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Volunteering in Mexico

Start your adventure


You have just finished school or graduated from university and are now looking for a very special challenge? During your volunteer work in Mexico, white beaches, perfect waves, exciting cities and one of the best cuisines in the world await you. While you are doing good on site, you will have the unique opportunity to get to know the country and its people from a completely different perspective: you will live and work together with the locals, experience their culture up close and personal and broaden your horizons. Whether you want to get involved in one of the children’s aid projects, animal welfare or environmental and marine protection in Mexico – thanks to WanderWorld Travel you have the chance to think outside the box during your volunteer service in Latin America!

Children’s aid projects in Mexico

Support social projects in Mexico


About 18 percent of the Mexican population lives in extreme poverty. Children born into one of these families in need often have difficult starting conditions: They cannot go to school, but have to work on the streets as vendors, car washers or shoe shiners to earn money for the family. Child welfare projects also give the poorest of the population access to childcare and education. Volunteers who get involved in social projects in Mexico help to create a place where children experience security and care. At the same time, they can develop freely, experience social interaction and learn important basics for life. With your support in one of our partner children’s aid projects, you pave the way for Mexican children to a more carefree future.

While you are leading lessons or different workshops for the children and teenagers, you will get to know other like-minded people. In your free time, the nearby beach is waiting for you to go surfing or you explore ancient Mayan ruins and small colonial towns together with other volunteers.

Kinder sitzen auf dem Boden und hören interessiert einem Lehrer zu

Your volunteer service in Mexico

Get involved in animal welfare

Ein brauner Hund

Like many social projects, animal welfare organizations receive no government funding and rely on donations and the important volunteer service. With your volunteer work in Mexico you can really make a difference:

For example, at the Animal Care Project on Isla Holbox. In the middle of this paradisiacal Caribbean island, you can care for dogs, cats and other injured or sick animals that live on Mexico’s streets. Together with the local staff you will take care of the animals as well as the maintenance of the shelter. Your tasks will also include daily walks on the island’s dream beaches. In your free time, exotic food, legendary beach parties and lots of relaxation under palm trees await you.

Declare war on climate change

Environmental and marine protection in Mexico


Climate change and the associated global warming are not stopping at Latin America. Entire parts of Mexico have been suffering from extreme drought for several years. The water shortage not only affects the population – agriculture and biodiversity also suffer from the consequences. In addition, increasing cruise tourism is causing problems on Mexico’s Caribbean beaches: Corals are dying and turtle eggs, which are also considered a delicacy among tourists, are becoming more and more endangered.

Discovering the sea as a habitat – that’s what many people want and book their next diving vacation. However, it is not only the arrival by plane that is problematic in terms of the environment: water pollution from sunscreen or the increasing fishing with trawl nets and dynamite are consequences of the growth in tourism. Global warming and natural events such as tsunamis and hurricanes, which are also directly related to climate change, have an even greater impact.

Sea turtles are an important link in the chain of the marine ecosystem. To ensure that turtle eggs do not fall prey to predators or animals on land, it is important to protect this living creature. At the turtle hatchery in Bajos de Chila, you will ensure that the baby turtles hatch safely in the hatchery. Afterwards you accompany the little turtles on their way to the sea.

Unsere Mitarbeiterin Lisa mit einer Baby Schildkröte am Strand

If you decide to join the conservation project on the Caribbean island of Cozumel, you will help the local team to restore the corals on the coasts of Mexico. During the so-called coral cleaning you will learn everything about the conservation and reproduction of corals. At the same time you can improve your diving skills. Find out more about the marine conservation project now and make your contribution to the fight against climate change with your volunteer service in Mexico!

Our projects in Mexico


At WanderWorld Travel you currently have the choice between three different children’s aid projects in Mexico:

Button für das Youth Development Programm Mexiko
Button für das Childcare Programm Mexiko
Button für das Teaching Programm Mexiko

At WanderWorld Travel, you currently have a choice of three different wildlife and conservation projects in Mexico:

Button für das Animal Care Programm Mexiko
Button für das Coral Protection Programm Mexiko
Button für das Turtle Protection Programm Mexiko

Voluntary Social Year in Mexico

Spend a year in the land of cacti


The Voluntary Social Year (FSJ) offers teenagers and young adults the opportunity to get involved in social institutions of all kinds. However, the location of your activity is not limited to Germany. If you have a thirst for adventure after finishing school, training or university, WanderWorld Travel offers you the chance to do an FSJ in Mexico. You can choose between a youth development project in Guadalajara and a teaching project in San Cristobal. Since a One Year Program is designed to give you as much and as broad an experience as possible, you can even support both organizations during your 12 months in Mexico. Just contact us, we will explain you the details!

Volunteer in Mexico with WanderWorld Travel


In order for you to fully enjoy your experience in Mexico, we take care of the “paperwork”: We take care of the transfer from the airport, book your language course on site and organize your accommodation during your entire stay. Whether you are interested in social projects, animal welfare or environmental protection organizations – with your volunteer work in Mexico you have the unique opportunity to lend a hand. In addition, you will immerse yourself in the foreign culture and get to know the country and its people. From our personal experience we can assure you: Mexicans are extremely hospitable and quickly integrate strangers into their circle of friends. The Mexican welcome culture is unique and it is not uncommon for lifelong friendships to develop. Get ready for an indescribable adventure in Mexico

Buntes Kleid


on volunteering in Mexico

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“Stay relaxed and calm and let it come to you, that’s my tip. No expectations, just let it happen. It will be much better than you think. You can freely do what you want from your heart and see the ocean every day.”

Vanessa volunteered at the Turtle Protection Project in Bajos de Chila, Mexico. There she enjoyed the beautiful beaches and living with the other participants. Working with the turtles made her stay an unforgettable experience.

Erfahrung zur Reise in Mexiko und der Arbeit mit Schildkröten
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“I love Latin America and especially Mexico because it gives me a certain feeling of home. I took a lot away from this trip and the food, the people, the environment, it all made my stay so unique.”

Rebecca supported two projects in Mexico at once: the Animal Shelter on Isla Holbox and in Guadalajara the Youth Development Project. In the process, she fell in love with Mexican culture above all.

Erfahrung zur Reise in Mexiko
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“For many children I met, life as we know it is not a matter of course; they come from poor backgrounds, which touched me very much. I was especially inspired by the fact that the children are nevertheless very happy, open and helpful.”

Our participant Susanne went on a trip to Guatemala and Mexico. There she worked as a volunteer in the Youth Development Project in Guadalajara and in Antigua. She describes her beautiful experiences with the children in this report.

Erfahrung zur Reise in Mexiko und Arbeit mit Kindern

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