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15 Travel Facts from an Experienced Traveller

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Without a doubt, at the age of 30, you have a very different world view than a 20-year-old, have gained very different experiences and have had the opportunity to expand your knowledge. This is reflected in many areas of life and of course also in the adventure of travel. Many things one would perhaps do differently today. Other things, on the other hand, one would never have experienced if one had acted according to his present reason.

Everyone has to make his own experiences. But nevertheless we would like to make the way a little easier for you and share our experiences with you.

Travel does not become cheaper

A trip is too expensive? Maybe I’ll wait until next year or do it sometime? After all, you’re still young and have time. Traveling isn’t getting cheaper – on the contrary, it’s getting more expensive. And maybe next year you’ll already be in a steady job or relationship and won’t be able to take the adventure.

Nothing is free, no matter where you travel

Even if a tour is sold to you as “free”, always keep in mind that nobody works for free and nothing in life is free. So always take some change with you and don’t believe it immediately when someone offers you something for free.

You do not come back

In life, one basic rule applies: The best moment is now! And that also applies when you’re on the road. Often you think too much, walk past beautiful souvenirs and think to yourself, I’ll come back later. Or have you always wanted to do a bungee jump, but now it’s a bit expensive and fear plays into it as well. You don’t come back. Do things in the moment when you have the chance. Afterwards it might be too late and you will spend your life thinking about why you didn’t do it.

Beware of the “Must See” attractions

On the way, you will always be recommended the top restaurants, clubs and sights that you should not miss. This can be true – but it does not have to be. Often these places are overcrowded and overpriced and do not reflect the true face of the country. Rather rely on your wanderlust and your instinct. Meet locals and discover authentic places that are really worth the money. This is the only way to really get to know a culture.

Travel for yourself, not for others

Traveling together with others is sometimes more fun, you feel safer somehow. But there’s nothing like traveling alone for once. You can manage your time freely and do everything you feel like doing without having to consider others. And that’s exactly what you should do! Because the journey is all yours and will not come back. You won’t be alone anyway. But if your travel buddies have other ideas, then you just move on alone. Even if you are traveling with friends, you can each go your own way and meet again afterwards.

Good budget planning is essential

Always expect to pay 20% more than your original budget. Travel time should be a stress-free time. A time when you don’t have to worry about going to work or how to pay the next bill. And of course, you want to take everything you can. There’s always more to do than you previously thought. Maybe your hiking boots break along the way or you’re dying to get a new colorful beach towel. Therefore, always take a little more money with you. Because you won’t enjoy your trip if you have to turn over every penny and can’t move on together with the other travelers because this was not in your “budget”.

Write a travel diary / blog

You don’t like writing? You always thought writing a diary was stupid? There is nothing better than writing down your experiences of a trip and sharing them with others. In a few years you can pick up your book again and you won’t forget any detail of your adventure. Even if no one else reads it – it’s definitely worth it.

Say “yes” to as many situations as possible

During your journey you will have many opportunities and invitations. Say “yes” as often as you can, even if you are shy, tired or unsure. You will experience many things that you would have otherwise missed.

Sunrises are better than sunsets

At home, no one gets up early for a sunrise. But on the road, you’ll pass places where they’re spectacular and definitely worth the agony of getting out of bed. Plus, getting up early gives you a thousand more ways to spend your day.

Research and reap reward

Traveling spontaneously and without a plan is a beautiful thing. But often you lose a lot of time or miss the best places. Sometimes it’s worth to get some information about the history and travel possibilities in advance. Use Instagram, travel blogs, Google, etc. and get some inspiration. You won’t regret it.

Every city is more beautiful from above

What are you waiting for – you don’t even need a tourist lookout point that might even charge an entrance fee. Many buildings have a roof terrace and it’s usually easy to get there. So get up on the roof and enjoy the view.

Be careful not to fall in love

Romance is a byproduct of travel, but avoid falling in love. Although there are exceptions, remember that most foreign relationships end when the trip is over. Of course, a vacation fling or two is part of your experience – but be careful to stay in reality

You can sleep at home

As a rule, your travel time is limited. Therefore, it’s worth making the most of every precious minute. 12 hours of sleep, now that you finally don’t have to get up early to fulfill your obligations? What for? You can make up for it at home. When you think back on your trip, you won’t remember a restful night’s sleep and you’ll be glad you did. Get carried away by the adrenaline of travel – there is no such thing as tiredness.

Travel is not a free pass to be drunk

When traveling, you feel free to do things you wouldn’t do at home to preserve your image. Of course, exploring the local party scene is also part of the experience. And in the hostel you often meet for a beer or two in the evening anyway. But be careful: Being a little drunk brings a lot of fun, but don’t get yourself into dicey situations because of the alcohol or miss out on cool leisure activities the next day because you can’t get out of bed.

There is no better moment than now

I’m waiting until I’m richer, I’m more stable, I’m more confident, …. – No more excuses. The best moment to discover the world is now!

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