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Work and Travel in Peru

Your adventure in the land of the Inca


Mysterious ruins from the time of the Incas, alpacas on the famous Machu Picchu or admiring snowy mountain peaks while hiking: The land of the Incas will definitely surprise you! If you want to get out of Europe and explore the world, Peru is the perfect option. The country will broaden your horizons and you can get to know exciting cultures and landscapes. There is a reason Peru is one of the most fascinating and diverse countries in South America and is therefore ideal for a work and travel adventure of a special kind. Not without reason the destination is becoming more and more popular among backpackers, because Peru can hardly be surpassed in versatility! With a Work & Travel you have the advantage that you are directly integrated into a project and your accommodation is already taken care of. So you can discover this breathtaking country without any worries!

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From taking care of international travelers in a hostel to working on an authentic Peruvian horse ranch – during your work and travel in Peru you have the choice between different exciting fields of work. Find out how your work and travel in Peru can be the trip of a lifetime:

Work and Travel in a Hostel in Peru –

Your unforgettable Hostel Experience

With our Hostel Experience Peru you can choose between Lima and Cusco for your hostel work:

Lamas in Peru


Cusco, located in the heart of the former Inca Empire at over 3,400 meters, magically attracts travelers from all over the world. Small alleys, countless bars and excellent restaurants crisscross the city. Cusco is also the starting point for exploring the ruins of Machu Picchu, the Rainbow Mountains and the Sacred Valley.

Malecon in Lima


Lima is lively, exciting and will surprise you every day. The capital of Peru is located directly on the coast and every day there is something new to experience here.

By the way: If you prefer to work on social or environmental projects during your stay abroad in Peru, or if you want to combine it with one of our Work and Travel programs, check out Volunteering in Peru!

This is what the Hostel Experience in Peru is all about:


While working and traveling in a hostel, you will receive guests from all over the world at the reception, mix drinks at the bar, organize beer pong tournaments or show young people the most beautiful corners of the city as a tour guide.

Our hostels in Peru are among the most popular and largest in the city, so there’s always a lot going on. So you should be in the mood for a hustle and bustle and a party or two. Of course, you will also find relaxing places to retreat.

You will improve your language skills (the Spanish course is included!), make new friends and experience adventures together.

Besides your varied activities in the hostel, you will always have enough free time to get to know magical Peru intensively.

Do you prefer rural tranquility and working with animals? The Work and Travel Experience in Peru offers you that, too:

After many years of school or university, is there anything better than exploring distant countries for a longer period of time?

Man im traditonellen Gewand

Farm Work with horses on the ranch in Peru

Teilnehmerin mit Pferd

In the idyllic Peruvian village of Pacora you will be surrounded by nature while working with the horses on the ranch – so you have endless space to ride your horses extensively.

And the most beautiful beaches of Peru are only an hour bus ride away.

If you choose the farm work option for your work and travel, you can pursue your passion for horses in traditional agricultural work, as well as enjoy the natural landscapes and beaches. You will dive deep into the daily life of a professional horse ranch and get to know and love the Peruvian country life.

Why stay abroad in Peru?

5 good reasons!


Here are 5 good reasons why staying abroad in Peru is something very special:


The stay abroad that expands your consciousness. The ruins of Machu Picchu will take your breath away. You can immerse yourself in a multicultural country full of traditions. You are guaranteed to take home special memories that you will cherish for decades to come.


Peru is incredibly authentic. Peruvians live with nature, not striving so much for western influence and consumerism. So during your work and travel stay you come into contact with a completely different lifestyle – instead of traveling to a “second Europe or USA” as it is the case in some countries.


Peruvians are great hosts. You will quickly notice this during your stay abroad: The locals are usually open and curious towards you as a visitor. They want to learn more about you as a German or help you with your trip.


A cheap country to work and travel. Since accommodation is included in the program, you only pay for food and transportation. In urban areas you can get by with 5-10€ for a meal in a restaurant, in rural areas even cheaper. Public transportation is authentic and very cheap – about 1€ per ride.


The diverse, breathtaking nature. Whether it’s the coast, the mountains or the jungle, during your stay in Peruvian nature you will experience the incredible beauty of the country with the most World Heritage Sites and protected habitats. In Peru’s nature you can hike, ride horses or surf great waves.

Year abroad in Peru:

Create dreamlike memories after school or college

After high school, college, or in between, your perfect time to break out of your everyday German life with a year abroad in Peru – and try something completely new.

When you do a year abroad in Peru, you can travel around a lot, learn fluent Spanish and make new friends.

The WanderWorld Travel program offers you a reliable partner at your side.

After many years of school or university, is there anything better than exploring distant countries for a longer period of time?

Experience reports on Work and Travel in Peru



Anyone who has participated in one of our programs in Peru has a lot to tell afterwards:

In their work and travel stories, participants tell of wonderful experiences in Peru that have enriched their lives and broadened their horizons:

Teilnehmerin mit Alpakas
Symbol für Anführungszeichen

“On the Hostel Experience in Cusco, I got up in the morning, had a Spanish lesson with a private instructor from WanderWorld, went to the market, and worked at the hostel. In the evening, we all met at the bar to end the day together. I also came into contact with Peruvian culture many times. I will never forget the friendliness and warmth of the people. I had very enriching conversations, made great contacts and just met cool people.”

Emilia’s experience report from Work and Travel in Peru

Teilnehmerin im Pool in Lima
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“There were so many great and unique moments with so many people. Whether it was beach trips or the endless party nights with my work colleague from the hostel. I met so many people that I instantly felt connected to.”

Tabitha’s report from the Hostel Experience in Lima, Peru

Laguna in Peru
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“With Wanderworld I spent 2 months in a great hostel in Cusco, Peru. The hostel that was chosen for me was just amazing! I contacted WanderWorld about half a year in advance and expressed my wishes and these were exactly addressed. Everything went super easy, there was someone there for me to talk to throughout. I felt totally comfortable and would recommend it to anyone! Peru is a breathtaking country, in no way comparable to Germany. It is optimal for traveling, as I did.”

Leonie’s experience in Cusco

It gives us a great feeling that our participants report such wonderful experiences from Peru.

Maybe you will write your own work and travel story now!

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