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Our standards

We at WanderWorld love Latin America and want to share this passion with many other young travelers. To this end, we have compiled a diverse range of Work & Travel programs over the past few years. There is something for everyone, whether it is farm work, supporting a social project, working in a hostel, learning a new sport or an internship. Most importantly for us, we have personally selected and visited all of our programs on site to check the jobs for quality and our standards. So we stand wholeheartedly behind each of our programs and are continually expanding our offerings.

Everything at first hand…

When we select our projects and workplaces, we visit them personally and always get our own picture on site. For this purpose, our founder Sophia travels half of the year through Latin America, looks around for new exciting jobs, stays in constant contact with our projects, farms and hostels and looks after what is going on. Our partners have become friends and confidants over the past years.
In addition, the purpose of our programs is also very important to us. We make sure that our programs are non-profit, which means that our participants’ work is not about the employer’s profit, but about a good local cause. Working conditions also play a key role for us. The local employees are paid and treated fairly according to Latin American standards. The placement fee for our work goes towards the accommodation and meals of our participants.
Through our own travels and years of experience in organizing trips, we know what young people dream of and what should not be missing from an unforgettable Work & Travel trip. Of course, we take special care that the jobs we offer are fun, exciting and varied tasks for our participants and that the atmosphere at the workplace is right. Respect is required from all sides, so that volunteers, backpackers and locals can pull together and work together in a relaxed manner. Furthermore, we pay special attention to the cleanliness and safe location of the workplace and accommodation, regulated working hours with enough free time to discover the new home and the possibility to eat healthy and balanced.
For these very reasons, we are a small travel agency that deliberately arranges only a certain number of places. We like to stand out from the crowd of other providers because of our personal consultation, our individual support and our high quality jobs.

…and from one hand

We are proud that we do not purchase any of our programs from local agencies and only refer our participants there. All our offered programs we have searched ourselves, visited and selected with our quality standards. This is the only way we can always keep an overview, provide our participants with ideal advice and perfectly coordinate the programs. Due to the close contact to our participants, our workplaces and contact persons on site, the communication channels are short and uncomplicated. This makes us flexible and our work transparent. In this way, we ensure that we react quickly in all situations and that our participants always have a contact person who takes care of every concern, who is there for them and who gives them a feeling of security.

Our love for Latin America

Our team consists of experienced world travelers and backpackers who have lost their heart to Latin America. We were born there, have lived there or still live there. Manuel is Mexican and was born and raised in Guadalajara. Sophia has already traveled the entire continent and still spends most of the year there looking for the best jobs for our participants. Caro lived in South America for the first time during school and still loves the continent today. And our contacts in our program countries are locals or Germans who live there permanently. We call the continent our home, have already mastered all the challenges ourselves, discovered the most beautiful places and collected insider tips for our participants. That’s why we are familiar with the different cultures, conditions and peculiarities on site and prepare our participants accordingly intensively for their trip. We are always available with advice and support, know exactly in which places it is safe for our participants and which areas they should better avoid.

For many more generations of backpackers

The topic of sustainability has played a major role at WanderWorld Travel since its founding, because we love traveling and want to preserve the wonders of this earth for future generations. We do not print catalogs and send important documents by mail only upon urgent request. Furthermore, our focus is on long-term travel, minimalist backpacking, and not only fulfilling a dream for our participants, but also giving back to countries along the way and working to make positive changes. In this way, we provide our participants with a unique experience surrounded by new cultures, exciting workplaces, and paradisiacal nature – while keeping our environmental footprint as small as possible. Our programs support non-profit organizations, social projects, fair working conditions or revolve entirely around sustainability. Even when planning our participants’ itineraries, we offer personally developed recommendations based on these very principles.