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Learn Spanish in Mexico


Do you also want to learn a new language? Then sign up now for a language study trip to Mexico.

In enchanting Mexico you can learn Spanish at long-standing language schools and explore Mexico and its rich culture after your Spanish course. A Spanish course is the perfect start in the dream country of Mexico to get to know the country and its people authentically. Order a tequila at the beach bar or take a tour in Spanish through one of the many colonial cities. No problem for you after your language course.

In the different language courses you can raise your knowledge to the next level in individual or group lessons.

Reasons to take a language course in Mexico


Why go to Mexico for a language course? Mexico is probably the first country that comes to mind when most people talk about Latin America, and rightly so!

With its size, the country offers the perfect starting point for a language study trip for any type of traveler. While more and more young locals speak English, Mexicans love their culture, which is deeply connected to the Spanish language. To understand and experience this during your trip, a Spanish course in Mexico is a great opportunity.

But also in the Volunteer and Work & Travel programs your personal experience will be completely different when you can talk to the local project staff in the local language.

Also, in your Spanish course you will have the opportunity to meet other backpackers from all over the world who are on their language trip through Mexico similar to you.

Große Maya Pyramide mit kleinen Pyramiden davor

You want to get involved in a social project after your language course in Mexico?

After your language course in Mexico, you will be perfectly prepared to participate in your Work & Travel program or volunteer project of your choice to make your language trip unforgettable. We have programs in different areas to get involved in the country and give something back.

Could you imagine going to Mexico for a language study trip? Sign up for a no-obligation wanderlust consultation with us and we’ll talk about all your questions about language courses and projects.

Our language school in Oaxaca, Mexico

Straße mit bunten Häusern

Your language study trip to a host family in Oaxaca offers you on the one hand the opportunity to learn the language, but on the other hand also to get to know the country and its people in a genuine way. The Mexicans are very hospitable and appreciate it very much if you try to communicate with them in Spanish. It is easier to start a conversation and you will be invited to spend the next holiday with the family of your new friend. Accompanying this, you will attend your language course in a small but renowned language school. Here, too, the teaching of Latin American culture is present. After your Spanish course, you will be able to join different activities of the language school, such as a cumbia or cooking night, together with the participants and teachers.

If you are looking for the “real Mexico”, then Oaxaca is the right place for your language study trip. The coolest city in Mexico in our eyes has a lot to offer. The city with its colorful houses and the cobblestone streets exude a mysterious and intoxicating flair.

In addition, Oaxaca is a mecca for foodies. The abundance of restaurants serving local delicacies, such as mole, which is famous for the region, and the markets, where you can also sample grasshoppers, are worth a visit in themselves. Otherwise, you’ll find impressive craftsmanship, regional chocolate and superior coffee, among other things, at the markets. You will not get bored during your Spanish course in Oaxaca.

Late at night you can linger with the locals in the beautifully lit squares and then end the evening in one of the countless bars.

Strand in Puerto Escondido

During your Spanish course you will live with a host family that will immerse you completely in Mexico, not only linguistically but also culturally.

The school believes that students should not only benefit from theory, but also learn from living with a local family.

Connecting with a family and making new friends will make Oaxaca your new home even faster during your language study trip. In the mornings you can have breakfast with your host family and experience what mornings are like in a Mexican family.

Unterkunft Oaxaca
Zimmer in Oaxaca

Due to the small size of the language school, all your wishes can be individually catered for. Here you can choose between four different levels and intensity. The focus is on conversations with grammar units. In addition, there are writing and comprehension exercises.

Included in the program are 15 hours of one-to-one Spanish lessons per week starting at 9am. This gives you time to have breakfast with your host family in the morning and explore the area of Oaxaca in the afternoon with new friends from the town or the language school.

The perfect mixture of practice and theory for a language trip where you will not get bored so quickly, as we find. Here you will not only learn the language, but also the culture.

Oaxaca Schriftzug mit Kirche im Hintergrund
Menschen in bunter Kleidung auf der Straße

Oaxaca is the cultural and historical center of Mexico. Here you will find imposing buildings and exotic markets with food and handicrafts. The variety of restaurants and bars is limitless.

In addition, the long Pacific coast invites you to surf. In general, the city attracts athletes from all over the world, because here people surf, practice yoga and dance a lot (salsa). In addition, there are many breathtaking galleries and museums to admire.

In the afternoon, after your Spanish course, you can stroll along the cobblestone streets, visit the church or just relax. You can end the evening with your new friends in one of the cozy bars. There you should try Mezcal, a specialty in the area.

At the language school, you will not only learn Spanish in class, but the school will also make sure that you get in touch with the language and culture as much as possible outside of the language course. The teachers themselves are so enthusiastic about their beautiful language that their lessons offer more than just learning a language. The school regularly organizes pottery classes to learn about the arts and crafts of the region, city tours, excursions beyond Oaxaca, cooking classes for traditional Mexican food such as corn tortillas, or dance classes in salsa, cumbia and meringue.

Here, language students from all over the world come together to experience the culture of their temporary adopted country for their language study trip together with the local teachers.

Bar mit bunten Schildern
Nahaufnahme Taco Stand

Services and prices


  • 1. Week: 440,00 €
  • Any extra week: 380,00 €


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Language school in Puerto Escondido, Mexico


In our language school in the paradisiacal Puerto Escondido, a modern Spanish school with exciting learning methods and a varied leisure program awaits you.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, for over 40 years our language school has made it its goal to teach travelers from all over the world the Spanish language as a foreign language with patience, fun and a family environment. Come to Puerto Escondido and let yourself be captivated by the Mexican flair.

The school is located close to the beach and the city, so you will have the best of both worlds during your language study trip. Enjoy your Spanish course in the tropical garden of the school’s campus and spend your afternoons on the beach or end them in one of the numerous bars with new friends.

Türkisblaues Wasser mit Palmen

Do you love the sand between your toes, the wind between your hair and the smell of the salty sea air? Then start your language study trip in Puerto Escondido.

Puerto Escondido translates as “hidden harbor” and is a vacation town of about 25,000 people on the Pacific coast in southern Mexico. The city is above all a destination for bathing tourists and surfers.

Our language school in the city offers you the perfect mix of a Spanish course, which will feel like a vacation due to the environment and the nice atmosphere between the teachers and you.

The place will quickly become your second home with its Mexican flair and the friendships you will make.

Menschen schauen sich Surf Contest an
Frau am Strand

Your room is located in the middle of the green campus of the language school. There are mixed dormitories as well as women’s dorms.

Your new roommates are, just like you, also on their language trip in Puerto Escondido and attend the same language course as you. Therefore, you will spend a lot of time with them and deep friendships can develop which can last a lifetime.

Before your Spanish course you will all have breakfast together, which is included in the program price. The accommodation includes a shared kitchen and various common areas to relax, such as a pool.

Stühle im Garten
Bunk Bed

After your breakfast your Spanish course will start. This is divided into 15 hours of group classes per week. You can expect a perfect mix of theory and practice and you can participate in numerous other activities.

In addition to the language courses, the school organizes cultural and sports activities for the students. The weekly program is a great opportunity to learn more about Mexican culture and, most importantly, to take a break from learning. Learn to dance salsa, cook Mexican food together, learn about prehispanic cultures and Mexican festivals, learn Aztec dances and enjoy what else Puerto Escondido has to offer.

The instructors have many years of experience in teaching the Spanish language and know how to do it in a fun and passionate way.

Bunte Früchte
Straße mit Palmen und alten Vans

After your intensive Spanish course in the morning, you can spend your time with other students in the school’s tropical garden and apply what you have learned directly in dialogue or go on some excursions.

One block away is the beach and a few minutes walk away is the center of Puerto Escondido. In fact, the small Puerto Escondido, with about 25,000 inhabitants, has a lot to offer and among surfers it enjoys an excellent reputation. Here you will find the “Mex Pipe”: a wave that is similarly powerful and can also be found in Hawaii. Maybe you dare to get on a board and ride some waves or join the regular yoga classes of the school. It is also possible to participate in the capoeira lessons, kayak tours, horseback riding, diving excursions, fishing trips or cooking classes to fully immerse yourself in Mexico.

But also to relax, Puerto Escondido offers many bars and cafes overlooking the sea, where you can pass the time with a book and the sounds of the waves. During your language course in Puerto Escondido you can expect adventure, beautiful nature and the cultural center of Mexico.

It’s one of our favorite places because it’s authentic and cozy, yet captivating. In the end, you will be proud of yourself after your language trip, especially about what you have learned during your “vacation”.

Straße mit Palmen und bunten Geschäften
Junge auf einem Surfbrett im Barrel

Services and prices


  • 1. Week: 500,00 €
  • Any extra week: 400,00 €


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