Have you long dreamed of leaving the comfort of your own home to explore the vast world? Do you want to expand your horizons, experience a new culture, gain practical experience, and learn a new language?

The combination of traveling and working allows you to spend an extended period abroad, see many different places and countries, meet wonderful people from all corners of the world, and gain valuable experiences for your future life.

Our Offer is diverse: You work in Hostels, on Farms, in a Surf- or one Diving school - There is the right offer for everyone. Also the duration of the trip is flexible. Whether you want to spend one or up to twelve months in Latin America, whether you want to work in one or many programs - we will put together your individual Work & Travel program.

Quick Facts

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About work and travel

What is Work and Travel?

Work and Travel is a concept that enables young people to work and travel during a stay abroad. With WanderWorld Travel, you can choose the work that suits your interests from a wide range of programs. We offer different areas, such as working in a hostel, on a farm or in a surfing and diving school. Work & Travel offers you the opportunity to get to know an international working environment abroad, acquire new skills and immerse yourself in a different culture. You live in another country for at least a month or longer and have enough free time to explore the surroundings and have lots of fun alongside your work. After taking part in a project, we recommend planning two to four weeks of free travel time. You can devote yourself entirely to traveling and visit all corners of the country.

How can you realize a Work & Travel in Latin America? First of all, you decide which country you would like to start your trip in. On the Caribbean beaches of Mexico, Costa Rica or Panama, in a colonial city in Colombia or Guatemala or in the middle of the Peruvian Andes? In the next step, you can choose between the different programs Hostel Experience, Farm Experience or Sport Experience. Once you have made your decision, select the duration and start date of the program. You can stay with an employer for between one and six months. The best way to find out which duration is right for you and the job in question is to arrange a personal consultation with us.

Of course, you should not only work in your dream country, but also discover it as a backpacker. That's why you can choose a travel period between your jobs that you can use for extensive exploration. How long you want to travel in the meantime is of course up to you. WanderWorld Travel provides you with personally developed itineraries for each country and we are happy to help you with any questions or problems during your travel time.

Our concept

With WanderWorld Travel, you can combine the programs and countries for the perfect Work & Travel stay according to your wishes. In a personal meeting, we will create an individual travel plan together and find the perfect mix of work and travel that meets your expectations. Once we have found your perfect program, which is tailored to your interests, travel duration and budget, we will send you all the documents you need to register and prepare for your trip. In the meantime, we will take care of reserving your program places. One month before your trip begins, you will receive detailed information about each project and tips for your free travel time.

Our aim is to make your Work & Travel adventure in Latin America as flexible and tailor-made as possible, whereby your individual experience and the fun of the jobs are particularly important to us. Our modular system gives you the opportunity to design your trip according to your own wishes and ideas and to combine different countries and projects. All our Work & Travel programs are carefully selected according to our quality standards. We place particular emphasis on positive experiences, interaction with locals and other travelers, social interaction and fun activities - so that work no longer seems like work. The work part of Work & Travel should also be seen as an integral part of the adventure. Here you can gain valuable work experience, meet interesting people and acquire new skills. Leisure time should not be neglected either, as you only really get to know a place when you stay there for a longer period of time. In this way, you will soon no longer feel like a tourist, but like a local and experience the fascinating culture as your own.

Why work and travel in Latin America?

A stay abroad is always an enriching experience. Living and working in an international environment, meeting new people every day and gaining new experiences make the trip perfect. As you expand your skills with interesting tasks, you will grow beyond yourself, become more independent, more open-minded and learn something new every day. You can gain work experience abroad and improve your English and Spanish language skills in the process. You also have the unique opportunity to experience the culture of the country and make contacts with people from all over the world.

The friendliness and helpfulness of Latin Americans, a good network of public transportation and the abundance of great and interesting employers make Latin America the ideal destination for a successful work & travel adventure. Latin America is unique and diverse, especially in terms of the different countries, landscapes and cultures. Each country has its own exciting culture, which is often very different from that of Germany. And yet this continent is not exactly known for Work & Travel, on the contrary. If you ask around among your friends, they often talk about Australia, New Zealand or Asia. But that's only an advantage for you! The countries are not yet overcrowded and you are venturing into something new and special, you have more exciting stories to tell that you haven't already heard on every corner. Another advantage is that traveling to Latin America is not only fantastically beautiful, but also unbeatably cheap, especially compared to other work and travel countries.

Work & Travel in Latin America is not yet widespread, but that's what makes it special. In contrast to countries such as Australia, it is not yet common for employers here to specifically look for young travelers for jobs. Nevertheless, Latin America offers excellent job opportunities. You can find jobs that really match your interests. Here we see work not just as a stopover between trips, but as an integral part of your adventure.

Another advantage is that you don't need a visa for Work & Travel in Latin America and don't have to meet any strict requirements. You are simply traveling as a tourist during your stay, which makes the process more relaxed.

In Latin America, it is not common for backpackers to be paid for their work due to the low wage level. But don't worry, our programs include accommodation and often some food in return for your work. It's a fair deal, especially when you consider that you won't be working more than 30 hours a week and have plenty of free time to explore the area.

If you then explore the countries on your own, you will realize how affordable life is locally. Transportation, accommodation and food are very cheap in Latin America compared to other places. This saves money and allows you to experience more. We are happy to help you plan your trip.

Our Work and Travel offers


Hostel Experience

You will be surrounded by young travelers from all over the world and enjoy the cool hostel vibes. Live in the hostel and assist with tasks at the reception, bar, maintenance and events.

Farm Work

Immerse yourself in farm life and become an expert in growing fruit and vegetables and looking after the animals. You will learn new farming skills and make contact with the locals.

Sport Experience

You work in the surf or dive store at the reception and do your favorite activity on the side! Learn to surf or dive from the experts and enjoy your free time on the beach.

Hostel Experience

You are surrounded by young travelers from all over the world and enjoy the cool hostel vibes.

Farm Work

Immerse yourself in farm life and become an expert in growing fruit and vegetables.

Sport Experience

You work at the reception desk in the surf or dive store and pursue your favorite pastime on the side!

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