Your trip to Mayan ruins and volcanoes

Our secret tip and cherished place: Guatemala! If you want to live in the most beautiful colonial city, climb active volcanoes, and bathe in deep blue lakes, then pack your backpack and head to the Land of Volcanoes! During a Work and Travel adventure in Guatemala, you'll expand your horizons daily: You'll learn about the centuries-old culture and traditions of the Maya, marvel at the wonderful colonial architecture, and enjoy impressive landscapes. With the friendly locals, you'll quickly feel at home and soon master the Spanish language. But Guatemala is above all else: authentic. It's not yet overrun by tourism and has preserved its quirks and culture. Therefore, it's an absolute recommendation for your Work and Travel experience. A country as contrasting as it gets is waiting for you to explore.

By the way: If you'd rather participate in social projects in Guatemala instead of doing Work and Travel, then check out our programs for Volunteering in Guatemala .

Quick Facts

Our work and travel projects in Guatemala

Hostel experience

During a Work and Travel experience in one of Guatemala's most beautiful locations, the colonial city of  Antigua, you'll be involved in the Hostel Experience, where you'll be welcoming young travelers from around the world. You'll greet guests, plan activities, or mix drinks at the bar. In Antigua, not only does the volcano rumble, but so does the dance floor. The city's bars and some hostels are known for lively celebrations and dancing.

During your free time, you can stroll through the streets of Antigua, explore the colorful markets, and on weekends, head to the beach or other exciting destinations. During your Work and Travel adventure, you'll meet people from all over the world and quickly form new friendships that often last a long time.

Farm work

You want to work in harmony with nature? Then Work and Travel on the Guatemalan Eco Farm is just right for you.

Here you will get to know and love self-sufficiency based on the centuries-old Mayan culture. You take care of the animals and plants every day and never get bored. Sustainability is a top priority on the farm. In addition to farm work, there are workshops, recycling art projects and an eco-market where you can get actively involved. During your work on the farm, you will always be in contact with like-minded volunteers and the friendly staff.

The city of Antigua and nearby excursion destinations offer you numerous leisure activities. If you only spend a month on our favorite farm, you will be spoilt for choice between the many adventures and experiences that Guatemala has to offer.


5 good reasons
5 good reasons why a stay abroad in Guatemala is something very special:


Climb the dramatic Acatenango volcano. Hiking up an active volcano and spending the night there is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You will be rewarded for the three-hour climb with a breathtaking view.


Visit the mysterious ruins of the Mayan capital Tikal. Hidden in the jungle lie the huge sitesthat take you back to a magical time.


Experience heaven on earth at Lake Atitlán. Watch the deep blue water drift peacefully past small fishing villages. Marvel at the greenery and cliffs that surround the lake, as well as the imposing volcanoes in the background.


Learn perfect Spanish during your stay abroad in Guatemala. With our language course In Antigua, you will learn the basics of the language during your work and travel. Through daily practice, you will put everything into practice fluently. By the way, people in Guatemala speak particularly slow and clear Spanish!


Enjoy the best coffee in its birthplace. Strong, full of flavor - right at the place of origin. This will make your Work and Travel adventure even more intense!

Antigua is your new home! Soon you will be using this colorful city and you won't want to leave. Let yourself be enchanted by Antigua and the wonderful people and you will find your way around the small town after just a few days and discover one sight after another. During a Work & Travel in Guatemala, there are various types of accommodation available depending on the project. Whether in a quiet hostel or a party hostel, during the Hostel Experience you will quickly get to know your flatmates. Shared room and get to know travelers from all over the world in the kitchen or in the cozy Communal areas into conversation. The hostel will not only be your workplace, but also your home, where you can take part in cool activities, parties or game nights after your working hours. In the hostels, breakfast is usually included free of charge (depending on the hostel), and there is a kitchen and numerous inexpensive restaurants available for other meals.

If you prefer Farm Work, you'll live in our beautiful Guesthouse in Antigua during this program. The Guesthouse offers a choice between a shared dormitory or single room. All residents share the communal kitchen and enjoy a stunning rooftop terrace with views of the volcano. During your workdays on the farm, you'll receive lunch, and in your free time, you can participate in various activities such as yoga, sports, recycling art, second-hand markets, and much more.

Antigua offers all travelers the perfect starting point to explore together, take excursions through parks, or discover the vibrant nightlife. Moreover, you can reach the city center and all necessary shops on foot.

If you land at the airport in Guatemala City, our driver will pick you up and take you directly to your accommodation in Antigua.

Why WanderWorld?

Would you like to do a Work & Travel in Guatemala, but don't know how to organize your trip? WanderWorld Travel has a Years of expertise in the accompaniment of volunteers in Latin America. We work exclusively with personally selected projects and know which program best suits your interests and ideas. Part of our international team lives in Guatemala and we are very familiar with the country and the conditions. We are ourselves passionate world traveler and are at your side with lots of experience and travel tips. With our local contacts, we make it possible to close contact to our participants and personal support throughout the trip. While you can concentrate fully on preparing for your trip, we take care of the Organization of your itinerary and enable you to take part in exciting Work & Travel programs. We take care of booking flights, picking you up from the airport, booking accommodation, buying a SIM card and much more for you and answer any questions you may have.


Where should your ADVENTURE TAKE PLACE?

Lake Atitlan in Guatemala
Lago Atitlán,
Lago Atitlán is a must-see for anyone traveling to Guatemala! The clear and deep blue lake is surrounded by three mighty volcanoes and mountains. Surrounding the large lake are small villages, each with its own charm and tradition. To get from one place to another, you travel on the lake in small scheduled boats.
Church tower of Antigua with volcano in the background
Antigua is beautiful and impressive in many ways, with its colorful houses, cobblestone streets and many small stores, restaurants and cafés. The surrounding volcanoes offer a spectacular view and invite you to hike and dream.
Way into the Dschnugel
This is the second largest remaining tropical rainforest in the whole of America - simply impressive. There are numerous smaller lakes and historical Mayan ruins in the surrounding area. For example, the former Mayan city of Tikal. There you can experience the huge temples and the exciting history of the Mayas up close.


IN Guatemala

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Alejandro, our contact in Antigua, is Guatemalan and grew up between Guatemala City and Antigua. His intimate knowledge of the country is unparalleled, and he can answer any question you might have. Alejandro has a background in history and is eager to explain the cultural development of the country. During the orientation in Antigua, he'll guide you through a walking tour of his hometown and share insider tips on the coolest restaurants and bars in the city. Alejandro is always attentive to our participants and you can rely on him throughout your stay in Guatemala. He's also available to assist with bus trips and travel routes.


Explore the unique diversity of leisure activities in Guatemala. From impressive volcanoes to ancient Maya ruins and vibrant markets – experience the best that this fascinating country has to offer.





Would you like to experience a new culture and do something good at the same time? Then volunteering is just the right thing for you to experience a country like a local.

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Are you a nature and animal lover and longing to get your hands dirty in the bright sunshine? Then our Farm Experience program is the right place for you.


Would you like to experience culture and do something good? Then volunteering is just the thing for you.

Language trip

Would you like to learn a language and experience a unique culture? Then take a language trip to Latin America!
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Are you a nature lover and enjoy getting your hands dirty? Then our farm program is the right place for you.

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