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Learn Spanish in Peru


Would you like to learn a new language authentically and interactively or expand your knowledge? Then a language study trip to Peru is just right for you!

In the land of the Incas and llamas, you can learn Spanish at a professional language school and apply your new knowledge directly while traveling and exploring. Whether it’s ordering a Pisco Sour and Ceviche or buying a ticket for Machu Picchu. Absolutely no challenge for you!

The language courses are tailored to your individual Spanish skills as a beginner or advanced student, so that after the Spanish course you can take your language skills to the next level.

Reasons for a language course in Peru


Why a language study trip to Peru?

The Peruvian experience stretches along the Pacific coast and the Andes. Although more and more young Peruvians speak English in the urban areas, especially in the rural areas, where the hotspots of the country are located, Spanish is the most and often the only language spoken. Therefore, start your Peru experience with a language course in Peru to get to know the country and its people more authentically.

The nice thing about Peru is that you can use your new knowledge directly. Unlike many other countries in Latin America, the people in Peru speak a very clear and slow Spanish. You will be able to use your new language skills in everyday life.

Besides the locals, you will also meet many other international backpackers in your Spanish course, who will quickly turn from fellow students, to friends, to travel companions. During your Spanish course you will have the perfect opportunity to get in touch with others and to go on a language trip through Peru together.

Fluss geht durch Dschungel

Language course in Peru – and then?

A language course in Peru offers the ideal basis for a work & travel program or volunteer project, in which you can directly test and demonstrate your acquired Spanish skills. We offer various programs in the field of tourism, nature or animal conservation and promotion and development aid for children and young people, in which you can get involved.

Does a language study trip to Peru sound interesting to you?

Then contact us for a non-binding consultation and we will answer all your questions about the language courses and projects.

Our language school in Cusco, Peru

Lama auf dem Machu Pichu

Our language course in Cusco offers you the opportunity not only to learn the Spanish language, but also to fully immerse yourself in the Peruvian culture. The warmth of the owners will make you feel right at home. The director, who has a Master’s degree in Education from Cusco, knows how to make learning Spanish fun and enjoyable.

Every week there are different activities that allow you to experience the wonderful facets of Peruvian life. For example, you will have the chance to participate in a salsa dancing class, a Peruvian cooking lesson or experience a fruit tasting evening. There are countless opportunities to get to know the other students and spend time together.

There is hardly a backpacker who has not fallen head over heels in love with the Peruvian Andean city of Cusco. Nestled in majestic green mountains, the red-roofed city center offers a perfect mix of gastronomic offerings, nightlife, indigenous markets, culture, history and endless adventures as a destination for a language study trip for everyone.

Besides the exciting city life as a participant in a Spanish course in Cusco, Cusco is the perfect starting point for the UNESCO protected and probably most famous attraction of Peru, the Machu Picchu. But this is far from the only gem of the region.

Yes, most backpackers will agree that Cusco is an incredible city.

Lamas vor einem schneebedeckten Berg
Frau auf den Rainbow Mountains in Peru

You will stay in a private room in a guesthouse in Cusco. There are always many young people from all over the world and you will quickly find a connection.

You will also have a living room and a well-equipped kitchen and dining area, where we often cook together and spend long evenings with the other guests of the house and make plans together for the weekend.

The accommodation is quiet, but close to the center and the language school. The guesthouse offers you a good mix of a quiet retreat and access to social life.

Bett vor roter Wand
Wohnzimmer mit orangener Wand

Group classes with a maximum of 4 students take place five days a week, with 4 hours per day. Thus, the school strives for the personal attention and help of the individual and adapts to the personal progress of the participants.

While the theory is of course important for the basis of learning Spanish, the goal is to understand and apply the knowledge in everyday conversations with a view to the perfect language trip. After gaining confidence, the groups also leave the classroom and continue the Spanish course with various leisure activities such as shopping at the local market.

Spanish courses are also offered for specific topics such as preparation for volunteer work, an internship or a survival course for traveling in Latin America.

Mann mit peruanischer Inka Kleidung
Wand mit bunter Wandmalerei

In addition to your Spanish course in Peru, you can explore the land of the Incas in your free time. The program location Cusco, the capital of the Incas, offers you the perfect starting point for your language study trip to Machu Picchu.

But you definitely won’t get bored here either. The beautiful city of Cusco is located at an altitude of 3,400 meters and has much more to offer than just Machu Picchu. In the city itself as well as in the surrounding area you have a wide range of leisure activities and every day you can discover something new.

If you want to take it easy after your Spanish course and let your body get used to the altitude, you can stroll through the San Blas district. Let yourself be captivated by the cheerfulness of the people. You will find street musicians and vendors on every corner. Afterwards, have a Peruvian coffee on the balcony of L’Atelier, have lunch at Greenpoint, explore Peruvian culture in one of the many muses and end the night in one of the many clubs and bars with other travelers and locals.

And even on the weekends on your way to the Rainbowmountains, Pisac, Ollantaytambo or the salt mines of Maras your language course doesn’t stop. Whether it is your order in the coffee or the exchange about the fascinating architecture of the Incas.

You decide how you feel, you just have to dare! If you are interested in culture and mountains, this is the right place for you. Ruins, viewing platforms, various muses and lakes. Cusco has something for everyone.

Machu Pichu
Mädchen lachend mit zwei Alpacas im Arm



  • 1. Week: 270,00 €
  • Any extra week: 210,00 €


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Language school in Puerto Arequipa, Peru


Welcome to Arequipa, the most important city in southern Peru. The province of Arequipa is located in the valley of the Chili River between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean. In this beautiful city with excellent weather, surrounded by spectacular mountains and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its colonial architecture, you can learn the language in a Spanish course and get to know the Arequipeños, who are very friendly and hospitable.

The language school offers qualified staff in teaching Peruvian history and the Spanish language. While the beginner Spanish courses are taught by a bilingual teacher, the advanced Spanish courses are taught by monolingual teachers. A great experience to make your language trip authentic.

Kirche mit schnneebedecktem Vulkan im Hintergrund

Small whitewashed buildings lie beneath the snow-capped volcano El Misti. Arequipa, one of the most beautiful and sophisticated cities in Peru.

With its city center built of volcanic rock, Arequipa is not only one of the most breathtaking cities in Peru, but also the second largest after Lima, making it definitely worth a language study trip.

With more than a million inhabitants and tourists from everywhere, three volcanoes watching over it and two of the deepest canyons in the world, this place is anything but a blip on the map.

Explore the exciting south of Peru during your Spanish course in Arequipa and get to know the language and culture together.

Berg mit Kirche im Vordergrund

You will sleep in a shared room in the house of the language school. All common areas such as the living room with a good sound and movie system, the dining room and the kitchen are at your free disposal and will be the meeting and starting point for common activities in the evening after the language course.

The school is located in a lively but quiet neighborhood with close to inexpensive local and international gastronomic and shopping facilities.

There are also bus stations close to the accommodation that take you out of the city to various attractions.

Weißes Haus mit Fenstern
Küche Unterkunft Sprachschule

The Spanish course usually takes place from Monday to Friday. The program includes either 10 hours of individual or 20 hours of group classes with a maximum group size of 4 students per week.

The language school follows a flexible curriculum in order to adapt to the wishes and needs of the participants. With 4 hours a day, classes are divided into 2 hours of theory and grammar and 2 hours of conversation. With 6 levels from beginner to advanced, the school offers the perfect introduction for every level.

Your personal level can be determined through a free Spanish test, so you will be assigned to the best language course for you.

Park mit Palmen vor einer Kirche
Gasse mit kolonialen Gebäuden

With a pleasant year-round climate, Arequipa is eternally sunny and warm, palm trees adorn the large main square, cacti decorate the surroundings, and days with clear blue skies are the norm.

The people of Arequipa are accustomed to blue skies with intense sun. On 95% of all mornings the sky is clear, and the summer rain in the afternoon is a special treat! It never gets too hot or too cold, which means you can enjoy outdoor activities after your Spanish class. This makes the White City an ideal place for a language study trip.

On a relaxing day, you can stroll through the old town, check out the handicrafts of the locals in the markets, or escape the sun for a while in one of the many museums and immerse yourself in past times of history.

But also for an active day Arequipa offers program. During the week already visible and one of the highlights of Arequipa are the views of the volcanoes El Misti, Pichu Pichu and Chachani. Most hotels, hostels and some bars in town offer rooftop terraces with views of the volcanoes.

On weekends you can join new friends from the language course and other backpackers to explore and marvel at them up close. Arequipa will not disappoint you at all.

Nahaufnahme Hände beim Weben
Hügelige Schlucht



  • 1. Week: 520,00 €
  • Any extra week: 460,00 €


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