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Volunteering in Costa Rica

Your next adventure awaits


Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Instead of the next package tour, how about a real adventure in Costa Rica for a change? The Latin American country offers beautiful nature, extremely friendly people and a unique lifestyle.

At the same time, you have the opportunity to do something good: With our volunteer program in Costa Rica, we offer you the chance to do impactful volunteer service. Since a longer stay abroad often involves a lot of organization, many are deterred from volunteering. Therefore we take over this part for you: You simply decide on your destination and trustfully place the entire planning in our hands – our project coordinators and on-site supervisors will take care of the rest!

Aid projects in Costa Rica

Your commitment to animal welfare

Baby Schildkröten laufen nach dem schlüpfen ins Meer

Of course, you can do your part by donating money to social and aid projects in Costa Rica. However, if you are looking for a unique experience and would like to get involved locally, WanderWorld Travel offers you the unique opportunity to get involved yourself.

In addition to humanitarian aid, environmental protection and nature conservation play a central role in Costa Rica. The government is also placing increasing emphasis on sustainability. Therefore, WanderWorld’s focus in Costa Rica is on aid projects for nature and animal conservation. So if you are interested in these issues and would like to make a contribution yourself, this is the right place for you.

The clearing of forests in the past, increasing tourism and the progress of climate change mean that nature and wildlife in Costa Rica need to be protected. In the Wildlife Sanctuary Costa Rica, for example, you get the chance to get close to native animals like the jaguar, tapir or sloth. Unlike in a zoo, however, the animals there are not exhibits. With your work in the sanctuary, you make your own personal contribution to species conservation.

Another project close to the heart of our founder Sophia is the Turtle Protection in Costa Rica: In Sámara or Montezuma you will work daily in the turtle sanctuary and take care of the endangered animals.

By working in sanctuaries, nature reserves and national parks, you will fight against climate change and support aid projects directly on site. You will experience nature conservation first hand and see the effects the climate crisis has already had on nature and wildlife in Costa Rica. You want to help? We are looking forward to your message!

Volunteering in Costa Rica

Your contribution to environmental protection


In travel magazines and vacation brochures, Costa Rica is often described as a natural paradise. However, this was not always the case: from the middle of the 20th century, a large part of the forest was cleared. This was done both for timber extraction and to make room for animal husbandry and agriculture. At its lowest point, the tree population declined to just under one-fifth of the country’s total area. However, in the mid-1990s, Costa Rica’s government at the time passed a law that severely limited tree cutting. Landowners also received a bonus for preserving and increasing the number of trees on their property. The aim is to achieve 60 percent reforestation by 2030.

You too can support the social projects in Costa Rica with your voluntary service: You have the chance to change the world a little bit – either by working in a rainforest reserve or by supporting a national park!

Unsere Teilnehmerin steht am Wasserfall im Regenwaldreservat

Social projects

Support directly on site

Unsere Teilnehmerin Susanne steht mit Kindern am Wasser

Since many children in Costa Rica still do not have access to education, institutions and social projects are enormously important, which, among other things, supplement school lessons with courses or provide environmental education. In cooperation with many volunteers, these organizations teach the smallest inhabitants of the country and also carry out important educational work.

Unfortunately, these valuable social projects in Costa Rica receive no government funding and are therefore always dependent on donations and volunteer work. Forestation has an enormous influence on the regional climate as well as flora and fauna in Costa Rica. In order to create an awareness for this topic among the population, especially the educational work has become enormously important.

You can also support the social projects in Costa Rica with your volunteer service: No matter if you want to teach children in our teaching project or if you are interested in environmental education in Central America – the projects are all looking forward to your cooperation!

Our volunteer projects in Costa Rica


Currently, we are working with various aid projects for animal and nature conservation in Costa Rica, which are very happy about your support:

Button für das Wildlife Sanctuary Programm
Button für das Wildlife Sanctuary Programm
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Button für das National Park Programm
Button für das Rainforest Reserve Programm

Various organizations in Costa Rica have therefore made it their mission to help children find their way to a better future by informing them about the importance of nature conservation:

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Kinder sitzten auf dem Boden und lachen
Juge malt eine Vase an

Volunteering in Costa Rica

with WanderWorld Travel


With volunteering in Costa Rica, you have the unique opportunity to do an activity that you probably rarely come into contact with otherwise. In addition, you are sure to meet many like-minded people during your stay in Latin America.

Whether you’re passionate about teaching, species conservation, or working in a nature reserve, a study abroad experience like this combined with supporting a social project in Costa Rica is guaranteed to broaden your worldview and give you the opportunity to think outside the box.

In addition, during your trip to Costa Rica you will get to know a true paradise between the Pacific and the Caribbean, meet locals and learn a lot of new things about Latin American culture. See for yourself, we are happy to help you choose the perfect project for your volunteer work in Costa Rica!

Unsere Teilnehmerin Vera steht im Meer am Strand

The somewhat different FSJ

Volunteer Service in Costa Rica


You have just finished school, your training or your studies and are looking for an alternative to the classic FSJ (Voluntary Social Year) or a gap year? Then you’ve come to the right place: WanderWorld Travel gives you the opportunity to do an FSJ abroad. Costa Rica is ideal for this: The country in Latin America lets you immerse yourself in a foreign culture. At the same time, you can really make a difference with your FSJ in Costa Rica. We work together with different organizations in Costa Rica, where you can do a voluntary service for a period between one and twelve months. If you want to spend a longer time in Costa Rica, you can either spend the whole time in one project or combine different projects.

We have aroused your interest? Then contact us, we will explain you exactly how a FSJ in Costa Rica works and which adventures are waiting for you!


on volunteering in Costa Rica

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“The people I have met here live a very different life than we do in Europe. Everything is much more relaxed and calm. As the motto in Costa Rica also says: Pura Vida! Instead of striving for prestige or possessions, in Latin America it’s more important to be happy.”

Guided by her big heart for animals, Isabelle decided to support the Wildlife Sanctuary project in Puntarenas for a month. She was especially fascinated by the tropical nature and animals of Costa Rica from day one. In this report, find out what a normal day at the project looked like for Isabelle and what she learned during the trip.

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“One moment I think back on very fondly is my jump into the waterfall. Not only was the cool water great, but especially the thrill that came with it. The untouched nature and the sounds of the jungle made this day unique.”

Sebastian participated in the Wildlife Rescue Project in Cabuya for a month and then traveled all over the country. Learn more about the Wildlife Project and Sebastian’s best experiences in his report.

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“The kids at school were always full of energy, up for any fun, and joyful and grateful that I played with them. That energy infected me myself and always fascinated me greatly.”

Carlotta’s adventure in Costa Rica began with the Teaching Project in Huacas. Full of anticipation, she took off for the land of pura vida and was warmly welcomed by her host family. She describes her experiences in this report and shares a few tips she would like to give to future travelers.

Erfahrung zur Reise in Costa Rica und der Arbeit mit Kindern

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