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Work and Travel in Mexico

Your dream trip to the land of the cactus


How about getting away from it all for a while?

Have great experiences that you’ll remember for decades to come?

Have the adventure of a lifetime with people from all over the world?

Meet completely new people and cultures?

With Work and Travel in Mexico, you can make this dream a reality.

Mexico is one of our most popular work and travel programs in Latin America for a reason.

Would you rather get all the information about the program in Mexico directly in person? Register here for the Wanderlust consultation. Free of charge and without obligation.

Here is your ticket to unforgettable experiences in the land of cacti!

Work and Travel in Mexico Overview

Working in Mexico in a Hostel – The Hostel Experience

Rad in Tulum

Have fun at work, learn new things and meet interesting people?

This is what awaits you at our Hostel Experience in Mexico. During your work and travel experience you can work in a hostel in the most beautiful places in Mexico and get to know the country like a local.

In our hostels, the focus is not on the work, but on the experiences you will gain with like-minded travelers from all over the world and the time you will spend together, making valuable contacts and friendships for life.

You can expect new challenges and diverse, fun tasks.

In contrast to a normal job, you have more freedom when working in a hostel. You represent the hostel and become part of a great team.

In your free time you can go to the beach, hang out with friends and party, enjoy the most delicious Mexican food in the restaurant, or explore ruins, jungles, and cities.

Quick tip for you: If you prefer to work on social or environmental projects during your stay abroad in Mexico, or if you want to combine it with one of our Work and Travel programs, you also have the opportunity to volunteer in Mexico!

This is what your tasks in Mexico could look like:


You welcome new guests & check them in.

You lend bicycles to the travelers and organize excursions to the most beautiful beaches and cenotes of the area.

You’ll be behind the bar, learning how to make drinks perfectly and holding “cocktail classes”.

You organize events like pool parties or Beer Pong tournaments.

You bring people together, get to know everyone better & make new friends.

You support the team in the hostel kitchen and prepare breakfast for the guests.

You can find all tasks in detail here.

Maya Ruine in Mexiko

Our Hostel Experience program locations

Our hostels are located in the most beautiful places in the country. From dream beaches, surf hotspots to small colonial towns and mega metropolises, we will find the perfect place for each of you.

Strand von Tulum


Tulum attracts backpackers and party seekers from all over the world. If you crave endless white beaches, crazy beach parties and a hip vibe, you’ll find your happiness in Tulum. It’s rare to find such a laid-back vibe anywhere else.

Frau mit Hut

Playa del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen offers boisterous party nights, a long shopping strip, world class dive spots, kite surfing, a long beautiful beach and is the departure point for the ferry to the wonderful Caribbean island of Cozumel.

Frau mi t


In Oaxaca you will experience the “real Mexico”: colorful houses, cobblestone streets, great bars and wonderful traditional Mexican food. Oaxaca is currently one of the most popular places for travelers in Mexico.

VW Käfer in San Cristobal de las casas

San Cristóbal de las Casas

Backpackers from all over the world flock to this beautiful colonial city with lots of culture, which also offers a colorful nightlife. San Cristóbal is perfect if you want an intense, diverse work and travel experience in Mexico!

Why study abroad in Mexico?

7 good reasons!

7 good reasons!


Here are 7 good reasons why studying abroad in Mexico is something special:


Dream beaches and sunny weather. Enjoy white sand, turquoise sea and bright sun—welcome to Mexico!


The open-minded population. Get out of the German hectic. Immerse yourself in the relaxed Mexican way of life and warmth. As a visitor, Mexicans are respectful towards you—but always ready to communicate if you meet them openly. Then you will also find Mexican friends during your stay & celebrate the one or other fiesta together.


Fascinating culture. Discover the numerous Mayan ruins that will take you back to a mystical age.


Polish up your Spanish—or learn it all over again. Through daily practice, you will quickly improve your Spanish. In addition, our Work and Travel programs always include a language course! This way, you can accelerate your learning progress during your stay abroad in Mexico.


The cheaper cost of living. Compared to Western Europe, you can live cheaply in Mexico. Be it delicious street food tacos or $3 cab rides. In addition, your accommodation is always included in your Work & Travel stay in Mexico!


Incredible flora and fauna. During your stay abroad in Mexico you will have the opportunity to explore the jungle, discover exotic animals and observe colorful birds.


The direct flight connection. From Munich, Frankfurt, and Düsseldorf you can take the direct flight to Cancún or Mexico City. This way, your stay in Mexico begins without annoying international stopovers!

Mexico for young people


Mexico is the perfect country for young people:

The Mexican population is very young! Average Germany: 45. Mexico: 29.

Mexicans also love to stay up late, have parties, or play soccer together. They are very cosmopolitan and are happy to invite you home.

With the many young travelers from all countries, you will be right on the same page and will have no trouble making new contacts.

So when you travel to Mexico as a young person via Work and Travel, you will meet open-mindedness towards your lifestyle, and many like-minded people.

Jugendliche mit Gitarre über der Schulter und Rucksack

Spend a year abroad in Mexico

– now or never!

After school, university or just in between, you have the chance to take the adventure of a lifetime with a year abroad.

During your year abroad, you won’t rush from place to place like on a short trip, but you’ll experience Mexico much more intensively: you’ll immerse yourself in the culture, make deep friendships and learn to speak Spanish fluently. Of course, you don’t have to stay in Mexico for a whole year. Our programs start from one month and can be combined with each other.

Now is the moment. Who knows if and when you’ll ever find time for something like this again?

A year abroad in beautiful Mexico is unique and will stay in your memory forever..

Testimonials on Work and Travel in Mexico



Those who have traveled to Mexico for Work and Travel with our organization report unforgettable experiences:

Teilnehmerin vor Vulkan
Symbol für Anführungszeichen

“I have become much more independent, self-confident and also self-assured in my decisions as a result of my journey. Embarking on such a journey means being brave, acting responsibly and taking risks. Over time, I’ve also been able to adopt the laid-back attitude of people.”

Asude traveled to Latin America with our organization for four months. She worked in our hostels in Mexico and Guatemala and helped in our children’s aid project in Colombia. In this report, Asude shares her impressions and also gives valuable tips, for future travelers.

Teilnehmerin am Strand von Mexiko
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“I could write whole books about why Mexico is simply breathtaking. Rarely have I met such warm and hospitable people and you see everything in a much more relaxed and laid back way. I can definitely say that I fell in love with the country of Mexico and would go back anytime.”

Our participant Marlene traveled to Mexico for six months. There she worked, among other things, in a hostel in paradisiacal Tulum, on the famous Riviera Maya.

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