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Work and Travel in Guatemala

Travel to Mayan Ruins & Volcanoes


Our insider tip and place of the heart: Guatemala! Do you want to live in the most beautiful colonial city, climb active volcanoes and swim in deep blue lakes? Then put on your backpack and off you go to the land of volcanoes! During a work and travel adventure in Guatemala you will broaden your horizon every day: You will get to know the centuries-old culture and tradition of the Maya, marvel at the great colonial architecture and enjoy impressive landscapes. You will quickly feel at home with the friendly locals and soon master the Spanish language. But Guatemala is one thing above all: authentic. It is not yet flooded by tourism and has preserved its peculiarities and culture. Therefore, an absolute recommendation for your work and travel experience. A country that could not be more contrasting is waiting to be discovered by you.

By the way: If you would rather help in social projects in Guatemala instead of Work and Travel, check out our volunteer programs in Guatemala.

Our Work and Travel Highlight

The Hostel Experience in Antigua

Teilnehmer vor Ruine in Antigua

During a work and travel in one of the most beautiful places in Guatemala, in the colonial city of Antigua, you will look after young travelers from all over the world at the Hostel Experience.

You will greet guests, plan activities or mix drinks at the bar. In the process, you’ll make new friends that often last for years. In Antigua, not only the volcano shakes, but also the dance floor. In the hostels people like to party and dance at the bar, so you shouldn’t be a party pooper. The Hostel Experience offers you the chance to meet many young backpackers from all over the world and to gain work experience in the hostel everyday life.

In your free time you can stroll through the streets of Antigua, explore the colorful markets and go to the beach or other exciting destinations on the weekends.

During your work and travel adventure you will meet people from all over the world and quickly make new friends that often last for a long time.

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Another real insider tip: Antigua


For us Antigua is something very special.

During your work and free time, you will share work and travel adventures with the volunteers and guests. You can climb an almost 4000 meter high volcano and admire the red lava at night. During excursions into the surrounding countryside you will get to know rural Guatemala and the wonderful nature of the World Heritage country. A weekend trip to the famous Lago Atitlán is a must.

During your work and free time you will experience adventures together with the volunteers and guests. You can climb an almost 4000 meter high volcano and admire the red lava at night. During excursions into the surrounding countryside you will get to know rural Guatemala and the wonderful nature of the World Heritage country. A weekend trip to the famous Lago Atitlán is a must.

In Antigua you can try the many restaurants and cafes, get to know the Guatemalan cuisine and dance in the evening. The city is a stronghold for fun-loving backpackers and work and travelers from all over the world.

Frau in Antigua mit buntem Gewand

Farm Work at the Eco Farm

Eco Farm Teilnehmer mit Hund

You want to work in harmony with nature? Then work and travel on the Guatemalan Eco Farm is just right for you.

Here you will learn and love self-sufficiency according to the model of the centuries-old Mayan culture. You will take care of the animals and plants every day, and you will never get bored. Sustainability is very important on the farm. Besides the farm work, there are workshops, recycling art projects and an eco-market where you can actively participate. While working on the farm, you will always be in contact with like-minded volunteers and the warm, cosmopolitan staff.

The city of Antigua and nearby excursion destinations offer you numerous recreational opportunities. If you spend only one month on our favorite farm, you will be spoiled for choice between the many adventures and experiences Guatemala offers.

Even after living this sustainable life for a few days, the stress falls off of you and you gain a more serene and happy outlook on things.

Study abroad in Guatemala?

5 good reasons!


Here are 5 good reasons why studying abroad in Guatemala is something very special:


Enjoy the best coffee in its country of birth.
Strong, full of flavor – directly at the place of origin. This will make your work and travel adventure even more intense!


Visit the mysterious ruins of the Mayan capital of Tikal. Hidden in the jungle are the huge sites that will take you back to a magical time.


Experience heaven on earth at Lake Atitlán. Watch the deep blue water peacefully pass by small fishing villages. Marvel at the greenery and cliffs surrounding the lake and the imposing volcanoes in the background.


Climb the dramatic Acatenango Volcano. Hiking and staying overnight on an active volcano is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You’ll be rewarded for the three-hour climb with breathtaking views.


Learn perfect Spanish during your stay abroad in Guatemala. With our language course in Antigua you will learn the basics of the language during your work and travel. Through daily practice you will put everything into practice fluently. By the way, the Spanish spoken in Guatemala is particularly slow and clear!

Year abroad Guatemala

Finally off into the adventure

A year abroad after school or university? In a country that is completely different from Germany?
Allow yourself a longer time out and broaden your horizons – you will certainly not regret having taken this opportunity as a young person.

On the contrary, you will have great memories of your year abroad in Guatemala for the rest of your life.

Experience reports on Work and Travel in Guatemala



It is always great to hear the experiences of the participants in our Work and Travel program in Guatemala.

Teilnehmerin in Flores
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“People immediately welcome you with kindness and helpfulness, even if they haven’t spoken a word to you yet. I can’t put into words how much this has given me and how much I wish I could go back again.”

Mara visited two programs in Guatemala at once: the Youth Development Project and the Eco-Farm. Prior to her time in Guatemala, she spent two months working in a hostel in Colombia and found the similarities and differences between the two countries particularly interesting.

Teilnehmerin mit Blick auf Antigua
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“Latin America has so much to offer. The culture of the people who exude joy, gratitude and hospitality cannot be compared to any other continent in the world.”

Laura had an incomparable time at Hostel Experience in Guatemala. For one month she worked as a volunteer in the beautiful city of Antigua and felt right at home in the hostel. She made many new friends and rapidly improved her Spanish and English skills. She especially enjoyed the cozy evenings at the hostel, where people talked, drank and laughed a lot.

Teilnehmer mit Blick auf den Vuklan Acatenango
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“I have definitely grown as a person, become more independent and very happy to have gained so many new interpersonal and cultural impressions. Traveling alone has also strengthened me a lot as a person, as I would never have thought myself to do that before.”

Leander took the people and places into his heart while traveling through Guatemala and Colombia. In Guatemala, he supported our Teaching Project and found the work with the local children particularly moving. The warm, hospitable and open culture inspired him in both countries.

Maybe you will soon write a report about your own trip to the land of the Mayas and volcanoes?

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