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Volunteering in Peru

Off to South America


You long for an adventure in a faraway place and want to do something good at the same time? Do you feel like traveling through a diverse country from the Andean peaks, to desert areas, to the rainforest? Bienvenido in Peru!

We offer you a varied stay in far away countries, where you can support different aid projects at the same time. Peru offers you a world full of culture, history and unique landscapes that you have never seen before. It is not only a destination for backpackers and tourists, also volunteers and FSJers are attracted to the land of the Incas.

Get to know Peru away from tourism and immerse yourself in the culture, nature and learn about the history of the indigenous people who built Machu Picchu. Together with our team and local advisors we will help you to realize your dream.

Of course, you can also combine several projects and countries with us.

Just sign up for our wanderlust consultation to learn more about the programs and planning your trip to South America.

Social projects in Peru

Preparing children and young people for the future


The indigenous population of Peru in particular has a hard time: A large part of them lives at or even below the country’s poverty line.

The population’s underprovision is rooted in sociopolitical inequalities, including discrimination and government mismanagement. Those who suffer most are the people in the more rural areas.

In order for the children there not to get on the wrong track, but to be able to take their own destiny into their own hands, they need access to education and motivation. Therefore, in the various social projects in Peru, the children find a place of refuge and are made to feel safe and loved.

During your volunteer work in Peru you will have the opportunity to get involved in different projects in the region:

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Whether you work in one of our partner schools, take care of the children’s homework and leisure time or accompany the girls in a children’s home on their way into the future – your help is urgently needed in many places! At the same time, you will have the unique opportunity to improve your Spanish skills in a playful way.

You will quickly notice how much gratitude the Peruvian children have for you. Use the opportunity to help shape the everyday life of these children together with many other volunteers and to prepare a better way for their future.

Animal and Nature Conservation:

Get to know aid projects in Peru

Peru is one of the largest countries in South America in terms of area and consists of three different climatic zones: Costa (coastal region), Sierra (Andes and highlands) and Selva (rainforest). About 60 percent of the country consists of rainforest. The country is especially known for the Amazon rainforest:

The destruction of the rainforest has long been a problem addressed by NGOs and aid projects in Peru. In order to protect the national reserve, our nature conservation project near Puerto Maldonado, among others, was set up. Together with experienced farmers, foresters and ecologists you will work for the reforestation of the area.

Get to know the uniqueness of the landscape and immerse yourself in the culture of the indigenous Peruvians during your stay.

While you are working for the different aid projects in Peru, you have the unique nature of the country right at your doorstep. Most of our projects are located in the middle of the Andes – surrounded by 6,000 meter high mountains. This is also where the descendants of the Incas live and still shape the culture of the region today. After work, discover the beauty of the country together with other volunteers and backpackers.

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With our trip planner you can combine our different projects and calculate the total price of the program.
Afterwards you can get an offer for your dream combination.

Volunteer Service in Peru with WanderWorld Travel


If you decide to volunteer in Peru, you have the choice: Each of our partner projects is looking for support between one and six months. So you have the possibility to divide the time during your stay between different aid projects in Peru. You need help with planning or are still unsure which projects to choose? No problem! In our “Wanderlust Consultation” we will answer your questions and wishes individually.

By the way: If you would rather participate in a work and travel project in Peru instead of volunteering, take a look at our programs for work and travel in Peru.

We know that a journey into the unknown is waiting for you. That’s why it’s important to us that you get all the information you need beforehand to feel safe. When we select new projects, we visit them in person and get an accurate picture of the workplace. You want to know more about the projects? Then read the testimonials of former participants. There you will learn first-hand how a stay abroad with WanderWord Travel works and what exciting experiences other volunteers have had.

Wanderer auf dem Regenbogen-Berg

One Year abroad of a special kind in Peru


After graduating from school or university is the perfect time for many to discover the world. We offer you an alternative to the classic gap year:

How about an FSJ in Peru instead?

With WanderWorld Travel, you have the unique opportunity to do an FSJ abroad. Peru is a popular destination. You will not only get to know the country and its people, but you can also make a real difference with your volunteer service in Peru.

We work together with different organizations in Peru, where you can help with social projects as well as projects for environmental and animal protection.


on volunteering in Peru

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“These are the 3 words that describe Peru: warm, breathtaking, beautiful! Everything was special! In a project, you don’t just get to know the tourist side of the country, but the authentic Peru.”

To prepare for her children’s aid project, Jennifer attended a language school in Peru at the beginning of her trip. Afterwards, she worked with children as a volunteer in the Teaching Project in Lamay. Here, it was not only about supporting the children, but also about having an open ear for them and spending the afternoon playing and laughing.

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“In the second week of the project, I already felt very much at home and settled in 100%. However, I never felt uncomfortable. On the contrary, I already liked it so much on the first day that I would have preferred not to go at all.”

Sara started her 6-month adventure in Peru, after which her journey continued to Colombia and Costa Rica. In her first project, the Rainforest Protection Project in the middle of the jungle of Peru, she spent a very special time with the staff and helped with various tasks related to nature.

Erfahrung zur Reise in Peru
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“I would say that through my time and physical labor, I have helped and added value to the project. I was able to contribute to giving these rescued animals a peaceful and beautiful life.”

While volunteering at the Wildlife Shelter in Cusco, Johanna discovered her love for the unique country of Peru. In this report she tells about her tasks in the project, her free time, the accommodation and gives some tips to future participants. For Johanna it was especially nice to get to know the people, the animals and their stories and to contribute something positive herself.

Erfahrung zur Reise in Peru

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