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Our concept

Our goal is to make your Work & Travel adventure in Latin America as flexible and individual as possible. The focus is on your personal experience, the fun of your jobs and traveling. Through our modular system you can arrange your trip according to your wishes and ideas. All our programs have been personally selected according to our quality standards, and all our jobs focus on the experience, contact with locals and other travelers, social work or just having fun – so work doesn’t feel like work at all.
Don’t waste the time you get to spend abroad with monotonous, long days of work that don’t help you develop or give back to the country. At WanderWorld Travel, we believe that the part of Work & Travel where our participants are not traveling but working should also be a part of the adventure. Gain exciting work experience, meet exciting people and acquire brand new skills. Free time should not be neglected either, because only by living in one place for a longer period of time do you really get to know it. Soon you won’t feel like a tourist anymore, but like a local, and make the exciting new culture your own.

Your travel preparation

What does the travel preparation look like with us? After your registration for a project, you will receive a preparation package with individual flight and insurance offers, health information, a packing list, budget planning, travel routes and information about the visa and entry requirements. If you like the offers, we will gladly book the flights and insurances for you, but this is not obligatory. Furthermore, we will answer all your questions.

About 4 weeks before your departure we organize an online preparation seminar, in which we discuss topics such as travel documents, entry, the first days on site and much more. You can also get to know the other participants. Furthermore, before your departure we will send you detailed information about your project, such as the address, how to get there by public transport, accommodation, tasks and packing list. In addition, you will receive a schedule for the introductory meeting with the respective contact person in the destination country and details about the pick-up from the airport.

At any point in your travel preparation, we will be available to answer any questions you may have via email or phone so that you feel fully prepared. In our blog you will find numerous testimonials, which can also help you with your travel preparations.

Ronja with Backpack

Ronja’s travel preparation

Ronja was on the road with us for almost a year in Peru, Colombia and Costa Rica. On our Instagram channel, she reports on how she prepared for the long journey and her great adventure in Latin America and tells us about her exciting experiences.

Our building block system

The fulfillment of your dreams and wishes of an unforgettable Work & Travel experience is our top priority. That’s why we put a special focus on designing your trip individually according to your ideas and interests. In extensive conversations we get to know you and together we find out what kind of programs you are interested in, which countries you are interested in and how long you want to be on the road. As a result, we will design and organize a trip perfectly tailored to your wishes. Have you always wanted to work for a good cause, in a social project or in animal welfare? Do you want to get your hands dirty on a farm? Or would you like to work in a hostel together with like-minded people from all over the world?


In our booking tool you can compose your trip according to your wishes based on the following criteria:

Dream Country

First you decide in which country you want to start your trip. On the Caribbean beach of Mexico, Costa Rica or Panama, in a colonial city in Colombia or Guatemala or in the middle of the Peruvian Andes? In your first chosen country you will start your introductory course, if necessary your language course and also your first program. You can find our dream countries here.

First program

In the next step you can choose between the different programs Hostel Experience, Volunteer Work, Farm Experience, Sport Experience or Internship Abroad. There is something for everyone. Don’t forget, if you want you can try everything once. You can find our programs here.


Once you have made your decision, you choose the duration and start date of the program. You can stay with an employer for between one and six months. The best way to find out which duration is suitable for you and the respective job is a personal consultation with us.


Of course you should not only work in your dream country, but also discover it as a backpacker. Therefore, you can choose a travel period between your jobs, which you can use for extensive explorations. How long you want to travel in the meantime is of course up to you. Our contact persons in Germany or locally will be happy to advise you at any time about different destinations and possibilities, provide you with personally developed itineraries and are of course always available to help you with questions and problems during your travel time.

Second program

If you don’t want to go home right after your first program, you can of course choose further programs. Maybe this time in another country to gain even more new impressions? No problem. Move on and discover another of our dream countries. These are wonderful to travel to due to their geographic location and convenient public transportation. Every single one of our countries will enchant you.

In total, you can create a program from one to 12 months.

Are you still undecided which is the best combination for you? Then click here and contact us. We are looking forward to meeting you and advising you on your personal dream trip.

Your dream trip could look like this, using Peru as an example

Graduated from high school and finally be free. You surely share this unique feeling with all your classmates. But what sets you apart from your peers is your courage to actually live your freedom and set off on your own to magical Latin America.

The first step towards your dream has been taken: the trip is booked, the first job is fixed and all further preparations have been made.

Now you’re sitting excitedly on the plane and can hardly believe it – but it’s true: soon you’ll be traveling to your dream country in a very special way!

So that you are not left on your own, we will welcome you at the airport and accompany you to your first hostel, where you can make first contacts and explore your temporary place of residence.

Within the first few days, we will also organize a welcome event for you. Different people, different stories, similar backgrounds – united in a foreign country. Exchange valuable ideas and perceptions over dance and music as well as a Pisco Sour in Peru or a Margarita in Mexico. Of course, we are at your side as experts with any country-related tips and tricks.

And that’s how fast it goes – you’re already in the middle of your adventure!

Usually you can get by with English knowledge. But it is much nicer to communicate with the locals in their language. Therefore, you first attend a language course to acquire all the basics or to refresh and deepen your existing knowledge.

During the course you will also have enough time to explore the city and the surrounding area or to go on your first weekend trips to the surrounding area. There is no lack of possibilities and you will certainly not get bored.

But now you’ll also want to get active and lend a hand yourself. Get to know your new employer at your first stop in Lima and adapt to the local conditions.

Receive guests from all over the world at the reception or mix cocktails in the bar – and at the same time you will have a lot of fun and get to know new people and stories every day. Impressive backgrounds that will influence you even on your life path.

After work, the day really starts. Lima is a modern metropolis like you probably never imagined a Latin American city could be. And what’s more, the city is so diverse that you certainly won’t get bored.

Go for an hour-long walk along the coast on a beautifully designed promenade. The magical sunsets you’ll experience there are something you’ll tell your grandchildren about. At the same time, watch the many professional surfers who pursue their passion here and try your hand at surfing the ocean waves.

If you still have energy afterwards, head to the never-ending party scene – from salsa to reggeaton to house and all-ages music, you’ll find it all in Lima.

Of course, you also have to check out Lima’s colonial city center, with thousands of years of history and culture. Along the way, you’ll pass by several other parts of the city, none of which resembles the other.

Once you’ve had enough of city life, head off to the next adventure – and one that we in Europe are not familiar with: the jungle. The local population has a completely different lifestyle than you found in Lima. This is where the “real” Peru begins. Of course, you have to expect a little bit easier circumstances there. But the jungle experience pays off.

Of course you can’t miss the magical city of Cusco. A place full of culture that will exceed your expectations. Learn all about the Inca culture and visit one of the 7 wonders of the world. But the city also has a lot to offer. Go trekking in the Sacred Valley or enjoy the international party scene in the city.

Even if Peru has already enchanted and captivated you, you haven’t traveled so far to South America just to get to know a country. Even if it is hard for you to leave behind your newly won international and local friends and at the same time surrogate family, you are now drawn further. Let’s go to the next adventure: after only a few hours flight you will reach the country of the conqueror Columbus. If the people in Peru already seemed nice to you, in Colombia you have arrived in your personal paradise.

Conquer the city life in Bogota and Medellín, explore the Caribbean coast from chaotic Cartagena, reminiscent of Cuba, to Santa Marta and visit the famous Tayrona National Park. Jungle, white beaches, turquoise waters, mountains and coffee plantations – a wonderful new experience.

In the morning you’ll fortify yourself with arepas while you plan your daily program and prepare for your next job. This time you will work on a farm, which is also a hostel, in the middle of nowhere in the idyllic jungle.

But after one month you want to see something different. No problem, just treat yourself to a complete month of travel. You can use this time to visit the south of the country or the hidden beauties on the Pacific coast. The world is your oyster.