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Work and Travel Testimonials

Our participants talk about their experiences with WanderWorld Travel and tell us about their Work and Travel trip or their volunteer work in Latin America.

“It was already clear to me during my school years that I wanted to go abroad. Where and how was the question, and after some research I came across WanderWorld Travel and Latin America. I thought the programmes were really cool and the places super exciting.

About four months before, I booked my trip. I teamed up with a friend and we decided on the Hostel Experience in Guatemala and the Teaching Project in Costa Rica.

WanderWorld called us several times and answered all our questions. After booking, we received a super preparation package with a packing list, checklist and route planner through the countries, including budget planning.

Especially because it was our first backpacker trip, this really took away a lot of fears. My excitement and curiosity grew with each passing day as we approached our departure for Guatemala.”

You can read about Laura’s experiences in Guatemala here:

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