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Welcome to the fascinating world of tourism! Travelling has long since become an indispensable facet of our modern lives. It offers us the opportunity to discover new cultures, explore breathtaking landscapes and have unforgettable experiences. But there is much more to this fascinating industry than just the pleasure of travel. The tourism sector encompasses a wide range of companies and organisations that work together to inspire and provide unforgettable experiences for people from all over the world. From tour operators and tour guides to hoteliers and transport companies, tourism offers a wide range of employment opportunities and exciting career prospects. If you dream of travelling the world, inspiring people and being part of this global industry, an internship in tourism is the perfect step to gain experience abroad and broaden your professional profile.


Type of programme

Programme location

Working time

Programme start date


Minimum age







Internship Tourism

Puerto Escondido, Riviera Maya, Mexico or Arequipa, Peru

From 6 hours a day / 5 days a week

Every 1st Saturday of the month

2 months to 6 months

18 years of age

Spanish, basic knowledge desirable

Flat or shared flat

Not included

German speaking contact person via WhatsApp

Mobile internet with SIM card from WanderWorld Travel

From 970,00 €


Type of programme: Internship Tourism

Programme location: Puerto Escondido, Riviera Maya, Mexico or Arequipa, Peru

Working hours:From 6 hours a day / 5 days a week

Programme start date:Every 1st Saturday of the month

Duration:2 months to 6 months

Minimum age: 18 years

Language:Spanish, basic knowledge desirable

Requirements:First experience in customer contact

Accommodation:Apartment or shared flat

Meals: Not included

Support: German-speaking contact person via WhatsApp

Internet: Mobile internet with SIM card from WanderWorld Travel

Price: from 970,00 €


About tourism

Tourism is defined as the totality of all phenomena and relationships associated with leaving one’s usual place of residence and staying at another destination or travelling to and exploring another area. The institutional industry term for tourism is tourism. This includes all commercial and non-profit organisations that produce tourism services, such as tour operators, travel agents, tourist offices, hotels and transport companies. Employment opportunities in tourism are diverse and future prospects are very good. The industry is growing at 4% worldwide.

Benefits of the internship

Practical experience abroad is especially important in tourism. You will learn how tourism companies work worldwide. Usually any service jobs are helpful because you learn how to deal with people, which is a crucial criterion in tourism. You will also acquire or improve your foreign language skills and increase your flexibility. You also develop a feeling for trends and current developments in the industry. In order to be able to sell a destination later on, the best basis is to know the countries or places in detail yourself. And this is only possible if you have been there in person.


The tasks in tourism vary a lot depending on the type of company you do your internship in. If you work for an agency, everything revolves around putting together and selling individual trips. Local knowledge is very important for this, but you can quickly acquire it on site. As a rule, everything in this area is done via the internet or emails.

Alternatively, you can work for a tour operator on site and take on the role of a guide. In this case, you accompany the customers on their excursions and provide them with interesting details about the respective destination.

Internship Tourism Peru

In Peru you can do your tourism internship at an incoming agency. Your clients are mainly from European countries, but also from all over the world. You will be responsible for online sales and advising customers via the internet. You put together an itinerary according to their wishes and choose the right hotels for the customer. These are customers who book at least 3* hotels, but often also hotels in the luxury sector. You also assist with marketing activities and optimising the website. When the clients are on site, you also take care of the briefings at the hotel. Especially before trekking, the clients have to be informed exactly what to expect and what they have to pay attention to.

Internship Tourism Mexico

In Mexico, your internship will take place in the popular holiday region Riviera Maya. Many tourists from all over the world, especially from the USA and Europe, spend their holidays here. Accordingly, the region has an excellent tourist infrastructure. You can complete your internship with a renowned tour operator. You plan and lead tourist tours to the Mayan pyramids, the cenotes or an old colonial town, for example. On the other hand, there are many large leisure and recreation parks along the coast that welcome tourists. These parks are also ideal for an internship. You support the management and contribute to the steady development of the park.

Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya is Mexico’s tourist centre, because the dream beaches of the Caribbean are located here. The infrastructure meets western standards and the region is considered safe. Particularly appealing for our interns are the various recreational opportunities in the region. In addition to breathtaking beaches, our participants can visit ancient Mayan monuments such as the world wonder Chichen Itza, snorkel in cenotes and admire old colonial towns. You will quickly make friends, as many people from all over the world have settled here. Possible cities for your internship are Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

You can find more information about the Riviera Maya here.

Palmen weißer Strand Tulum, Mexico
Hotel Tulum Palmen, Mexico


Arequipa is also called the white city and is the second most important tourist city in Peru after Cusco. The cityscape, characterised by white sillar, evokes cheerfulness and gives the city a special charm. Surrounded by volcanoes, you have a fantastic view here. And, of course, many leisure activities. Climb a volcano or visit the famous Colca Canyon.

With its relaxed everyday life and traditional culture, the city is perfect for your Work and Travel stay. Arequipa is the city with the most hours of sunshine in Peru. Forget the grey everyday life and enjoy the sun in the hammock. But don’t forget your warm clothes – it gets quite cold at night.

You can find more information about Arequipa here.


You don’t need any special qualifications for an internship in tourism. You should have a passion for travelling and be able to convey this passion to your customers. In addition, you should be interested in learning everything about new destinations and ideally also travel to them yourself in order to be able to give customers good information on any questions that may arise. You should also be a good communicator, because in this position you have direct customer contact.


The national language in Mexico and Peru is Spanish. In order to be able to communicate with all your colleagues and partners, knowledge of Spanish is desirable, but not a prerequisite. If you do not have a basic knowledge of Spanish, it is obligatory to attend a 2-week Spanish course at the beginning of the internship. Advanced English skills are essential as you will need to be able to converse confidently and fluently with guests.


Your accommodation during your internship is taken care of. This is included in the programme price. There are different options, which vary depending on the country and location.


Silvia is originally from Munich and she liked it so much in Mexico during a world trip more than 15 years ago that she moved her life center to the Rivera Maya in Quintana Roo a few years later. She is very involved with the lived traditions and rituals of the locals. She knows the area very well and always discovers the beauty of the diverse nature and likes to share this with everyone who lands in Mexico for the first time. She speaks German, English and Spanish.
Silvia will take care of you during your orientation in Playa del Carmen. For questions of any concern during your stay in Latin America, an English-speaking contact person is available via WhatsApp in the same time zone.

contact person Silvia



  • 1st month starter package: € 970.00
  • Extension month: 550,00 €
  • As 2nd or 3rd programme: 770,00 €
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