surf school in Tamarindo is just the right thing for your work and travel stay.

Contact us early! The program is often booked up far in advance.

Surfbretter an Wand

Farm Work on Permaculture or Cocoa Farm

With the Farm Work Program you will discover Latin America from its most authentic side. Costa Rica is the place to live in harmony with nature during your work and travel.

You have the choice between two wonderful places:

Would you rather work in the jungle reserve, or on the farm near the beach?

Kaffebohnen und getrocknete Hülsenfrüchte

The Permaculture Farm near Puerto Viejo

In the deep green jungle, near the coast of Puerto Viejo, you will learn to feed yourself and your fellow human beings in a natural way. On the Costa Rican permaculture farm you will live in harmony with all living creatures and plants.

Teilnehmerin auf Farm

The cocoa farm in Bijagua

Far in the north of Costa Rica, you’ll find the Bijagua Organic Cocoa Farm. When you’re not doing your exciting work on the farm, you can explore the breathtaking jungle reserve.

Stay abroad in Costa Rica?

5 good reasons!


5 good reasons why a stay abroad in Costa Rica is something very special:


You will discover the incredibly diverse nature and wildlife. Costa Rica has 5% of the world’s biodiversity. Meet monkeys, toucans, whales, dolphins, turtles, sloths and crocodiles.


You will experience adrenaline-filled adventures during your stay abroad. Do you want to dive with whale sharks? Or zipline across the rainforest? How about quad biking on the beach or watching the loud howler monkeys? You can experience all that in Costa Rica.


You stroll over dream beaches and bathe in the wonderful sea. Soak up the endless sun and relax your soul. Or become one with the waves while surfing.


You learn to speak perfect Spanish. With the Hostel Experience in Costa Rica as your first project, the language course is included – and in your daily interactions you can quickly put what you have learned into practice.


You dive into the “Pura Vida”. Costa Rica is the country in Latin America with the happiest people. The inhabitants appreciate the little things in life and are happy with what they have. They understand that contentment is the most important thing. Once you have spent time abroad in Costa Rica, you come back with a new perspective and appreciation for life.

Year abroad in Costa Rica

Experience unforgettable moments after school or college

At the end of your school or university years, Costa Rica is perfect for a year abroad: you get out of the daily grind and end up in the rainforest, surrounded by exotic plants and animals.

These wonderfully contrasting impressions will stay in your memory for a long time. A year abroad gives you plenty of time to dive deeper into the beauty of Costa Rica and get to know the whole country.

Testimonials about Work and Travel in Costa Rica



Participants of our work and travel programs have great experiences in Costa Rica. Here you can get an insight into the adventures of previous participants:

Unsere Teilnehmerin Vera vor einem Wasserfall
Symbol für Anführungszeichen

“I am so glad that I chose Costa Rica as my country. I was able to experience firsthand what Pura Vida means and the lifestyle that goes along with it. I was able to make new friends and have collected moments for eternity that no one can take away from me.”

-Vera supported four different projects during her six-month stay in Costa Rica: She participated in the Turtle Protection, Rainforest Reserve and Wildlife Rescue project and worked on the cacao farm in Bijagua. She shares her most exciting experiences with future participants in this report.

Teilnehmerin im Dschungel
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“A moment that has remained strongly in my memory occurred on a boat trip on the sea. Since Uvita is known for whales passing by from time to time, I had hoped to see one as well. Then suddenly it happened: I was sitting in the very front of the boat and out of nowhere a whale appeared right in front of us.”

-Lea reports in her Work and Travel experience report about her one-month stay abroad in Costa Rica, there she participated in the Hostel Experience. She describes what she learned from the trip and offers tips for future participants.

Teilnehmerin an einer Zip Line
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“My free time at the hostel was very diverse. Since the place Uvita had a lot to offer, I had endless possibilities. Even more, you always met new people with whom you could do something. I went hiking a lot, to the beach, to restaurants, whale watching, or parties.”

-Vivien spent two months in the green dreamland and gained unique experiences at the Hostel Experience in Uvita. She also volunteered at the Wildlife Sanctuary project in Costa Rica. In this report she writes about her tasks in the projects, her free time and much more.

Maybe you will also write a report about your experiences in the jungle and on the beaches of Costa Rica soon!

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